Horror Movies galore

January 18, 2010 at 3:26 pm (General)

So on Friday, my hubby and I went out to the movies and I saw all these horrific looking horror movie previews. I remember thinking, why is it the paranormals we love so much to read, aren’t coming out as movies?  And why is the paranormal movies that are coming out, are just so…. terrifying?

It dawned on me that Hollywood, despite the success of Twilight, hasn’t quite gotten with the whole deal of paranormal and romance and what it is that makes the shapeshifter and vampire books so popular. The funny thing is, the very same day I read an article by a movie reviewer, claiming that vampires and werewolves were so “yesterday”.  He believes them to be on the way out.

NO!  Please don’t say it’s so!  Especially when, in my opinion, it hasn’t really started yet.

Enter DayBreaker.  From what I see, (and no, I haven’t seen the movie), 99% of the characters who are vampires are the bad guys, with one lone voice willing to save the day.  Or night, as it is.  While on the surface it sounds like a great premise, most romance readers, the ones driving the bulk of the reflux of paranormal style movies, aren’t impressed.

Then there’s Wolfman.  The remake of the original, which tells me it’s not going to be a very pretty picture.  Rather than being a discovery into what makes us different, it’s more a discovery that monsters do exist, and watch out, because they’re coming for you.

But what would happen if Hollywood turned around and changed things?  What would happen if there’s more movies like Underworld, where there’s more than one or two Vampires or werewolves who care about the survival of humans?  Where it’s sexy and hot, not just gory and well, not?

For me, I loved all three Underworld movies, though the first and second were far superior to the 3rd.  In those books, we learned of the loves and hates of a society, not just what they think of as food.

What do you think?  Do you think Hollywood could do better at the Paranormal? or do you like the way they’re headed?

By The Way, today’s rendition of “The Faery Prince’s Mate” is now at Tigris Eden’s Blog.  Come check it out!


  1. Beth C. said,

    Hey, I want to see the new The Wolfman. If for nothing else to see the special effects.

    Umm, what about Van Helsing. If that is Hollywood’s version of the ‘romantic’ horror films…they need more work. Although they got the beef cake and the girl right. Just the dialogue needs work. 😉

    I remember horror as one of the first genre’s I read. And it’s probably why I can’t write vamps. Necroscope by Brian Lumley was the first book I read with vampires. Even before I read Dracula. Let’s just say the man knows how to write scary. Vamps are not warm and fuzzy like wolves….therefore I won’t be writing them anytime soon.

  2. Cathy D said,

    I have NEVER liked horror movies. When a date took me to see Jaws…..well, lets just say he did not get a second date. I hide under the bed when my kids watched the Halloween movies with friends. I am such a chicken! having said that I just don’t know how I read all those Ray Bradbury and Edger Allen Poe books in Jr High.
    It took me 3 years for my kids to talk me into watching Mummy. Now it is one of my favorites. You gotta have a HEA if it’s scary!! But hey I didn’t put up a fuss about Underworld, I liked those. Of course I love action, so a great paranormal romance on the big screen would be great. I mean doesn’t everyone want to see the hero fight for the girl…or is that with the girl……or was that the girl fight for the guy?…. well a chase scene is always good and who said in a car was law, the 4 footed can be dam fast!

  3. Jessica said,

    It’s like Hollywood gets stuck in a rut and runs the genre into the ground. Films start seeming all the same after awhile. Then a ‘genius’ comes along and Hollywood switches directions. It would be nice to see some of the paranormal romances hit the screens, they really have been pushed to the rear for too long. Wake up people, see what is selling in the bookstores and follow them, there is money to be made in those isles! That ought to get ’em…lol

  4. Michele said,

    I saw Daybreakers. I went, expecting pulpy horror blood fest. I was surprised! It was really a very good show. Lots of blood, yes, but also a pretty good story. And not so in-your-face, we are the bloody bad guys kind of things. Ethan Hawke is a vampire hemotologist who wants to find a cure for vampirism (though I do hate vampires who want to be cured, yet in this world it is a good thing). There’s some good action scenes, and not-stupid science. It is worth a look. I’d recommend it!

  5. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Thanks Michele! I had a friend tell me it was horrid, but I wasn’t close enough to her to say I’d agree with her. I’m glad you mentioned this. I’ll probably rent it, scary movies and the theater and I don’t get along well. Nightmares for weeks. LOL.

    Jessica, yes, I think if there were more done similar to twilight, not as in teen movie, but as in more the romance plus some action, I think it would do well.

    Beth, as far as wolfman, not sure what I think. I was never into horrific transformations. LOL Dang, Michael Jackson made me nervous in Thriller. LOL

    Cathy, the last purely horror movie I saw in a theater was Halloween. The first one. LOL. When I kept jumping becasue there was a black filled poster with a character on it later that nite behind me, I realized it w as not in my best interest to see these movies. LOL

  6. jana said,

    Im not sure if The Stepfather is considered a horror flick- but it was pretty awesome. I liked the new one better than the first- http://bit.ly/dicg8I

  7. eritza said,


    I agree with the fact that we are in serious need of some shifter lovin’. and that is why we are trying to get some cash together to make a kick butt movie and get the genre rolling.. Please help us do this.

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