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For our Shapeshifter romance fans, A few werewolf movies in past years: http://ping.fm/omnKl

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Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way!

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Last Friday was the start of a 5-week whirlwind blog tour for the new release of Legend of the White Wolf, and fans have been writing to say it’s at B&N already!!!

What with working full time, editing 3 books in the final stages of production, doing lessons for Conflict! Conflict! Conflict! and getting ready for the next class starting on Monday, and getting the stomach flu (which was not on my tightly programmed schedule–what was the bug thinking???!!!), it’s been a rush!

But if you’d like to drop by and comment on these various blogs/interviews, you’ll have a chance to win a book, or in some cases there are 2 being given away!

Here, I’m talking about cads or dads with Mason at Thoughts in Progress, but remember, you can have both…if you want to take a chance on the wild side!

And here with Greta at I Don’t Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now, where the discussion is about Werewolves, Bigfoot, and Hunters, Oh My! I talk about one of the scenes in the book–first meeting of the hero and heroine when she’s given his room key by accident and how this came to me from my own experiences, minus the hunky guy, unfortunately!

Susan at Love Romance Passion interviewed me and asked me all kinds of thought-provoking questions, which meant she asked me a lot of hard questions! 🙂 And I loved it, so stop by and see what she had to say.


At Literary Escapism, I talked about–literary escapism! Hey, after trying to come up with so many different and unusual blog post ideas, my brain grasps whatever is out there! 🙂

And this was fun, a different kind of blog–a tarot reading for Cameron MacPherson from Legend of the White Wolf. When Arwen told me that Cameron faltered between being an assassin and a priest, that had me worried. Would he still be considered heroic? Very interesting way to do an in depth other kind of study of character!

All these contests are ongoing through next week, for at least a few days! Next Saturday, I’ll post this week’s upcoming links. Although I try to give a daily heads up here:

I’m also at Fuzzy Pink Slippers Writers, and have had a blast with the ladies there, talking about how crazy it gets when trying to do too many things at once. Do you ever forget your characters’ names or how they’re spelled? Or which book they’re in??? Nicole is nodding vigorously here, but not about her own writing—about mine as she’s critiquing it!!! Thanks, Nicole, for keeping me straight on names!


I’m off to work on a hundred things this weekend, but if you have a moment and want to check out the blogs, say hi, have a chance at winning a book, and many of these blogs are all too happy to host author’s interviews or guest blogs, so check them out!

Have a super Saturday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Let’s Tell a Story – The Faery Prince’s Mate, part 13

January 27, 2010 at 9:23 am (General)

By Teresa D’Amario
EBook: AllRomanceEbooks

Once the victim of scientific experimentation by the Government Control of Supernatural Activities (GSA), Damon doesn’t have a past, and he isn’t sure he has a future. He doesn’t even know if his ability to change from human to wolf is a virus, or magick. But the instant he lays eyes on the pretty cop from the local police force, he knows he has to learn the secrets of his past before they destroy her future.

Krystal is the best animal cop on the police force, hiding magickal talent beneath layers of excuses and quick thinking. For five years she’s tracked Peter Burke, a butcher who steals any form of canine to supplement his dietary needs. The day she saves a wolf from losing his head at the sharp end of an axe, her entire life changes. And then there is Damon, the mysterious, sexy ex-soldier with no memory of his past who awakens fantasies of dark and sensual nights.

But the GSA isn’t finished with Damon, and when the shadowy government agency joins forces with Burke, Krystal too finds her life in jeopardy, the target of men and women led by their own desires. Damon and Krystal must work together to stop evil and destroy years of illegal research.

Wow, hi everyone! This blog tour is coming close to the end, with only today and Friday left! Hard to believe, I know! Scheduling today’s stop on the tour here at SSR is like coming home. This is where you find all the best in ShapeShifter Romance! Some great authors are here, so if you’ve followed us from other places, feel free to check them all out!

For those just joining us, for my blog tour, I’m creating something very special. A free read. And you get to help! Each blog posting will be a new scene or chapter of the book titled above, He’s no Faery Prince. Previous chapters can be found on my FREEBIE READS page of my blog. Then, at the end of my post for today, you’ll see some questions. They are designed to make life easier for me (or much more fun, at least) because the answers to those questions will determine the course of the story. Also, if you happen to think of something really awesome to add, not addressed by my questions, feel free to throw that in there too. I’ll be sure to take a look at it. Today’s edition is chapter thirteen with only fourteen chapters planned! So let’s see how well we do at getting things wrapped up!

Now, where were we?

The King of Fae stared at Sasha, muscles twitching along his jaw. Fury rode hard in his eyes, but Sasha couldn’t tell if he was angry at her, or angry at the situation.

“Go,” he ordered her.

Not willing to argue, Sasha ran down the hall, and into the cell where Ted still lay. When she charged around the corner, she gasped. He lay on his stomach, the wound a dark crimson upon the soft green shirt he wore. His mother sat at his head, stroking his brow, murmuring to him in words she couldn’t understand. Not that she couldn’t hear, because she could. But she didn’t understand the Fae language. The Queen looked up, arching one exceptionally queenly brow toward her husband, then turned back to her son.

“How is he?” asked Sasha, rushing to Ted’s side. Tamed knelt opposite her, his eyes closed in concentration. His hands touched, cupping just above the wound on Ted’s back.

The pain eased and Ted cracked an eye to look at Sasha. Her face was pale, her lips tight with worry. He scanned further down while she watched Tamed use his magick. Tamed was a good one to have around. He’d gotten Ted out of more scrapes than he could count, all because of his healing energy.

Sasha glanced toward his face. “You’re awake,” she murmured. “You’re going to be fine.”

He heard his mother’s sigh of relief, but it was Sasha he was focused on. “You know, when we get out of this, I think we ought to try spending some time together. Maybe having dinner or something.”

She smiled and he felt his entire body awaken. The pain couldn’t steal the attraction he felt for her. Maybe nothing would. The idea rippled through his mind and his eyes opened wide. “You’re naked,” he gasped.

Sasha chuckled, but he didn’t find anything funny about Tamed and his father seeing Sasha without clothes.

“Don’t worry so much. Wolven aren’t as prudish as the other races. It doesn’t bother me.”

“But it bothers me.” Though why that was the case he didn’t know, and right now wasn’t the time to figure it out.

Tamed sat back on his heels. “It’s done.”

“About damned time,” said Ted’s father. “Is someone going to tell me what’s going on?”

Ted grimaced. His father’s glare wasn’t just for him, but included Sasha as well. “Dad,–“

“I’ll explain everything,” his mother said. “Later. Right now I want to take my sons home with me. Both of them.” She lifted her chin and he knew she was fighting the emotions she’d tucked so deep inside. Being a Royal Fae had its advantages. But it’s disadvantages as well.

She took her husband’s arm.

“I agree,” his booming voice carried through the prison cell. We shall return home.”

“Not I,” said Ted, rolling to a sit. “I promised Sasha I’d help her find her brother and once that’s taken care of, I’ll come home.” He reached for Sasha’s hand and squeezed. The idea of leaving her here, in earth’s realm, didn’t sit well with him.

His father glared at him, then turned his eyes on Sasha. “Agreed. But once that is complete, you must bring her before me, for her punishment.”

“What punishment?” Ted jolted upward, but Sasha pulled him back to the floor.

“The punishment for killing the Second Heir to the throne.”

“What?” he stared, horrified at his father. “She saved my life why would she be punished.”

His father faced him, his eyes cold as ice. “You heard me, son. I gave her my word she could say goodbye to you before I killed her. I will grant you the opportunity to complete the task you have begun. Then, you will bring her to me. Tamed,” said the King, turning to the other Fae. “You will come with me now. Ted will have no need of your assistance for the remainder of this mission.”

Ted glanced at Sasha’s white face and moved to stand.

She once again grabbed his arm. “I made him promise. I will do what I must. We’ll release the rest of the prisoners here, and then we’ll go.” She moved to stand. The sound of clanging iron echoed through the cell, and doors flew open.

“It’s done,” said the King. “Finish your task. He turned to his wife and nodded. Tamed stepped forward and lifted Secora’s body and stepped beside them. All three turned, stepping into away, fading from sight.

“Damn,” said Sasha. “Can you do that too?”

He couldn’t stop the weak chuckle. “When going back to the Fae world, with no magick holding me back, yes, I can.”

“That’s really cool.”

“Come,” he said, rolling to his feet. “Let’s get out of here. I don’t think Secora was alone in what he was doing. I’m betting we aren’t safe here for long.”

She nodded and helped him to his feet. He unbuttoned his shirt, then stripped it off. With surprising brusqueness, he wrapped it around her shoulders. “Cover up. We can’t very well go outside with you looking like this. Humans will riot.”

She grinned and colored a pretty pink while shrugging into the shirt.

Their hands clashed when he reached to help her button up. His fingers tingled, sending heat all the way to his groin. Her scent changed, and he cocked his head, their eyes meeting. “Alone at last,” he murmured.

Her eyes darkened and for an instant, she entwined her fingers with his. “Let’s get out of here.” Her voice was low and raspy.

But Ted wasn’t ready to leave just yet. Not until he’d done what he’d wanted to do since the instant he saw her in the police station. The moment she’d turned those eyes on him, and arched a disbelieving brow his way. He fisted his fingers in his shirt and tugged her closer. “In a minute.”

Their lips touched and she opened, as though she’d been waiting for his move. His tongue swept inside, tasting her for the first time. She tasted of wild flowers. Wild flowers and honey. He savored her flavor, drinking her in.

Sasha moaned. He had no idea what he was doing to her. She wanted to grab him, pull him hard against her body as heat swept through her. Instead, she let him control the kiss, afraid if she took control they’d never get out of the room. Her fingers itched with the desire to touch him, to feel those hard muscles he’d shown her when he gave her his shirt.

They stood, inches apart, with only their mouths touching. It was driving her insane, his lips feeding from hers. His taste was dark, sharp, and edgy. It rolled over her, his scent and taste stealing her ability to think. After a moment, she couldn’t remember why she’d resisted.

When he pulled away from the kiss, his bright green eyes glittered with mischief. “We could always get married an then my father wouldn’t kill you.”

So now it’s time for a few questions.

First, are either of them shocked by his question?

Second, how does she answer? She knows he’s her True-Mate, but he doesn’t.

Third, Ted hasn’t told her yet where her brother is. When he does, letting her in on the secret that he’s known all along, how does she react?

Now for prizes:

  • Grand Prize: A $50 gift card at the online bookstore of your choice to be announced at the end of the entire blog tour.
  • Unadvertised prizes will be given on random days. You won’t know when, but I’ll choose them and post on the blog in question once you have won!

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a response on each blog I’m visiting — one entry for every blog you comment on during my blog tour. Multiple comments a day do not get you additional entries for the small giveaway, but will for the larger one.
  2. Email me at desertpetiri@aol.com with a copy of the receipt for the purchase of any Teresa D’Amario book, so long as it was purchased after 15 December. Older receipts do not count, though I’d love to know you’ve read one of the books. Five entries for every receipt. If you prefer not to share receipts, simply email me and so long as I’m satisfied, I will provide you with the credits.

So follow along, ladies and gentlemen, to help me write a short story, and to enter for the prizes!

Again, the entire blog schedule is found on my blog in the calendar, which will include links to each blog participating!

The next stop on the blog tour is with on my own blog, Teresa D’Amario Blog, on Friday! Then, on Monday, I’ll announce the big $50 gift card winner!

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So let me ask our reader’s a question.

January 26, 2010 at 9:45 am (General)

We all know, here on this blog, that we are your absolute favorite shifter authors!  Of course we are!  Right?  Okay, so my question for you is who is your favorite shifter author NOT on this blog?  I mean, ROMANCE shifter, not Urban Fantasy shifter.  For those who aren’t sure of the difference, if there’s no happily ever after at the end (i.e, one couple per book) then it’s more Urban Fantasy than Romance.

I was wondering, because I was looking through some really great authors, and some authors I don’t know very well, and I thought perhaps you, the reader, could share some of those authors with us! 

So who’s it to be? Who is that favorite shifter author other than our little group here?  For me, it’s Nalini Singh, but I know there are other great authors out there I haven’t met/read.  There are ebook authors I’m not familiar with and I’m sure some print authors as well!  So inform me!  Tell me all about the best shifter books you’ve read!

So, with that here’s a video for you to enjoy of Dark Succession, my next release! Enjoy!

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BOM: Stripped, Marcia Colette

January 25, 2010 at 2:31 pm (Book of the Month Club, Marcia Colette) (, , , , )

“Stripped” by Marcia Colette

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, ltd
Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60504-640-2
Publication Date: August 4, 2009

Someone wants their perfect weapon back, only she’s not coming quietly.

Alexa Wells wants her life back. She’s just not sure what that life was. The memories inside her head—a stripper’s—aren’t hers, and before she humiliates herself onstage one more time, she sets out to collect the scattered pieces of her mind. The trail leads to Boston, charges of identity theft and murder, and the real bombshell: a forgotten werewolf lover who insists she’s a werewolf hybrid.

The main character in this Stripped is someone you have to work at relating to. She is a complex animal for sure. I sat there stunned during some scenes wondering how she could behave the way she did, but then upon greater reflection I realized that I was looking through my eyes at her and not through her eyes. With that epiphany in mind, looking at the reflection in the mirror, I see, an average looking woman, with average capabilities. Other than her skin color I have no clue as to the culture she was raised with. Delve further. Concentrate. Dig deeper. There, just beyond the surface, undiscovered memories, containing a foggy notion of incredible power rippling just beneath that latte colored skin.

I stood there in the mist straining to see, to get my bearings, wondering which direction the road of this author’s mind would lead. With every turning of a page, I went in a direction that was different than the direction my mind was trying to lead. From the relationship with close family/friends to the sensually deprived relationship of her lover, I followed Alexa’s twisting and turning through the pages, being caught off guard and by surprise at every turn. This book was entertaining and refreshing, I love being wrong with my theory on how the story will end up. And man, was I wrong!

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Hellhound or Werewolf? Pick your fav sha

January 22, 2010 at 10:30 am (General)

Hellhound or Werewolf? Pick your fav shapeshifter on Harlequin’s Paranormal Romance Blog & you could win a FREE book! http://bit.ly/72ieuS

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January 21, 2010 at 2:42 pm (General)

Lori Devoti is at VampChix today talking about her free vampire story, LOST. http://ping.fm/WKt6h

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RT @chickwriter: Pocket/Juno author @lor

January 21, 2010 at 1:46 pm (General)

RT @chickwriter: Pocket/Juno author @loridevoti guesting over at VampChix. Check it out! http://bit.ly/6CYE8P

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Horror Movies galore

January 18, 2010 at 3:26 pm (General)

So on Friday, my hubby and I went out to the movies and I saw all these horrific looking horror movie previews. I remember thinking, why is it the paranormals we love so much to read, aren’t coming out as movies?  And why is the paranormal movies that are coming out, are just so…. terrifying?

It dawned on me that Hollywood, despite the success of Twilight, hasn’t quite gotten with the whole deal of paranormal and romance and what it is that makes the shapeshifter and vampire books so popular. The funny thing is, the very same day I read an article by a movie reviewer, claiming that vampires and werewolves were so “yesterday”.  He believes them to be on the way out.

NO!  Please don’t say it’s so!  Especially when, in my opinion, it hasn’t really started yet.

Enter DayBreaker.  From what I see, (and no, I haven’t seen the movie), 99% of the characters who are vampires are the bad guys, with one lone voice willing to save the day.  Or night, as it is.  While on the surface it sounds like a great premise, most romance readers, the ones driving the bulk of the reflux of paranormal style movies, aren’t impressed.

Then there’s Wolfman.  The remake of the original, which tells me it’s not going to be a very pretty picture.  Rather than being a discovery into what makes us different, it’s more a discovery that monsters do exist, and watch out, because they’re coming for you.

But what would happen if Hollywood turned around and changed things?  What would happen if there’s more movies like Underworld, where there’s more than one or two Vampires or werewolves who care about the survival of humans?  Where it’s sexy and hot, not just gory and well, not?

For me, I loved all three Underworld movies, though the first and second were far superior to the 3rd.  In those books, we learned of the loves and hates of a society, not just what they think of as food.

What do you think?  Do you think Hollywood could do better at the Paranormal? or do you like the way they’re headed?

By The Way, today’s rendition of “The Faery Prince’s Mate” is now at Tigris Eden’s Blog.  Come check it out!

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Legend of the White Wolf Being Shipped!

January 17, 2010 at 1:00 am (General) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Fans are already receiving notices that pre-orders of Legend of the White Wolf are on their way! 🙂

update!!! I’m here at Vampires from a Different Perspective talking about werewolves and vampires and gargoyles, oh my!


Yep, you’ll find snowmobiles and snow, and shifting wolves in this winter wonderland in Legend of the White Wolf!

And now–Legend of the White Wolf is in stock at Amazon!!!


The 4th book in Terry Spear’s Werewolf series can easily be a stand alone read. In Legend of the White Wolf she takes us on a suspense filled journey to the frozen forest of Maine. Spear’s attention to vivid detail and emotions makes it impossible not to feel as if you are right there with the characters, feeling the cold bite of an arctic wind, or enjoying the warmth as your fingers run through a wolf’s fur. The characters come off the pages and grab your attention quickly. Legend of the White Wolf will have you wondering who the good guys really are, and turning pages all night long!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cameron MacPherson has come to Maine, determined to find his two Seattle PI business partners who are late returning from their hunting trip. Faith O’Malley is there to track down her ex-boyfriend who stole her father’s secret research. When the hotel mistakenly gives Faith the key to Cameron’s room they are both surprised at the sudden attraction between them. Business, not pleasure is foremost on their minds. They soon find that their investigations are heading in the same direction, and they are suddenly involved with murders, mystical wolves, and a group of fanatics determined to prove the existence of werewolves.

Everything changes in the frozen backcountry as the passion between them can no longer be denied and heats up as they work as a team. However, when a wolf attacks and Cameron is bitten they soon realize that there is more to the legends of mystical wolves than just a story. Now they must work with the lupus garou pack to solve the murders, save the pack, and the future of the entire lupus garou world. But when the alpha male sets his sights on Faith can a newly changed Cameron survive the challenge and claim Faith for himself?

Have you read Legend of the White Wolf? If so, please feel free to leave a comment letting others know what you think.~~Rhonda V, Vampire Romance Books

Arctic Wolf discussion here…See wolf on left, he’s more beta, ears back, head down lower. The other two are having a discussion. 🙂

What do you think they’re talking about? Legend of the White Wolf, of course. That’s only natural because these guys are in Maine, talking about the mess they got into with some human types….It was winter then. You can see it’s later in the year now, and they’re STILL talking about the mess they’d gotten into. 🙂
Also, here’s a chance to win a copy of Deadly Liaisons, or another book of your choice:


And here is the proposed cover for Wolf Fever–isn’t he gorgeous? I mean, Leidolf??? 🙂

I just sent off Wolf Fever!
Next, time to do final line edits for Seduced by the Wolf and The Accidental Highland Hero…

Have a super Sunday!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

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