Holiday Extravaganza Question #8, Rebecca York

December 23, 2008 at 6:00 am (General)

Welcome back folks! I know, this is exciting! Christmas is almost here! I’m so excited. My dinner is planned, the decorations are up, and it’s time to offer a new book to giveaway! The book for you will be from Rebecca York! (can you tell I’ve been a big fan for a long time?)

Yep, the mistress of shifters herself!

So, tell us, are you on the naughty or nice list? Come on, you know you wanna tell us! SHARE!!! What really NICE thing did you do this year? And go ahead,,, tell us the really bad thing, the one you know you shouldn’t have done, but it was so decadent, so fun, you just HAD to!


  1. Lea said,


    Tomorrow is Christmas Eve – I cannot believe it!! Okay, I tried to write as many really nice reviews of authors books that I liked and posted them on my blog and at Amazon.

    Naughty: I spent way too much money on books and charged them to my master card! (YIKES) LOL

    All the best

  2. Cathy said,

    My really nice thing is I’ve spent month’s at my mother’s packing, giving away, selling or trashing over 50 years worth of pack ratting. My father died in Sept. and I’m moving mother closer to me and my kids so we can take care of her. She moves into a brand new apt Jan 1st.
    My bad? I bought well over 100 books at the EC clearance sale online. No place to walk in my room, because Christmas is back at my house after 7 years. And I have to pay off a credit card in Jan!!

  3. Lori Ann said,

    The nice thing that I have done is volunteer at my local animal shelter. The naughty thing is adding to my credit card debt by buying a new television.

  4. Quilt Lady said,

    The nice thing I did this years was a made a Lone Star quilt for the comunity I grew up in to raffle off, during there yearly celebration.

    The bad thing would be buying things like books, clothes, and fabric and not telling DH that I bought them. I hide them.

  5. Colleen said,

    Wow Christmas is almost here! I have been Nice… I have given my parents the use of my car whenever they need it… they are down to one car and it makes things difficult at times… I have also been watching my nephew every weekday… he can be a handful at times… 5 months and very vocal!
    Happy Holidays all! Enjoy!!! 😀

  6. callmeabookworm said,

    If any, I’m on Santa’s “too tired for words” list, lol. But I’ll perk up, I hope! In the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all and to all the lovely authors who make the days brighter with their books!

  7. Donna said,

    I think I have been nice this year. But I guess thats subjective huh. The most naughty thing I did had to of course be my book addiction. My upcoming release and pre order list just keeps growing.

  8. cyclops8 said,

    I donated some clothes to the Salvation army. The most naughty thing I did was buying myself so many presents when I was supposed to be shopping for others.

  9. Ilona said,

    Nice: I’m not sure there was anything really outstanding (does helping look after my disabled, housebound MIL count?)
    Naughty: I had my nose stuck in too many books when I should have been doing housework!!

  10. LadyVampire2u said,

    I’ve actually done a lot of nice things this year. I sent out tons of Christmas cards and packages even knowing I wouldn’t get half as much back. I gave away food and gifts to people around my house. And I volunteered for some Christmas hopeful groups.
    Naughty stuff? Well I did spend some money on myself when I found a few deals on books online. I know I should not have spent that money on myself during Christmas but I couldn’t help it.

  11. Karin said,

    I’ve done quite a lot of nice things this year. I’ve lent money to different family members and a family friend who were going through some tough times this year. I told my parents I would drive them out to San Francisco so my mom could visit with some of her family (most of whom still live in the Bay area) and pay for all the gas so they could actually make the trip. And, to cap it off, I donated some things and bought some gifts for some charities that my church helps out at Chriatmas.
    The only ‘naughty’ stuff I’ve done is to spend some money on things for myself, like books and clothes and vacations.

  12. Deidre said,

    Naughty…..splurged and bought a lot of Avon.

    Nice….covered at work for a co-worker who has had several deaths in the family this year and also been treated for cancer.


  13. Teresa W said,

    I’m on the nice list, I helped my mom repaint the inside of her house this summer!

  14. Alaina said,

    i was absolutely boring this year.. (cept the tattoo).. but i did try to do all the shovelling so far this year!!!
    (and yes i spent way too much money and thank god for visa)

  15. Pam P said,

    Nice list, doing work for my father and taking care of all his bills and financial stuff, which isn’t always easy when he throws out the key info when it comes in the mail, lol.

  16. Shari C said,

    My husband and I try to help many of the senior citizens living near us throughout the year, whether it be needing a ride to an appointment, grocery shopping or small problems with their homes. Many times they do not have relatives living nearby and don’t know who to contact for help, so we try to fill in. Many of these neighbors have lived by us for quite a few years and we feel almost like they are members of our own family.

    I have been buying a lot of books, beauty products and way too much chocolate…so naughty, but oh so much fun.

  17. Lou Gagliardi said,

    I stood kettles for nearly 2 months this year. Helped my local Salvation Army raise almost $70k! That’s a 30k-40k increase from last year.

    As for the naughty, I read an erotica novel for the first time..does that count?

  18. Pamk said,

    nice don’t mind giving a helping hand to anyone in need. but on the naughtly side need has to be proved. Hear way too many sob stories at work

  19. Terri W. said,

    The nicest thing is that I phoned all these game stores (even onees that aren’t close to my hometown to get the game my brother would like for Christmas.

  20. Diane M. said,

    I’m on the nice list cause I got everybody gift cards so they can go after Christmas and get what they want.

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