Crimson Moon

Crimson Moon CRIMSON MOON (ISBN: 0425199959, Berkley Sensation, January 2005) heads for the West Coast to follow Johnny Marshall, who fled a trumped-up murder charge in Baltimore, moved to California, and changed his name to Sam Morgan. He makes his living as a polished and accomplished thief, robbing rich men who destroy the natural environment. Olivia Woodlock tricks him into a burglary attempt at her father’s house, then hires him to steal back the Woodlock treasure from a man who wants to destroy her family. So Sam finds himself bonding with the daughter of a man he despises. But Olivia has talents Sam never dreamed existed, and he must cope with his reaction to her powers as well as the supercharged sensuality simmering between them.

Much of CRIMSON MOON takes place around Santa Barbara, my husband’s hometown, which I’ve visited many times. But I also used other locations on the California coast that we’ve enjoyed exploring.

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