December 30, 2008 at 11:44 am (General)

97803736180261It’s in bookstores now!  Romantic Times gave The Devil To Pay 4 1/2 stars and a Top Pick.  And yeah, I think it’s pretty good, too.

I think this is one of my more tortured heroes.  Ivan Drake was born, his soul already promised to the devil Himself.  On his 21st birthday, Himself came to collect.  Now Ivan’s nights belong to the darkest evil as he enforces his master’s will—but his days are still his own, and he does try to balance the evil with as much good as he can possibly manage.

He’s sent to claim the Book of All Spells for his master, yet the witch who guards it may be his most challenging match.  

Are there shapeshifters in this story?  I’ve discussed Himself’s ability to appear to others as their greatest temptation here before.  I consider him a shifter.  But he appears mostly in his real guise in this story (not a pretty looking creature).

legend_lOne of my favorite ‘devils’ or ‘dark lords’ from the silver screen is Darkness from the movie LEGEND.  I love that movie.  Watch it at least once or twice a year.  Anyone remember that movie?  It was so gorgeous.  I believe that movie influences practically every story I write.  I love the snow scenes and the faery dust.  And the dancing with the dress scene!  

So we can chat about my new release, or the movie.  I love them both!  What was your favorite part of Legend?  I’ve got a copy of THE DEVIL TO PAY for one commenter.



  1. Colleen said,

    Congrats on the release of THE DEVIL TO PAY… I purchased my copy on Sunday! Sounds great and I can not wait to open it up and read!
    As for LEGEND, it has been years since I saw that… always enjoyed the mystical side of it… loved the Unicorns! 😀

  2. Ilona said,

    I love the cover of your new release – it’s wonderful.

    As for LEGEND it’s been a while since I rewatched it, but the best bit for me is when Jack trusts Lily and she sets the Unicorn free 😀

  3. Teresa W said,

    Good luck on the release and the movie I’ve never seen, guess I’m going to add it to my Netflix!

  4. Deidre said,

    Favorite part of Legend…..a young Tom Cruise, when he was fresh-faced and mostly normal. LOL
    I also love the unicorn stuff. I used to collect them and still have a few.


  5. Lori Ann said,

    I have never watched Legend, but it must be a wonderful movie to influence the stories you write. The Devil To Pay sounds intriguing. Congratulations on the release of the book and for it being a Top Pick at Romantic Times!

  6. Lea said,

    Congratulations on the release of “Devil to Pay”, it looks like a great read and I will definitely pick it up.

    All the best

  7. Stacey Marin said,


  8. azteclady said,

    I confess that I’ve never watched Legend, but I don’t even know why I haven’t! I mean, a young Tom Cruise with Tim Curry playing the bad guy? Right up my alley!

    Huge congrats on the release, Michelle! It sounds like a dark and challenging book.

    Oh and happy 2009! Here’s wishing you great success and joy throughout!

  9. Marshall said,

    I watch Legend about once every two months. I love the story line and Darkness’ horns! I guess my favorite part of the movie is when Lily is seduced by the black dress. Or is it when the pixie Oona morphs into Lily? I also love the part where the elves are throwing the big plates and awake the ogres. I love the entire movie!

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