Lori Devoti

Lori DevotiLori Devoti grew up in southern Missouri and attended college at the University of Missouri-Columbia where she earned a Bachelor of Journalism. She, however, made it clear to anyone who asked, she was not a writer; she worked for the dark side—advertising. Now twenty years later, she’s proud to declare herself a writer and visit her dark side occasionally by writing dark paranormal romances and urban fantasy novels with a little death and a lot of adventure.Lori lives in Wisconsin with her husband, daughter, son, an extremely patient shepherd mix, and the world’s pushiest Siberian husky.

Lori’s Web Site
Lori’s Blog


  1. Emily Ryan-Davis said,

    Since I’m not sure which day you blog here, I’m taking up your bio page comment space to gush about WILD HUNT, which is the first of your books I’ve read. I loved it – great job mixing two of my favorite things, Vikings and the old (ish) West! Now I need to somehow get my hands on Unbound and Guardian’s Keep ASAP. 🙂

  2. Jasmine said,

    When will you be returning to your world of hellhounds in the Unbound series?

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