Young adult authors writing Young adult literature

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Recently I’ve had the pleasure to work with a young woman who has decided she wishes to become an author.  And not just any author, but a shifter author.  Her choice? Mermaids. 

It’s been a long time since I read a book about mermaids.  I think Shana Abe was the last.  In Shana’s story, the mermaids were born, not made.  In my young friend’s book, her mermaid was made – a curse laid upon her character as a child.  A quite different and original start to her story.

She has a long way to go, my dear online friend, but the fact she has stepped out on the journey of becoming an author is exciting to me.  A young woman just finding herself, and finding what she likes to do.

The interesting and probably most telling thing about this, is my friend hasn’t read Twilight.  She hasn’t seen the movie.  She hasn’t even read my books (I told her she had to wait another year or two to read mine), so what is it about the paranormal which draws her? Her mother tells me she watches the ghost hunter shows on television, but that’s about all.  Why shapeshifters?  Why a character that isn’t human?

Perhaps it’s the same thing which draws all of us to the paranormal – the edge of the unknown, the animalistic qualities which make us wonder what life would be like if…. the typical author concept:  What If?

When first we spoke, this young woman was just starting to create her characters.  She had a young girl in her head, and knew she wasn’t human, but not yet clear on what she was.  We discussed the different options open to her, and how once she really “Knew” her character, her secrets would then be revealed.

And how they were!  I was very surprised when she messaged me the next day and told me she was a mermaid.  What an exciting new way to go!

For me, it’s thrilling to see someone of her age stepping into the world of writing mermaidand creativity. It shows our genre appeals not just to the adult in us, but to our inner child as well.  I remember myself, when I was younger, playing a game similar to dungeons and dragons, and my character was a shifter.  I even considered writing her story.  Imagine where I would be today if I had stepped down that path at that early age.

Imagine where my young friend can be if she continues along this path for the next ten or twenty years.  In this world were reality can truly be painful, she is stepping into a world of her own creation, a world where she can be anything she desires.

Are there any young and budding authors in your life? If so, tell us a little about them.

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