Rebecca York

I first got turned on to werewolves as a teenager when I read DARKER THAN YOU THINK, by Jack Williamson. I loved the story. In fact, it made me want to BE a werewolf. Later I read and loved another werewolf book, THE WOLF’S HOUR, by Robert McCammon.

Those authors inspired me to write my own story in the genre. I started thinking about a book with a werewolf detective who used his wolf senses to solve crimes. At the time, paranormal was “out,” and I doubted I could sell the story. But it simply wouldn’t let me go. Finally I had to start writing it. The book became KILLING MOON (ISBN: 0425190714, Berkley Sensation, June 2003).

My first Moon books were Urban Fantasy. But as I’ve gotten into the series, I’ve added a new element–a universe parallel to our own, where paranormal powers have become a dominant force in society.

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