So let me ask our reader’s a question.

January 26, 2010 at 9:45 am (General)

We all know, here on this blog, that we are your absolute favorite shifter authors!  Of course we are!  Right?  Okay, so my question for you is who is your favorite shifter author NOT on this blog?  I mean, ROMANCE shifter, not Urban Fantasy shifter.  For those who aren’t sure of the difference, if there’s no happily ever after at the end (i.e, one couple per book) then it’s more Urban Fantasy than Romance.

I was wondering, because I was looking through some really great authors, and some authors I don’t know very well, and I thought perhaps you, the reader, could share some of those authors with us! 

So who’s it to be? Who is that favorite shifter author other than our little group here?  For me, it’s Nalini Singh, but I know there are other great authors out there I haven’t met/read.  There are ebook authors I’m not familiar with and I’m sure some print authors as well!  So inform me!  Tell me all about the best shifter books you’ve read!

So, with that here’s a video for you to enjoy of Dark Succession, my next release! Enjoy!



  1. Miranda said,

    Her books have happy ending for sure! M/M/M menage werewolf style. 😉 Stormy Glenn and the Tri Omega Mates Series is a favorite of mine.

  2. Kara T said,

    Sherrill Quinn…love her shifters.

  3. Angela M. said,

    I have several that I really like…..Treva Harte, Madelaine Montague, Celia Kyle, Buffi BeCraft Woodall, Marisa Chenery, Trinity Knight & Jim Richards just to name a few. I am an avid ebook reader, so I really have read books, even series, from all of them.

  4. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Excellent ladies! Keep the suggestions coming!

  5. lillie80 said,

    Moira Rogers. The Southern Arcana series is fantastic! Book 2 will be coming out in a couple of weeks.

  6. Cathy D said,

    Shelly Laurenston (G.A. Aiken) is one of my favorites. Her wolf, Lion and Dragon shifters are always fun to read. Katie MacAlister’s dragon series is a fun series. Nina Bangs books, though mostly vampire has great shifters. My favorite was the saber tooth shifter.

  7. Paige Warren said,

    T. L. Mitchell’s Dark of kNight was really good! It’s the first book in the series… and if you like YA shifter books, Linda Palmer …

    I like Dakota Cassidy too, if you could her Accidental Werewolf book. 🙂 And Katie MacAlister’s silver dragon series.

  8. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Hey Lillie, Oh and Cathy, i love Shelly Laurenston. I’ve read her stuff. 😀 Aren’t Katie MacAllister’s dragons UF? NOt sure, I haven’t read them. And yes, I remember Nina’s saber tooth shifter. LOL.

    Paige, I love Linda Palmer, though I haven’t tried TL Mitchell. And as for Dakota Cassidy, I’ll have to check. I thought hers were UF, but I could definitely be wrong. 😀

  9. Kathy M. said,

    This is one of my very favorite genres.

    Shelly Laurenston is one of my favorite authors, too.
    Keri Arthur has a series with shifters and vampires.
    Maya Banks
    Vivian Arend has the Granite Lake Wolves series.
    Lauren Dane has Cascadia Wolves
    Christine Feehan does not only vampires (Carpathians) but shifters as well
    Lea h Brooke, Alphas Mate
    Tymber Dalton has the Triple Trouble series
    Lora Leigh’s Breed series is a favorite, but it is one of those that has a central premise or theme, and each book centers around a new couple. Kind of like the Carpathians.
    Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series is really good.
    I have lots more,but they are pretty much one-offs.

  10. Michele said,

    My favorite is Cynthia Eden, if you haven’t read Hotter After Midnight or Immortal Danger you are missing out. Dana Marie Bell is another great writer. Her books are just now being released in print, they first came out as e-books.

    Love the topic Teresa, I’m finding new authors 😀

  11. Colleen said,

    Wow, I have to add some of these name to my list… 😀

  12. Cathy said,

    Katie MacAlister takes 4 books for Aisling and Drake to get it together, so yeah that series is a UF. But continuing on in the silver dragon series, Drake’s dragon buddies / enemies have their own HEA book.

    Just picked up Annette Blair book Naked Dragon. Loved her Witches series, so trying out her “yummy” sounding Dragon warrior.

  13. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Michele, Thanks. 😀

    You know guys, there’s one series I haven’t seen mentioned. Christine Warren’s series. I forget the title of it but it starts with She’s no Fairy Princess, and is just awesome. It incorporates shifters, demons, and “others”. 😀 I think one is a vampire (have it, just haven’t read it yet).

    Cathy, Thanks for the clarification on Katie’s books. I wondered. 😀 I didn’t know Annette Blair had a Dragon one. Hmm, May have to check that out.

    I do know Keri Arthur’s qualify as UF. I think Carrie Vaugn also qualifies as UF, but I’m not sure. I read one a while back, and it struck me as more UF than romance if I remember right. 🙂

    Technically the Lora Leigh books aren’t shifters, though they share the shifting DNA, and they fit as romance, so we’ll count them in. LOL.

    Christine Feehan has her jaguar series, which she also has incorporated somewhat into the Carpathian series.

    Lauren Dane, definitely can’t forget hers! I’ve read most of the cascadia wolves. They were my introduction to ebooks, if I remember right!

    Maya does have some awesome books there, I hadn’t forgotten her either.

    Another great, not mentioned here, is Annmarie McKenna. She published a few shifters through Samhain before moving to contemporary. I loved her shifters. They didn’t have complicated plots, but the shifters themselves were awesome. Sometimes that’s just what you need. 🙂 Both are now in print, and I’m considering adding them to my print library.

    This is great, adding lots of authors to the lists. 🙂 A couple mentioned here I haven’t heard of, and I need a little reading material, so thank you very much, everyone! 🙂 I’ll be checking back in case more come to mind.

  14. Ilona said,

    Lori Handeland writes shapeshifters and even though it is a continuing story about the Jaegersuche (sp?) each book is a romance in it’s own right.

    Also Melanie Jackson wrote an unusual shifter romance in her book The Selkie.

    Oh and Sherrilyn Kenyon has some of her Dark Hunter books with Shifters that are also romances, my favourite so far is Night Play 😀

    If you don’t mind your romance being in an ebook then Felicia Heaton has a few good ones as does Biance D’arc. I especially like hers because they have dragons 😀

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