Teresa D’Amario

Born in Atlanta, the daughter of an Army Soldier during the early stages of the Viet Nam war, I spent my childhood traveling from state to state, finally ending up overseas in Germany where I graduated high school six months early.

My writing career however began as a young Airman in the Air Force, writing monthly articles for the weekly base paper.  The articles ranged from climatological data to full center fold articles on the destructive forces of hurricanes.  As I increased in rank, my writing changed to more technological instruction, including such works as  WSR-88D Doppler Radar Data Interpretation Guide for North Carolina Stations, and Station Operating Procedures.

But my early writing wasn’t limited only to the technological side.  I’ve written multiple dog training and behavior articles for canine websites such as Sonora Canine Freestyle, and also the Ask Blackjack column, a fun training column in the voice of my labrador retriever, then a young pup.

I’m married to a wonderful man named Doug, who is also retired Air Force, and just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  We live in North Carolina with our two dogs.

Her first book, SheWolf, was published by Freya’s Bower in December, 2007.

Read about Teresa’s books At her website.


  1. Susan Hanniford Crowley said,

    Hi Teresa,

    I’m an admirer of your blog. I have also been trying to find a contact email, but couldn’t. I would love to guest blog. I have my first scfi/paranormal romance out from Tease Publishing and available from Allromanceebooks.com WHEN LOVE SURVIVES is about two supernaturals, a half elf/half leprechaun and a shapeshifter, who meet and fall in love during the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11th.

    Please, let me know if you would like me to guest blog. I think it would be fun. My shapeshifter is a Maine black bear.

    Yours truly,
    Susan Hanniford Crowley

    P.S. Also Nights of Passion would like to also offer guest blogging to you and the other authors on the Shapeshifter Romance blog.

  2. Elizabeth DiGIorgio said,

    TD!!! Today is the DAY!! I just can not figure out how to buy my copy of Lone Wolf! Please let me know in chat or have the publisher send me the link in an email because I want my copy N O W!!!

    Yours truly,


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