Savage Hunger Cover Up! New Jaguar Shifter Series Coming, Oct 1!

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Okay, what do you think? Isn’t he beautiful? And the cat and Kathleen and the jungle and…

Yum. One of my fans said her 80-year old sister would say, “Hmm-hmm-hmm, all that meat and no potatoes!”

Now, what do you think about meeting him in the jungle?

I’m also at Sizzling Hot Books for an interview and giveaways!!!

And I’m participating in a International Time Travel Day because it’s Albert Einstein’s birthday and he’s the originator of the idea of space and time bend.

Visit the following blogs/websites on March 14, and leave a comment on each for your chance to win free books that celebrate time travel in all its guises:
All kinds of different stories for different tastes, with one thing in common. You remember when you time traveled into the future one whole hour this weekend? Well now you can take a trip to the past or wherever your host chooses…
Participating Authors:
Madeline Baker
Melodie Campbell
Pauline B. Jones
Chris Karlsen   
Laura Martello  
Troy McCombs
Theresa Ragan  
Terry Spear        
Lizzie Starr       
Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Nicholas Wisseman
Today I’m giving away a copy of A Ghost of a Chance at Love!
Lisa Welsh only wishes to leave a messy divorce behind for a couple of days stay in Salado, Texas but wakes to nightmares and a cowboy in her bed, and she has no earthly idea how he got there. But the situation gets worse when she learns she’s now living in 19th Century Salado. Even more worrisome is the tall dark stranger, and everyone else in town believes she’s some woman named Josephine Rogers who is supposed to be dead.Jack Stanton can’t believe the clerk gave him an occupied room at the Shady Villa Inn, but worse, he was ready to ravage the woman in that bed—until he realized his mistake. Now the woman he thinks is Josephine claims to be some other woman—and though he could never abide by Josephine’s fickle ways, this Lisa Welsh intrigues him like no other. Still, if she isn’t Josephine, he figures he best help her find her way back to where she really belongs no matter how much he wants to keep her with him.

Together, Lisa and Jack must solve the mysteries and face the troubles in their worlds or they will never be free to share the love that binds them across the ages.

So the question to win a copy of A Ghost of a Chance at Love  is: Would you take a chance to find romance and love in the old west? Or would you rather take the old west with you to contemporary times?
Good luck and have fun!
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At least baby jaguar is celebrating TGIF! Momma jaguar is a little under the tooth….

But back to wolves…

With the continuation of the Blog Tour for Dreaming of the Wolf, today I’m at:

Book Monster Reviews

Literal Addiction  (8-10 chat also) Please come because I may be the only one there!!! 🙂 But then again, I maybe so tired after work, I might not even notice. LOL


Over the Edge


Red Roses for Authors–a lovely review from Anne Herries

Alicia Greiston is a bounty hunter that is determined to bring down a mob family. Because of her career choice she has made sure that she doesn’t have relationships with men for fear of them being killed because they are involved with her. All that changes when she meets Jake Silver. Alicia knows it is a very bad idea to get involved with him but she just can’t seem to help it.

Jake Silver took one look at Alicia and was determined to protect her. Luckily for her Jake is a lot more than he seems and knows how to protect himself and her from whatever threats might come their way. Jake’s instincts are telling him to protect Alicia but when they starting having very real passionate dreams together Jake knows that Alicia is more to him than he first realized and now he will show her how a wolf protects his mate.

With the passion that flairs between Alicia and Jake they are going to have to find a way to take down the bad guys and keep themselves safe while dealing with their attraction for each other. Alicia may not realize at first just how capably Jake is at taking care of them both but she is about to learn just what kind of man Jake truly is.

This is a wonderful continuation to a series that is sure to please reader that love werewolves. The premise of this series really makes it stand out in a genre that has a great many wonderful stories in it. The author has managed to write a series that stays fresh and will keep the reader interested and addicted to the series. This will bring back some characters that readers familiar with this series will recognize and get a chance to visit again. This is one worth reading.


Hope you all are planning a lovely weekend! I’ve got to WRITE this weekend!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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YA Dragon Shifters

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Finally stopped back here for a visit – it’s been a crazy spring. Here’s a big wave to everyone!

My paranormal YA series, THE DRAGON DIARIES launched this month. This series is a spin-off of my Dragonfire series, featuring dragon shape shifters. FLYING BLIND is the first book in a trilogy, featuring the coming of age of Zoë. She’s the only dragon shapeshifter and so she should be the Wyvern and have special powers. The problem is that her powers are AWOL and she has no idea how to develop them. In book one, her first shift is triggered so she gets sent to dragon shifter boot camp with the other dragon shifters – where the young dragons discover that it’s up to them to save their kind from a new threat. Book #2, WINGING IT, will be out in December, followed by book #3, BLAZING THE TRAIL, next June.

You can read more about The Dragon Diaries on my website for it, right here. I’m also in the midst of a blog tour this month, so there are reviews, and guest posts and copies of the book to be won – read more here.

In Dragonfire, DARKFIRE KISS was released in May. That’s the story of Rafferty’s firestorm, and it had awesome reviews – you can read about the book right here. There are two more Dragonfire titles scheduled: FLASHFIRE in January 2012 and Dragonfire #8 in October 2012 (no title on that one yet.)

Lots of dragons in my office this year!

In other news, I’ve been republishing some of my Claire Delacroix backlist digitally this year. All of these books are available for Kindle for $2.99, and at Smashwords – they are perking their way to other distributors like Apple, Sony, KOBO and Barnes & Noble.

The Rogues of Ravensmuir is a medieval trilogy, each book featuring a hero with something to hide. These are a bit Gothic, and I’m glad to see them available again – especially with wonderful new covers. They are THE ROGUE, THE SCOUNDREL and THE WARRIOR. You can see the covers and read excerpts here, plus connect to buy links.

Three of my time travels are also available again. LOVE POTION #9, THE MOONSTONE and ONCE UPON A KISS were originally published under my pseudonym Claire Cross and have been unavailable for a long time. It’s exciting to have new covers on them, too. You can read about them right here.

And last but not least, the only wolf shifter book I’ve ever written was a medieval published by Harlequin Historicals called ENCHANTED. I’ve just learned that they’re going to re-release that book digitally in July. This book features a hero cursed to be a wolf half of the time, a fairy tale feel, and a heroine who just doesn’t take no for an answer – especially when her HEA is at stake. I love this book and am quite excited about this. There’s a bit more about it here on my site, but you’ll have to scroll way down.

Edited to add – Actually, Harlequin is going to republish that entire trilogy. Links and stuff on my blog, right here.

Phew! That’s all my news!

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The Beast Within

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Cover for 'The Beast Within'

The Beast Within

Ebook By Terry Spear
Published: Apr. 02, 2011
Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance
Words: 88706
Language: English

Kitta Sjoni is a troubled teen, but not in the usual sense. Plagued by visions of 10th Century Viking marauders is only a tip of the problems she faces. Killing a curse and taming the beast within—that’s her goal, but can she survive the test?

Bjornolf Jorgenson, beleaguered by marauder nightmares, is drawn to Kitta, the clone of the girl from his visions. She’s the only one who doesn’t shy away from his uncontrollable rages, but she draws trouble like a sponge soaks up unmanageable spills. What is his real connection to the spunky teen and can he help her, like she wants to help him before it’s too late?

When I lived in Oklahoma, we lived just a few minutes from a place where Vikings had carved runestones in rocks. Norsemen graffiti? Leif Ericson was here?

In any event, I was always fascinated with the idea and so THE BEAST WITHIN was born–a love that could never die between two teens of Norwegian descent, a curse that transcends all time, a berserker rage that cannot be quelled. Berserkers were thought to shapeshift in ancient times. Did they? Really?


Have a super Saturday!!!

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Dreaming of the Wolf Ready for Preorder!

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One of the greatest things that can happen after you FINISH the book and send it to your editor is that she comes back and says she loves it!!

One of the things that makes it feel real that you have a new release really coming out is when it’s finally listed on Amazon!!!

There’s no gorgeous hunky cover yet. No description yet even. But it’s up there now. 🙂

I’ve been checking for a while. But nothing. Then when I got home, a Google alert! Dreaming of the Wolf on Amazon!

Jake Silver doesn’t believe in fate or dream mating, despite the fact his brother and other family members have been afflicted with this strange notion. But when dreams begin to plague him about a woman so seductive, he wakes up in a sweat and he’s losing way too much sleep over it, he seeks to learn the truth. Can dream mating be a reality? Is the woman real?

Alicia Greiston doesn’t dream. Not ever. So when a man visits her in the first dream she’s ever had, she’s startled, pleased, then alarmed. He’s not going away, and the dreams take a sinister turn. He’s in trouble, and if the dreams are a foreshadowing of the future, she has to save him.

Anyway, I was excited!!!

Also, Huntress for Hire is up. 🙂 Hope you love it! I have the sequel started if I didn’t lose it in the tons of crashes I’ve had!!!

Available now at Smashwords, Amazon and B&N.

He’s a hunter turned vampire, she’s a huntress of vampires—he’s needs her cooperation to free his family; she’s trained to kill his kind.

Rebel vampire huntress Rachael Bremerton wants revenge against Piaras, one of the most ruthless vampires in Dallas , for the murder of her parents. But when she’s lured by another vampire, Adonis, into the darkness—the same darkness she’s feared since she was a child—she’s torn between her huntress sensibilities and some strange desire to be with the creature she’s meant to despise and destroy.

Adonis, a hunter turned vampire, has been ordered by Piaras to bring Rachel to him untouched. In return, Piaras will release Adonis’s family unharmed. But when Adonis first sees Rachael, his hunter desire to have a huntress mate kicks in, or is it the dark heart of the vampire that makes him crave her so?

Turning Rachel over to Piaras becomes less of an option. But can he find a way to free his family, claim Rachael for his own, and keep her family from discovering he is a hunter turned vampire—a creature they will all feel obligated to hunt down and kill?

I had a lot of fun writing this story! What would you do if you were a huntress and the most intriguing vampire ever caught your eye??

Hope you all have a terrific weekend…


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Sold! Not 1, Not 2, Not 3…

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First there were wolves…


Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

Powell’s Books

Powell's Books

More booksellers coming soon!

by Terry Spear

February 28, 2011, 5:22 am

Here is the story–I was running out of contracted books to write–I am nearly finished writing The Highland Wolf in Paradise–only 7500 words to go–and so I’ve got to get a proposal to my editor. I submitted the proposal for 3 more wolf tales, Tom’s story and two more Highland wolf tales included.

She said she wanted me to think about what I’d do for the future, something different, so I researched jaguars and proposed that I write a series of jaguar shifters–my thinking–they’re predators like wolves, beautiful creatures when in their predatory form, territorial, but they don’t believe in family, like wolves do, or mate for life. So my shifters would have to be different–fighting their cat nature to take a mate for life. That’s because though I want to create the stories as realistic as possible, I need the HEA for romance. So that’s what I proposed for the future!

I received the call from my editor after she went to the editorial board, and was thankfully off Friday when she called.

Sourcebooks bought all 6 books!!! The…

jaguar, cat not the car, photo

Jaguars are among the many species which will have habitat protected under a new proposal to protect the Patanal region of Brazil from further sugar cane development. Photo: Getty Images.three jaguar shifter stories.
Now I need to write up a proposal for the story idea for the 1st of the jaguar shifter stories and it might be coming out in the spring next year. That depends on how fast I can write it! Anyway, I’ve got to work on that as soon as I finish The Highland Wolf in Paradise. I’m way ahead on deadline, so I can do this! I think this book isn’t even due until next year!

So what do you think? Ready for some more wolves, and a few sexy jaguars too?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Cover for First Dragonfire YA

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I’m so excited! I’ve got the cover for FLYING BLIND, the first in the trilogy of dragon YA titles coming from NAL next summer. These are linked to my Dragonfire series – the trilogy is called The Dragon Diaries.

The trilogy focuses on Zoë coming into her powers as the new Wyvern. FLYING BLIND is book #1 and will be released in June 2011. Tentative pub dates for #2 and #3 are December 2011 and June 2012.

Hop over to my blog and take a peek!

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More Dragonfire!

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Hi everyone!

I’ve been a slacker in the blogosphere, but that’s because I’ve been writing. This week my new Dragonfire novel – WHISPER KISS by Deborah Cooke – went on sale! Woo HOOO! I’m really excited about this one, because I had so much fun writing Rox and Niall’s story.

Here’s the yummy yummy cover:

There have been lots of great review quotes already. Here’s the Romantic Times review – they gave it 4.5 stars!

“Cooke introduces her most unconventional and inspiring heroine to date with tattoo artist Rox.  Although the sparks are instantaneous between Rox and the Pyr Niall, each has baggage that makes their firestorm problematic. These highly likeable protagonists invest readers immediately in their hazardous journey.  Cooke aces another one!”

You can read an excerpt from WHISPER KISS on my site, right HERE. You can read more quotes on my blog, right HERE. You can visit me on Facebook, right HERE.

Right here and now, I think we should have a contest. (Don’t you?) So, tell me what you think is SEXY about dragon shape shifters – or even about one of my Pyr dragon dudes. I’ll pick a winner on Monday August 9 – the winner will get a signed copy of WHISPER KISS.

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The Prince of Persia–What Fun–and Shapeshifters too!

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I love to play RPGs (Role Playing Games) but I’ve never played The Prince of Persia. The movie was wonderful. After work last night, my daughter and I went to dinner and then saw the movie–

It had adventure, romance, mystery, fantasy, and delightful humor. And best of all a HEA!!!  I loved it!!! And it made me want to write a story just like that!

So if you love all of the above, you might want to check it out. Really, really enjoyed it! And yes, truly, it had shapeshifters in it!!! They were very, very bad shapeshifters that turned into whirling bits of devil’s sand. And I have to admit, I felt sunburned and sandburned when I left the theater! 🙂

Well, I had planned on getting WAY ahead on Dreaming of the Wolf, but I just received Wolf Fever edits, so need to work on those also this weekend.

But I wanted to share another one of my very favorite wolfish characters!!!

Hmm, isn’t he just awfully dreamy?

And his eyes, very, very wolf like. It’s a combination of come hither, and I’m coming after you—so yep, he’s a wolf all right!

And he’s definitely in Heart of the Highland Wolf, complete with sword.

I had a wonderful fan facebook me, asking if I was going to put my books into movies–yes!!! As soon as someone sends the contract, I’m signing. The only stipulation? I get to meet the male hunks applying for the main roles (and 2ndary roles….you never know when one of them might be the next major hunk star) so they can prove to me how wolfish they truly are. 🙂

Wouldn’t you love to see the wolves in a movie of their own??? 🙂

Have a super Saturday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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Playing Tag–Werewolf Style!

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In Wolf Fever (Dec release), the wolves are playing a game of tag. It can be rough and tumble, and sexy and sweet–depending on which wolf you’re talking about!

Wolves play together, hunt together, work together as a pack. They curl up together, love the feeling of companionship.

Ever have a dog who has to lay his/her head on your lap if you sit on the floor? They’ll crawl into your lap even if it’s a big dog? If you have a couple, they’ll both be there, vying for attention?

It’s a pack mentality. You’re the alpha. They want that closeness. To be loved.

Now, this is one of the Silver brothers (Donna sent him to me, thanks so much, Donna!!!) and although he’s got to lose the necklace–wolves do NOT wear jewelry–he’s about right, don’t you think?

If anyone wants to play tag with me–to help searches for my books on Amazon, you can go to the books and click on the links, then check mark or add your own tags for the books. Each of us can only tag with 15 items. I had wondered why some books had a hundred tags or so…fans have dropped by to add additional tags! 🙂 So if you have the time and inclination, let’s play tag!


And then, we go after Mr. Silver here and see who wins the prize. 🙂 He doesn’t mind getting tackled and tackling back!!!

*sigh* It’s only Tuesday…and I got up at 3:15 this morning. Couldn’t sleep. Need a pack of wolves to keep me company. And I’ll need a wolfish nap this afternoon.

I did want to mention also that Taming the Highland Wolf is now: Heart of the Highland Wolf (Book 7), release date June 2011. Seduced by the Wolf (Book 5) release date is August. Wolf Fever (Book 6) release date is December. And I’ve just proposed 2 more stories. Hopefully they’ll fly–so what do you think of a Highland Wolf in Paradise? And The Wolf and the SEAL??? 🙂
Have a super day!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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