Shapeshifters Who Play Together, Stay Together

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Wildwitch honored my books on her website for the month of July if you want to check it out!
You can see how she discovered my wolf books on her comments on the site.  Which made me realize how important paranormal sites are to help spread the word of our love of the paranormal.
I love so many facets of the paranormal, not just shapeshifter stories.  Ghost stories, time travel, you name it, all are favorites of mine.  But I wanted to comment on a well-thought of phrase:
Families who play together, stay together.
In my version, Shapeshifters who play together, stay together. LOL 🙂
I’ve written about my werewolves in fall (Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf),  in winter (To Tempt the Wolf, Legend of the White Wolf), and now I’m working on a story set in spring (Seduction of the Wolf, coming April 2010). But I haven’t written a summer story yet. What effect do the seasons have on shapeshifters?

Think, spring, wet wolf smell. LOL Since they’re in Oregon, really wet wolf smell.

Here it is the 4th of July weekend, what would a pack of werewolves be doing? Celebrating the holiday? Were they involved in the War of Independence? Some of the older ones might have been because of their longevity. What about fireworks? They have a strongly sensitive sense of smell, hearing is more sensitive, the smell of smoke isn’t something they’d like. So maybe fireworks wouldn’t be their deal. So what else could they do to celebrate the 4th?
These are questions that I constantly think of as I’m writing my stories. How does a season affect the wolf pack? How does the change in day to night affect them? The location? Micro-setting–the current location they’re in–house, woods, river? Macro-setting–the overall area they’re in, state of Oregon, North American continent?
What makes them so real?
Hope your 4th is full of fun!!! I’m off to mow! 🙂
If I were a werewolf, I’d leave things in their more natural state (just like it is now). But my neighbors probably wouldn’t like it. 🙂 And werewolves, to avoid being discovered, must be on their best behavior. So *sigh*, they’d probably be out mowing the yard too. 🙂
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Werewolf Puppies or Babies?

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So if a were-creature has offspring, what does it have? Puppies, kittens, human babies? Someone asked me this of Heart of the Wolf for when Bella has her babies. I thought it interesting because I’ve never seen anyone address it in any shapeshifter story. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen anything about were-creatures getting pregnant. 🙂 Twin Babies

In Heart of the Wolf, Bella is pregnant at the end of the story. And the werewolves in the story all were born like that–tending to have multiple births for two reasons–one, because they’re part wolf and wolves have litters, and two, as humans, since they come from multiple births, there would be a human genetic tendancy that way also. Wolf Pups

In subsequent stories, readers will see what happens when someone is bitten and changed that way. I try to make my stories as realistic as possible, so what would happen when Bella has her babies? 🙂

Why not be able to have their offspring in either form, whichever is preferable? Whichever is easier on them? But then what about the offspring? Of course, a werewolf in wolf form would have wolf pups, not human babies, and the human wouldn’t birth wolf pups. But then how do you deal with newly birthed wolf pups? Do they have to be a little older before they’re able to shift? Pups are blind and deaf at birth, although they have an excellent sense of smell, and they’re unable to do a whole lot really early on. So attempting to make it realistic, I would think it would take a while for them to shift the first time. So if the mother shifts back for necessity sake, she’s got wolf pups to nurse? LOL4 Day Old Wolf Pups

And what about if they “do” it in their wolf form and the female gets pregnant? In my stories, they do make love in their wolf forms, but not on scene. The drive to do it is a natural part of who they are. So the human to human mating is part of the ritual of becoming permanent mates. The wolf part of them needs the same consummation. But in my stories, the genetics for a wolf changes when they become human, and vice versa, so that if their blood is tested as a wolf, it would show only wolf DNA…etc.

Their offspring would be the same way then however they were born. If we get beyond the birthing for the time being, then what happens when they’re a little older? Can the baby turn into a pup at will? Children need to learn right from wrong as they develop. And the shifting would be a natural part of who they are, and part of that is instinctual. But part would have to be taught–not to change just to fight another kid who’s irritating the heck out of you–etc.   

🙂 So what do you think? If a pregnant were is in her were-form because she has to be for whatever reason–can she have babies in her were-form, and if so, what happens if she shifts back? Can the babies shift also? And then at will? 🙂 

Terry Spear

Heart of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf, Betrayal of the Wolf, Allure of the Wolf

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