Round 1–Ian MacNeill, Heart of the Highland Wolf!

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Ian needs your vote!!!

He’s battling against a ton of heroes—and you can also win a chance at $25 toward ARe books when you vote!!!

Summer’s Hottest Hero Contest – Vote Now!

Round 1 voting will end at 11:59 (GMT-6) on 07/06/2011


  • FIRST PLACE Author Prize: A Home Page Static Ad for one month on (Value $500.00). Top Shelf placement for 2 weeks in the Featured Books section on and (Value Priceless). $500 cash (USD paid via Paypal).
  • SECOND PLACE Author Prize: A Cover Story Video by Circle of Seven Productions and a complimentary Featured Video Spot on Value $400.00
  • THIRD PLACE Author Prize: A Sony Reader Pocket Edition. Value $180.00
  • ROUND 1-5 Voter Prizes: $25.00 in eBook Bucks


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  5. Read the “Fine Print” below for additional information.

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The Fine Print: The contest will run until 11:59 pm Central/US on July 31th. You must be 18 years of age to enter. Employees of All Romance eBooks, LLC will not be eligible for voter prizes. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. The odds of advancing from one round to the next is 1:2. The odds of being the overall winner is 1:32. The winners within each bracket for each round will be the author with the most votes as of the close of voting. In the event of a tie, the author who received the winning number FIRST will advance. The voter winners for each round will be selected at random upon close of the round and notified via email. The $25.00 voter prizes will be automatically placed in the voter account. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners will be notified via email. Shipping information will be required for the 3rd place prize. A paypal address will be required in order to receive the cash award for the 1st place prize. Instructions for redemption of remaining prizes will be sent via email. All terms and conditions of advertising on All Romance apply to any advertising prizes awarded. The 1st place prize is valued at $1000.00. The 2nd place prize is valued at $400.00. The 3rd place prize is valued at $180.00 plus tax and shipping. Prizes are being furnished by All Romance ebooks, LLC, DBA,, and 334 East Lake Road, Ste 286, Palm Harbor,
Florida 34684-2427.

I would have posted this earlier, but I couldn’t find the link!!!

Off to work on The Deadly Fae and edits for SEAL!

Hope you are staying cool! The AC man never showed up. 😦

Terry, the hot

Forget about Ian being hot! LOL

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”


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A Jaguar on an Easter Egg Hunk?

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I’m off! And that’s a reason to celebrate. Although I’m working tomorrow and that is not!

Okay, now you know I write urban fantasy, right? So some of it is pretend. Right? So we’re going to pretend. While writing my wolf series, I shared pictures of real wolves on an Easter egg hunt. They had fun eating the colorful eggs.

But can you imagine finding pictures of a jaguar eating Easter eggs?

So here’s as close to it as I could get. 🙂 Just squeeze your eyes tighter, click your heels twice and repeat after me, the stripes on this tiger are spots on a jaguar, and the rock he is inspecting is one huge Easter egg.

There. And if we concentrated hard enough…we’d have it!


The one already ate the whopping big Easter egg, didn’t share with the other, and he’s ticked off.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! But wait, everyone can see something different in a story. What do you see???

Happy Easter!!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Dreaming of the Wolf Ready for Preorder!

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One of the greatest things that can happen after you FINISH the book and send it to your editor is that she comes back and says she loves it!!

One of the things that makes it feel real that you have a new release really coming out is when it’s finally listed on Amazon!!!

There’s no gorgeous hunky cover yet. No description yet even. But it’s up there now. 🙂

I’ve been checking for a while. But nothing. Then when I got home, a Google alert! Dreaming of the Wolf on Amazon!

Jake Silver doesn’t believe in fate or dream mating, despite the fact his brother and other family members have been afflicted with this strange notion. But when dreams begin to plague him about a woman so seductive, he wakes up in a sweat and he’s losing way too much sleep over it, he seeks to learn the truth. Can dream mating be a reality? Is the woman real?

Alicia Greiston doesn’t dream. Not ever. So when a man visits her in the first dream she’s ever had, she’s startled, pleased, then alarmed. He’s not going away, and the dreams take a sinister turn. He’s in trouble, and if the dreams are a foreshadowing of the future, she has to save him.

Anyway, I was excited!!!

Also, Huntress for Hire is up. 🙂 Hope you love it! I have the sequel started if I didn’t lose it in the tons of crashes I’ve had!!!

Available now at Smashwords, Amazon and B&N.

He’s a hunter turned vampire, she’s a huntress of vampires—he’s needs her cooperation to free his family; she’s trained to kill his kind.

Rebel vampire huntress Rachael Bremerton wants revenge against Piaras, one of the most ruthless vampires in Dallas , for the murder of her parents. But when she’s lured by another vampire, Adonis, into the darkness—the same darkness she’s feared since she was a child—she’s torn between her huntress sensibilities and some strange desire to be with the creature she’s meant to despise and destroy.

Adonis, a hunter turned vampire, has been ordered by Piaras to bring Rachel to him untouched. In return, Piaras will release Adonis’s family unharmed. But when Adonis first sees Rachael, his hunter desire to have a huntress mate kicks in, or is it the dark heart of the vampire that makes him crave her so?

Turning Rachel over to Piaras becomes less of an option. But can he find a way to free his family, claim Rachael for his own, and keep her family from discovering he is a hunter turned vampire—a creature they will all feel obligated to hunt down and kill?

I had a lot of fun writing this story! What would you do if you were a huntress and the most intriguing vampire ever caught your eye??

Hope you all have a terrific weekend…


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Paranormal Shorts for 99 Cents!

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If you need a quickie vampire fix, with a tale about the fickle ways of the Greek Goddesses and Gods…I’ve got some paranormal anthologies up on Kindle and Nook, that will be available soon on Kobo, Sony, and other ereaders.  All for only 99 cents each! More to come!
Cover for 'Vampiric Calling'

Vampiric Calling

Ebook By Terry Spear
$0.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Mar. 05, 2011
Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories – single author
Words: 10231 (approximate)
Language: English



Ebook Short Description

A vampire targets a huntress for his own, and she’s torn between wanting him and knowing she should terminate him. But in the dark of night, who will win the battle?

Extended Description

Samantha Ramsay’s always been different, a huntress born with the gene that makes her kind take up the sword to terminate rogue vampires, yet something isn’t right. They’ve never targeted her before tonight, and now she realizes she can’t kill the sexiest vampire she’s ever encountered, who claims her for his own.

Ralston Vaccarra has waited all the huntress’s life to have her and no one, vampires or hunters alike, will have the woman he claimed for his own the day she was born, only will a huntress be able to accept him and his kind for what they are?

Cover for 'Seducing the Huntress'

Seducing the Huntress

Ebook By Terry Spear
$0.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 12, 2011
Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories – single author
Words: 18013 (approximate)
Language: English

B&N Nook


Ebook Short Description

When the vampire takes on a dare to seduce the huntress, little does he know he’s on her terminal list already!Set in an island paradise, neither the huntress nor her prey really knows who the real rogue is and who is being made to take the fall, but will she succumb to the ancient vampire’s will before it is too late?

Extended Description

The vampire Sarzoven and his sister are bored with life so a death-defying game of seducing the huntress is an attempt at eliminating boredom. But Miranda isn’t about to be seduced by the vampire no matter how sexy he is, not when he’s on her terminal list. Sarzoven soon realizes she’s a dark huntress, who doesn’t eliminate a rogue vampire until she’s sure he or she is truly a renegade.

So why is he on her list? Now he must convince her to remove him from her elimination schedule before she decides he really is a rogue. Miranda knows she can’t permit the vampire from swaying her from her mission, but soon she finds she’s on someone else’s list. But who’s behind this twisted game that’s bound to stir up vampire and hunter hatred alike? And can the huntress and vampire overcome their age old distrust of one another before it’s too late?

Cover for 'The Siren's Lure'

The Siren’s Lure

Ebook By Terry Spear
$0.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 25, 2011
Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories – single author
Words: 18592 (approximate)
Language: English

B&N Nook


Ebook Short Description

A vampire wishes upon a falling star and ends up with more than he bargained for. When he attempts to rescue a woman in distress, he soon learns she’s not quite human and not a huntress–or at least like any he’s ever known. That’s when the seduction begins–but who is seducing whom?

Extended Description

Tristina isn’t a huntress in the normal sense. Before meeting the vampire who would rescue her from danger, she never thought anyone could love her for herself. Now, just maybe she’s found the right man for her.

Sardis wants nothing more than a vacation from his ponderous role as prince of the New York vampire clans, but ends up having anything but a peaceful time while staying at a beach resort when he meets the most enticing siren. Trouble doesn’t even begin to describe the new world he finds himself in as he tries to seduce her, and he falls under her siren’s spell instead.

Cover for 'Goddess in Training'

Goddess in Training

Ebook By Terry Spear
$0.99 Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 19, 2011
Category: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories – single author
Words: 9089 (approximate)
Language: English

B&N Nook


Ebook Short Description

In a game of the gods, librarian Lisandra, who has never been loved, is chosen to be the goddess of fertility.

Extended Description

In a game of the gods, librarian Lisandra, who has never been loved, is chosen to be the goddess of fertility. The demi-god of pleasure, Assarian is ordered by Zeus to train her in the hallowed halls of Mount Olympus to prove to his wife, Hera, goddess of marriage, mortals and immortals alike only need be physically satisfied to find fulfillment, to which Hera disagrees—all creatures must have love to be whole.

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Wolf Shifter Eye Candy–WOLF FEVER is in the stores!!!

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Catch the WOLF FEVER!!! It’s now in stores everywhere!
Werewolves are downright hunky. They HAVE to be in wonderful shape, running great distances, covering their territory, claiming it. So I wanted to share some wolfish pictures of wolves in their prime. 🙂

First, wolves love to swim. This wolf is swimming happily, but when he shapeshifts, he’s enjoying the warm water without a care in the world.

Hmm, yes, think he might need a spot of oil rubbed onto his back, or … elsewhere?

I have to mention wolves nap a lot during the day. Although if you join them in bed for a nice little nap, you might not get one.

To me, he looks like he’s faking sleep, just waiting for you to join him!

Wolves love the outdoors and these wolves are no exception!

Anyone to enjoy the outdoors with him?

An invitation like this is just too much to refuse, don’t you think?

Hmm, yes!

Speaking of wolves, I’ve started my month-long blog tour so if you have the chance, feel free to drop by and say hi!

Blog Tour for WOLF FEVER
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12/1 Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee

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12/3 Sizzling Hot Books
12/6 My Overstuffed Bookcase
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12/12 Australian Romance Readers
12/13 Romance Fiction on Suite 101
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12/16 Open
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12/20 Cindy’s Love of Books

12/20 Star Crossed Lovers
12/21 Love Romance Passion
12/22-Weekend Christmas Holidays
12/27 Thoughts in Progress
12/28 That’s What I’m Talking About
12/29 A Simple Love of Reading
12/30 Open
12/31 Open

Love Romance Passion Review of WOLF FEVER…5 Stars!
by Susan S., guest reviewer

A would-not-could-not stop…read! Full of nail-biting suspense, sexy scenes, and plenty of hot alphas to get you through the coldest of winters.

Summary: Carol was bitten during a fight between the reds and the gray lupus garous. Since that fateful day, she’s having trouble coinciding her halves. The human half, a nurse with precognitive powers, and her werewolf half, as a newly turned red. Darien Silver’s grays have been kind, patient, and protective of Carol Wood (heroine). But, as the saying goes, you can lead a wolf into the forest, but you can’t make it howl. She’ll accept their ways, when she’s ready. And not a minute sooner! In the interim, she refuses to shift.

When Ms. Wood realizes she’s in danger in more ways than one, she hires a bodyguard. She’s not only endangering her human patients by refusing to shift, but someone’s determined to kidnap her. Chester Ryan McKinley, hero, is a gray alpha and an uber sexy P.I. She’ll need Ryan 24/7. Oh, he’s qualified all right. He can protect her as a man, or as an alpha wolf. But, who’ll protect her from his “growing” desires? Perhaps, no protection is needed. There’s a bioengineered virus spreading among the packs. When Carol develops a low grade fever, is it too late for loving Ryan?

Review: As a reader who’s been following Spear’s werewolf series, I’m declaring Wolf Fever the best novel…thus far. I held my breath quite a bit with book six. When Carol’s grasping at straws searching for a cure, I felt the desperation. When she’s kidnapped, I felt the horror. Terry Spear knows exactly how to extract emotions from her readers, draw them into the story, and how to keep them riveted until the last word’s printed on the last page. Suffice to say, I’ve added it to my re-read list.

Favorite Scenes: Coincidentally, my favorite scenes involve windows. The first scene is when Carol peers into the forest, and spots a wolf watching her. Time stood still when I read it. Then, there’s the scene where Ms. Wood is in a sunroom, its dark out, she looks out the window and gazes at the moon. Then she loses her tightly reigned in control. Love it! Oh, it bears repeating…love it!

Recommendations: I’m recommending Wolf Fever to anyone who enjoys reading romances. It was a delight to read; I’m sure you’ll agree.

What’s Next? Heart of the Highland Hero (book seven) is set to release in June 2011. Who’s the hero? One sexy laird named Ian McNeill.
Hope you’ve enjoyed a little wolfish eye candy! And if you want to catch WOLF FEVER, stop by and say hi!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Werewolf Artistry

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I loved this rendition of werewolves in their wolf coats. They don’t look as realistic as wolves, but almost so. Now the question is–is the one on its back the female or the male? And if it was MY story, which would be which, do you think?

In this picture, the one towering over the other appears to be bigger, so to me, it looks like the male. But if it was Leidolf in Seduced by the Wolf, he’d be on his back, enticing Cassie to draw near. 🙂 And then, she’d be in trouble in a fun sort of way! 🙂

The library and the move is a mess. That’s ALL I’ve got to say about it.

I was getting ready to go to work yesterday morning, and look what I found! No, not a wolf, or a werewolf, but the full moon!

I had to stop the car, run into the house, grab my camera, and take a picture. I’m sure my neighbor was watching and thought I was nuts. LOL

Anyway, isn’t it cool???

Okay, one of the problems with using my laptop for doing my blogs (my main computer is still not working), is the screen for my pictures is so small, I can’t figure out what I”m seeing until I upload them to the blog. And since I’m constantly short on time, I don’t have time to reload pictures. So I couldn’t tell if I’ve given him to you all or not. Now, he suits the full moon picture, don’t you think? Werewolf or vampire? 🙂 Definitely, devilish! And even if you’ve seen him before, do you mind seeing him again?

I may have a great deal in the works concerning my Medieval Highland stories, not the werewolf ones, so just a heads up. Hope to hear something in the near future. Is that an oxymoron, or what???

Off to write before it’s time to go to work! Have a super Friday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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A Highlander to Die for!

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What do you all think????

He’s gorgeous, isn’t he??? I want him. 🙂

Isn’t this the most beautiful cover ever??? Sourcebooks has done a gorgeous job!!! 🙂

I want to frame this!!! 🙂

It was wild at work again today…but, this totally, absolutely makes up for it!!!! 🙂
It should definitely make cover of the year award! 🙂
Okay, got to settle down and go to work. But I’m so in the mood for a Highland werewolf hunk (coming Jun 2011). What about you?
Have a super Sunday!!!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Now, when I pitch a proposal, I can’t send neat pictures like this, but envision…

The Wolf and the SEAL….And here is the SEAL, only he’s a wolf at heart too!!! It sold!!! To Sourcebooks!!!

But that’s not all! How about another Highland wolf? This one sold also: Highland Wolf in Paradise. To Sourcebooks!!!

That makes 10 hearty wolf books so far! 🙂

In other great news, although my Highlander titles might not be included, but then again they might– some of the Vintage titles are being put on audio. If mine are, I’ll be buying my own set–so I can listen to hunky Scottish brogues. *sigh*

And in other great news, some of Vintage titles might be translated into Chinese to sell in China. Again, nothing has been determined, but still it’s exciting news!

I’ll let you all know what happens. Until then, Happy TGIF!!! Off to work half a day, then I’m getting together with my daughter and then it’s back to writing for me!!!

Terry, who is floating on Cloud 9 when she should be writing!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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When Conversation Can Get You into Trouble!

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One of my coworkers asked me how to spell a word for her. I get it all the time because I write, and normally, I’m a really good speller. I learned how to spell out things phonetically in school.

My mother said she didn’t learn it that way and ended up writing some things with American spellings, some things with Canadian, and some–her very own special way. 🙂

She was Presbyterian, like so many Scots families are, but since she couldn’t spell it, she said she was Methodist. Her father’s side of the family were Methodists. And she had a thesaurus worth of vocabulary words in her head. If she couldn’t remember how to spell it, she’d think of a simile and use it instead.

So how does this get me into trouble? For the life of me, I couldn’t remember how to spell insinuation the other day when I was working on Dreaming of the Wolf. The spell checker thingy kept coming up with insulation as maybe what I was trying to say. Sometimes you can just list it on Google or another search engine, and the brilliant search thingy will say: did you mean???

And voila, yes, that’s just what I meant! But it didn’t come up with insinuation either. The problem was I was leaving the “SIN” out. Insuation….. So finally, when I sounded it out, I was like oh, yeah, I’m leaving the SIN out! Woohoo, I had it.

Now, I was explaining this to the coworker of mine that I often can get the word right if I phonetically sound the word out–and this woman, who was standing nearby our counter, gave me the dirtiest look.

If she’s going to eavesdrop on my “SIN”–ful conversation, she ought to eavesdrop on the whole thing. And get her mind out of the gutter. 🙂

So that’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

Have any spelling problems lately?

I’m halfway through Wolf Fever edits and have been told that shapeshifter is listed as shape-shifter in one of those books that makes spelling mandatory in a certain way.  *sigh*  To me, if a TV program can list them on a sign among a bunch of shape-shifting flamingos as shapeshifters…it’s good enough for me! 🙂

Have a super Sunday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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The Prince of Persia–What Fun–and Shapeshifters too!

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I love to play RPGs (Role Playing Games) but I’ve never played The Prince of Persia. The movie was wonderful. After work last night, my daughter and I went to dinner and then saw the movie–

It had adventure, romance, mystery, fantasy, and delightful humor. And best of all a HEA!!!  I loved it!!! And it made me want to write a story just like that!

So if you love all of the above, you might want to check it out. Really, really enjoyed it! And yes, truly, it had shapeshifters in it!!! They were very, very bad shapeshifters that turned into whirling bits of devil’s sand. And I have to admit, I felt sunburned and sandburned when I left the theater! 🙂

Well, I had planned on getting WAY ahead on Dreaming of the Wolf, but I just received Wolf Fever edits, so need to work on those also this weekend.

But I wanted to share another one of my very favorite wolfish characters!!!

Hmm, isn’t he just awfully dreamy?

And his eyes, very, very wolf like. It’s a combination of come hither, and I’m coming after you—so yep, he’s a wolf all right!

And he’s definitely in Heart of the Highland Wolf, complete with sword.

I had a wonderful fan facebook me, asking if I was going to put my books into movies–yes!!! As soon as someone sends the contract, I’m signing. The only stipulation? I get to meet the male hunks applying for the main roles (and 2ndary roles….you never know when one of them might be the next major hunk star) so they can prove to me how wolfish they truly are. 🙂

Wouldn’t you love to see the wolves in a movie of their own??? 🙂

Have a super Saturday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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