Kiss Of Fate – Dragonfire #3

One Destined Love Deserves a Second Chance…

Erik Sorensson is focused on leading the Pyr to triumph against the Slayers at all costs, even the sacrifice of his own life. When an ancient relic that can turn the tide of the battle reveals itself again, Erik knows he has to retrieve it from Eileen’s possession. But he’s shocked by an incredible firestorm when he tries to claim the relic — a firestorm that forces him to confront the truth about Eileen’s identity. Her presence touches him in unexpected ways, reminding him of mistakes he’s determined to not make again, and Erik is forced to make a choice…duty or love.

Only by unlocking the secrets of the past can Erik and Eileen fulfill the final prophecy of the Pyr – but can they face their deepest fears and claim their destined love in time to defeat the Slayers?

by Deborah Cooke
Book #3 of the Dragonfire series
Available February 3, 2009
ISBN# 978-0-451-22616-7

Read an excerpt HERE.

Visit Deborah’s website HERE.

Visit Deborah’s blog HERE.


  1. Justine Greene said,

    I hope you see this, Deborah….. easiest way is to direct you to my Twitter so you can get the link to Bitten by Books page – they are promoting their 1 year birthday & Kiss of Fate is on the list of potential books for a win! I voted for your book & posted a link to your site & the B3 page where people can go vote for you, too, but I thought you might want to promote it, too. Spreading the word about a good dragon series – never a bad thing!
    As an aside, I am the prez if Yasmine Galenorn’s fan club, Moon Stalkers, so I keep track of who is doing what rather closely. ;0)
    Good luck!

  2. Deborah Cooke said,

    Thanks Justine for the heads-up!

    I did hear about this, but wasn’t as effective in spreading the word about it in time as many authors are.


  3. Justine Greene said,

    I am thoroughly enjoying your series & think it deserves the attention. =0)

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