Ghost Moon

Ghost MoonGHOST MOON (ISBN: 978-0425222454, Berkley Sensation, May 2008), the next book in my Moon series, tells the story of a woman named Quinn, who comes from the parallel universe I first introduced in NEW MOON. Readers met her in my novella, “Huntress Moon,” in ELEMENTAL MAGIC. She’s on a vital mission to save her friend’s life. But after she comes through the portal between the worlds, a ghost stops her in her tracks. It’s werewolf Caleb Marshall, who was killed 75 years ago by his cousin. Caleb’s stayed on earth to avenge his death. Although he and Quinn are powerfully drawn to each other, she’s terrified that he will wreak vengeance on her friends, the Marshalls. And though she longs for love, she sees no future in a relationship with a phantom. Quinn vows to stay away from Caleb, but everything changes when he acquires the body of a murder victim. But can he and the Marshalls work together to foil a diabolical plot aimed at the heart of the U.S. government? And what of his love for Quinn? Can it survive the terrible irony that fate has dealt him?

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  1. Sierra Wolfe said,

    Great video Rebecca! Ghost moon sounds very interesting! Can’t wait to read it.

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