New Moon

New MoonNEW MOON (ISBN: 0425216020, Berkley Sensation, March 2007) gets Rinna together with Logan Marshall. While prowling through the woods in wolf form, Logan is caught in a trap meant for Rinna, a shape-shifter from a parallel universe. Although she’s fleeing from a powerful man who will do anything to capture and control her, she risks everything by changing from a beautiful white wolf into a naked woman so she can free Logan.

He realizes Rinna is his lifemate. Yet as the passion between them builds, he finds that she’s been abused, and he must win her trust with his tender lovemaking. When she figures out that her nemesis has followed them from her world to ours, she hatches a desperate plan to save herself and Logan.

NEW MOON takes place in the Howard County, Maryland, area, where I live–along with many of the Marshalls. I like to give them homes on big tracts of land or next to a state park where they can roam at night in wolf form.

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