Edge of the Moon

Edge of the MoonEDGE OF THE MOON (ISBN: 0425191257, Berkley Sensation, August 2003). Fans often ask why the hero of the second book in my werewolf series isn’t a werewolf. First, because when I wrote KILLING MOON, I didn’t know I was writing a series. But Berkley asked me for more werewolf books, so I began thinking of more stories. I’d introduced Jack Thornton in KILLING MOON. He’s the police detective working with Ross Marshall and also investigating him as a murder suspect. I wanted to tell Jack’s story, and give him a HEA since he was a widower raising two children. So I turn the tables in EDGE OF THE MOON, with Ross Marshall helping Jack and Kathryn Reynolds escape from a “demon” who is forcing them to help him fight an evil magician.

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