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January 25, 2009 at 9:40 am (General)


In the beginning, I wrote only about ghostly apparitions and people who had psychic abilities, telekinesis, second sight, softcore paranormal subjects only. Even in Winning the Highlander’s Heart, the heroine has the gift of second sight. It’s easily explainable, just like how you think of someone and then get a phone call, an email, or run into the individual in the most unlikely of places, yet you haven’t seen them in eons.

Heart of the WolfBut then I began to delve into the hardcore stuff, vampires, werewolves, and even demons. Initially, the vampires were all evil in a story that was published some years ago by a company that is no longer in business. After that, I began to create vampires that were both good and evil, just like humans, just like my werewolves, and in my demon YA story, the same thing.

With my werewolf tales, the world just created itself, and I haven’t deviated from it. With my vampire tales, I’ve played around with different elements of the old vampire tales, including some, discarding others. Enough so, they’re vampires, but different enough that they’re my own creation.

Even so, I’ll have a fan say every once in a while, “How can they do that? As a vampire? Vampires can’t do that.”

And my question is, how many honest-to-goodness vampires have you met? Although I did tell one of my co-workers that if he grew his hair or beard any scruffier I was putting him into one of my stories as a wolf man.

So no, my vampires don’t have to be buried in the earth to recuperate, or wear soil from their birthplace in their shoes or they’ll collapse, or sleep in a coffin, just not very romantic to me in any of these cases, and they aren’t dead! Different, but not dead. I’ve read some like this, kissing a cold dead body that can’t shed tears, who doesn’t have a beating heart, yuck. So some adjustments have to be made. 🙂 

And truthfully, to me, the idea of kissing a cold dead thing isn’t much removed from a historical romance I was reading where the couple hadn’t bathed in days, running around in the heat, trying to escape capture, and how much they reek is mentioned several times, yet….and this is just me, maybe, but…they’re kissing and thinking they smell just fine. Then in the next paragraph, it’s back to the stinky bodies and how much they need to bathe….. *wrinkling nose*

Sooo, my vampires are hot blooded, and smell divine. 🙂

Okay, here is the latest review of Heart of the Wolf:

“I picked this book up at the library based on the cover alone. Read the back and it sounded pretty good. I’m usually pretty leary about werewolf books. I’m a big wolf lover and most “were/shifter” books don’t really follow wolf pack dynamics.
This book was great! It had a great story and the 2 main characters really make you love them.
If you like wolves, you’ll love it.” ~~Rhonda Valverde, Vampire Romance Books

The first vampire romance I read, that did not have a happily ever after ending, was a teen romance by Amelia Atwater Rhodes. I was running a 104 temp and I couldn’t sleep, but my eyes were too blurry to read, so my daughter read me this riveting tale. And that was it! I began writing adult vampire romances Deadly Liaisons, and others, and then finally for teens:  The Vampire…In My Dreams

When did you first begin reading hardcore paranormal???

Terry Spear



  1. Kara said,

    Anita Blake introduced me to hardcore paranormal – but like you…I didn’t like the dead vampire thing – Yuck. But once I started reading about vampires, I couldn’t stop and started investigating new to me authors. Then I drifted into shape shifters and found out I loved those as well!!!

    Your wolf book sounds fantastic – congrats on the review – I am definitely investigating this one and adding it my TBR list!!

  2. Beth C. said,

    Always? So hard to say. I don’t remember my first paranormal. I remember the horror books, and the fantasy books…but not the paranormal. My first horror/mystery were Alfred Hitchcock’s Three Investigators. The first mystery…Nancy Drew. First epic Fantasy was The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks. Anne McCaffrey for light fantasy/sci-fi. (all before I finished high school)

    But I can’t name a first paranormal. Maybe because it also made up elements of the normal fantasy/scifi/horror I already read? Or did that first one not leave enough impression. I mean vampires and strange events/creatures happened in the horror books I read. (Necroscope series by Brian Lumley and the early Dean Koontz books like Lightening and Watchers that had paranormal events in them instead of psycho killers)

    I think I evolved into paranormal books and just can’t think of one that is the first under the paranormal genre.

  3. terryspear said,

    Thanks so much, Kara! Yeah, it was like reading about zombies in one book, like they were supposed to have a romantic side to them, even though they’re losing body parts. Huh? 🙂 Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  4. terryspear said,

    Hi Beth! My first reads into the paranormal realm were ghost stories. But my first paranormal romance was the teen vampire not-so-happily-ever-after romance. I love reading happily ever afters, so that’s really what propelled me into writing my own adult versions. Then with the teen version, it was the opening of an adult vampire romance where two women sneaked into a guy’s house while he was in bed to see if they could prove he was a vampire. In my YA version, it opens with two teen witches who chase after a suspected vampire in the dead of night when vampires in their world don’t exist. Only witches and warlocks do. 🙂

  5. Crystal-Rain Love said,

    “And my question is, how many honest-to-goodness vampires have you met? ”
    Thank you. LOL! That’s the beauty of fiction. W can create our own worlds with our own rules. I’m the same way with my vampires. Who wants to smooch on a corpse?

  6. terryspear said,

    LOL, smooching a corpse, love the imagery. And if it was a zombie, are these lips yours are mine? Ack! 🙂

  7. azteclady said,


    Sooo, my vampires are hot blooded, and smell divine.

    😆 Oh man, yes indeedy!

  8. terryspear said,

    LOL, Azteclady! 🙂

  9. raelori said,

    Hey Terry!

    Great post! I’d probably say my first paranormal was R.L. Stine’s works. I loved his series although I can’t remember half of it today lol. My main fave paranormal start and influence has to be Anne Rice though. I love what she did with vampires and the mythology. She also made them very sexay without the actual act!

  10. terryspear said,

    Heya Rae! I’ve been holed up trying to rewrite Huntress, which has been requested, soooo came out of my hole to respond to posts! I loved Interview with a Vampire!!! My all time favorite. I read Firestarter by Stephen King and liked it, but when it came to watching, ack, can’t think of the name, the one in the haunted house and the creepy ghostly kids and the family was snowbound, and the father was running around with a maniacal look and an ax…well, that was just tooo scary. LOL

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