The Best of Both Wolves

April 10, 2021 at 7:21 am (General)

Another image of that squirrely squirrel

Someone made the comment to me that their squirrels won’t stay still for photos. They tear off. Not mine. They are super bold and either chitter at us to go away, wave their tails to try to chase us off, or do stare downs. Though sometimes the dogs are able to chase them off. But once they’re in a tree like this, they’re fearless.

May be an image of nature
Max and the squirrel

I did it! I got my 2nd COVID shot, but I still have to wait 3 weeks before it’s fully effective. I’m glad it’s done. I was sweating out having it done when my daughter’s baby could come any day now, and I need to take care of “big” sister. I just have a little soreness in my arm, which is to be expected. It’s not as bad as the first time, actually, and otherwise, I feel fine. Thankfully. We’re up to 18.9% on vaccinations in Texas. Yay! Okay, so the day before yesterday, we had an increase of .4% for several days, and then yesterday, it was .5%. And today–which is really a day ago on all these figures–.7% increase.  So we’re edging up on the number of daily vaccinations % of fully vaccinated folks and that’s great!! Especially since the new strains of the virus are really aggressive and I hope everyone can get their vaccinations before they come down with one of those strains. 

I just got edits for Best of Both Wolves, I believe it’s the next red wolf book. They change my titles and some of them don’t make any sense to me and when I’m working on so many books, it’s hard to associate the new title to the book I wrote a year ago. Plus, it’s confusing to readers who have been waiting for the working title book for over a year and wonder what happened to it. I do love the cover!

I’ve been watching a true crime series–sometimes it gives me an idea of what to do for a book. Between that one and another one I saw, I do have an idea for a book.

I had a request for another vampire huntress book. I’ll try to get that one finished next year. But I also need to finish Angel Fae this year, You Had Me at Cougar, and I want to write another polar bear story. Primal Desire was my most recent vampire-huntress release.

And I have another order for a bear–a Celtic Clan–Crawford, so I have the bear made up, just need to make the sash and bonnet and embroider the paws. I put noses on 3 other bears last night, so two little brown ones are done, and one big one–my daughter’s. I’m just waiting on the birth date! lol  Anyway, then I’m working on another large reddish brown one for another order. I need to embroider the paws of one of the little bears and the other is available to purchase. I just have the arms and body done of the other bear order.

I also picked up some more plants. I’ve decided I’m addicted to plants. I love flowers And I picked up a couple of herb plants and shrubs. I want a fuller garden–instead of a sparsely planted one with lots of weeds. My problem is that the three flowerbeds out front–everything grows so slowly, like the plants aren’t really that happy. The ones in the backyard on one side grow like crazy. And the same on the back on one side. But on the other side, some do, some don’t. It doesn’t get as much water there. And one area on the back fence is so crowded with volunteer plants, I have to keep cutting them down. But I want some of them, hoping they’ll grow tall enough that they’ll block my view of my neighbors and give me more privacy.

My Indian Hawthorns are finally showing new growth, but I’ve noticed other people have lost their oleanders and some other trees, not sure what they are, but they look really dead. I think my pine tree that I thought was dead might have some new growth at the tips of the branches. It’s so tall, that it’s hard to see the branches way up high. So I’m hoping it made it and it will be all right. It’s about 30 years old, according to how it only has branches at the top of the tree.

Well, I’m off to work on Billionaire. I tried to while I was waiting in the car line to get my shot–I arrived at 2 and it was 3:45 before I could leave–massive car drive-thru shots. And I did a few edits, but I couldn’t concentrate on much of anything because we had to keep driving up, stop, moving forward. I hate wasting time.

It’s warm and foggy out this morning!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m off to get started on mine–plant plants, seeds, work on Billionaire, bears, and edits on Best of Both Wolves. Hopefully I’ll start getting something finished!!

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