Shadow of the Moon

Shadow of the MoonSHADOW OF THE MOON (ISBN: 042520961X, Berkley
Sensation, June 2006) introduces journalist Lance Marshall, who meets Savannah Carpenter while investigating “The Castle,” a private club in Washington, DC, where the rich and famous let down their hair. Savannah wants to find out who killed her sister. Lance volunteers to help her get into the club, but only if they pose as a sexually intimate couple who can fit into the supercharged atmosphere of The Castle. Once inside the club, they discover an evil from another universe.

The whole Marshall family join to defeat this supernatural monster. And they’re helped by Rinna, a woman from another parallel universe.

This story is set in the heart of the Nation’s Capital. The Castle is located less than a mile from where I grew up. Lance and Savannah get to have a sizzling love scene at the Watergate Hotel, in the room where my husband and I stayed. And they also meet at one of my favorite spots–the Botanical Gardens down near the Capitol.

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