How One Werewolf Sees a Setting

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In Dreaming of the Wolf, I wanted to write something about the wildflowers in Colorado, because Jake’s hobby is photographing them. So though I’ve researched the types of flowers that grow there, and was surprised to learn our own Indian paintbrush (that grows here in Texas) was growing there wild, I came across this picture at JS Nature photos.

From this picture, I was able to envision a scene. Or, Jake was. And often that’s how I create scenes–by actually seeing a picture and describing it. So if scenes often seem real, they are! 🙂

But putting a picture like this into words can be hard. No matter how I try to describe it….seeing it is just amazing! However, Jake’s take on it will be fun too. 🙂

And when we put the human spin on it, that makes it really special also. It’s not just a field of flowers–gorgeous flowers, but a human experience, based on that human’s background.

Everyone will see the field in a different way. A hunter might look at it as a place he might find his prey. A bird watcher would be wondering what kinds of birds might be nesting here. A flower enthusiast would be more interested in the flowers. A hiker might wonder where the trail would lead.

For me–it was how Jake would envision this field with his camera. You might be surprised. 🙂 Because as much of a wildflower purist as he is, he’s got other things on his mind–and she’s a brunette with a sense of humor to match his own.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!! I’m so excited! I hope to get a lot written over the next 3 days and make the 1/3 mark on Dreaming of the Wolf!!!

So when you look at a picture like this…what do you see?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Playing Tag–Werewolf Style!

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In Wolf Fever (Dec release), the wolves are playing a game of tag. It can be rough and tumble, and sexy and sweet–depending on which wolf you’re talking about!

Wolves play together, hunt together, work together as a pack. They curl up together, love the feeling of companionship.

Ever have a dog who has to lay his/her head on your lap if you sit on the floor? They’ll crawl into your lap even if it’s a big dog? If you have a couple, they’ll both be there, vying for attention?

It’s a pack mentality. You’re the alpha. They want that closeness. To be loved.

Now, this is one of the Silver brothers (Donna sent him to me, thanks so much, Donna!!!) and although he’s got to lose the necklace–wolves do NOT wear jewelry–he’s about right, don’t you think?

If anyone wants to play tag with me–to help searches for my books on Amazon, you can go to the books and click on the links, then check mark or add your own tags for the books. Each of us can only tag with 15 items. I had wondered why some books had a hundred tags or so…fans have dropped by to add additional tags! 🙂 So if you have the time and inclination, let’s play tag!


And then, we go after Mr. Silver here and see who wins the prize. 🙂 He doesn’t mind getting tackled and tackling back!!!

*sigh* It’s only Tuesday…and I got up at 3:15 this morning. Couldn’t sleep. Need a pack of wolves to keep me company. And I’ll need a wolfish nap this afternoon.

I did want to mention also that Taming the Highland Wolf is now: Heart of the Highland Wolf (Book 7), release date June 2011. Seduced by the Wolf (Book 5) release date is August. Wolf Fever (Book 6) release date is December. And I’ve just proposed 2 more stories. Hopefully they’ll fly–so what do you think of a Highland Wolf in Paradise? And The Wolf and the SEAL??? 🙂
Have a super day!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Do You Want a Man Who’s a Wolf, or Will a Dog Do???

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Ever hear that when you were growing up? If you make a face, it can freeze that way?

Can you imagine your face freezing if you wrinkled your nose like these wolves? Of course, seeing those wicked canines would really make you feel as though the “face” made would give the recipients of the expression a heart attack. 🙂 If you weren’t a wolf.

Wolves are sociable animals. With one another, they have a pecking order, but they’re also loving toward each other. Romance? Yes. With alpha pack leaders, they share a courtship phase and mate for life. They’re devoted to each other.

Some men are wolves that are there for their mates for the long term. Some are dogs. 🙂

Think about it. When we had a toy poodle and she was in heat, she was totally a hussie! The same with any of the dogs we raised. Any male dog would do. And any male would be happy to service a female in heat.

But not wolves. They’re devoted to their mates.

It’s interesting to note that dogs descended from wolves. So how did the–forget-I’m-your-mate and anyone-will-do issue happen?

With a pack, they can only handle so many litters. They have only so much prey to sustain them, only so much territory that they can claim. So they can’t just service every wolf in the area and leave them with pups. And they don’t let them fend for themselves either. They take care of them. The whole pack does. Even golden eagles will take off with a wolf pup that strays on its own. And bears, too.

So the pack stays together, cherishes their offspring, until they are old enough to move on and form a pack of their own. And the instinct to continue these traits are passed along.

So wouldn’t you rather have a wolf for a mate, than a dog???

I’ve been asked to provide some articles for 3 blogs, and I’m off to write about romance for a nonfiction book. Hmm, I wonder if I can reference dogs and wolves in that article? LOL 🙂

Thanks to a fan, Martha, who has a place in Maine, and loved Legend of the White Wolf because her husband has also tried unsuccessfully to hunt bear there and sent me a lovely wolf mug–that I put on display at work with my wolf books!!!

Have a super hump day!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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