Witching Moon

Witching MoonWITCHING MOON (ISBN: 042519278, Berkley Sensation, October 2003) is the story of Ross’s brother, Adam, who’s just taken the job of head ranger at a private nature park in Georgia. As the story opens, he’s almost killed by a group of druggies partying in the park. The next morning, he meets his lifemate, Sara Weston, a botanist studying medicinal plants. Together, he and Sara must battle a group of psychics bent on punishing the townspeople for hunting down and killing their parents, who were accused of being witches. Ross comes down to Georgia to help Adam, and the brothers try to work together–a difficult task since all my werewolves are alpha males and need to be the head of the pack. But Ross is determined to change the way the Marshall men interact. And the strong women they marry are also important in forging family bonds.

Several years ago, we took a trip to the Okefenokee Swamp because I was interested in setting a suspense novel in that kind of environment. I never wrote the book I was researching, but the locations stuck with me. And when I was looking for a setting for my third Moon book, I decided the Okefenokee was perfect. Only I changed the name for the story–since I’ve given the waters of the swamp the power to impart psychic powers in susceptible individuals.

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