Destiny of the Wolf

Terry Spear further develops her world of the lupus garou with a romantic tale that unfolds inside the dynamics of pack behavior.

Silver Town is run by a pack of gray werewolves that isn’t about to welcome any outsider. Fleeing from her red pack before the leader coerces her to mate his cruel brother, Lelandi Wildhaven arrives in Silver Town to find her sister. But her sister is dead, apparently a suicide. And everyone believes Lelandi’s there to make a bid for her sister’s widowed mate.

Pack leader Darien Silver blames himself for his mate’s death, and is tortured by doubts about and memories of her. When her twin arrives in his town, he finds himself bewitched, and when someone attempts to silence her, his entire pack and his way of life are in danger. Protecting the beautiful stranger might be his only way to protect his pack… and himself.

Destiny of the Wolf

Destiny of the Wolf

Destiny of the Wolf  from Sourcebooks Casablanca. Was Don’t Cry Wolf! 🙂

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