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1b4cHere is Darien after a run in his wolf skin, or maybe just before the shift. So what do you think? Has he got what it takes to run a pack???



This review just in from The Romance Studio!

Destiny of the Wolf is the sequel to Heart of the Wolf but can be read stand alone. I thoroughly enjoyed both books! Lelandi is a strong female alpha wolf and the perfect match in determination, intelligence, and honor to Darien. It is a shame that her sister had been dishonorable, mated Darien when she wasn’t free to, and had misled him about who she really was. The harm Larrisa caused gets Darien and Lelandi off to a bad start and is probably a contributing factor to why someone is determined to get rid of Lelandi too. I loved the strength of Lelandi’s character even when it is her stubborn insistence to do what she wants or believes to be right that causes tremendous problems with Darien; male alpha wolves aren’t used to strong women! I also liked the plot twists that occur toward the end of the book which make for a great climatic ending and set up a possible third story. If you love werewolves, contentious yet steamy romances, and lots of action, you will enjoy Destiny of the Wolf!”

Overall rating: 4 1/2 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Steph B., The Romance Studio





Excerpt from Destiny of the Wolf:

As soon as she saw him, she knew it was him. Not only because silence instantly cloaked the room and every eye in the place watched Darien Silver’s reaction. His sable hair curled at the top edge of his collar, and brooding dark eyes, grim lips, handsome rugged features, but definitely hard—defined him. Wearing a leather jacket, western shirt, jeans, and boots, everything was as black as his somber mood. He looked so much like Tom and Jake, she figured they must be triplets, and he was the leader of the gray lupus garou in the area. Had to be, the way everyone watched him, waiting for the fireworks.

Something about him stirred her blood, something akin to recognition, yet she’d never seen him before in her life. It wasn’t his face, or clothes, or body that stimulated some deep memory—but the way he moved—commanding, powerful, with an effortless grace.

            He glanced at the barkeep and gave a nod of greeting, sullen, silent, in mourning still for his mate? If he discovered why she was here, he’d be pissed.

A shiver dared trickle down her spine. She released her purse and kept her seat, for the moment. Everyone was acting so oddly, she imagined that was the reason he quickly surveyed the current seating arrangement. When his eyes lit on her, incredulity registered.

Crap! He recognized her; she knew it. Didn’t matter that she dyed her hair this horrible color that didn’t do anything for her fair skin, or that her eyes were now blue. Didn’t matter that the heavy padded leather jacket gave her broader shoulders and made her appear heavier, or that she wore her hair straight as a blade of uncut grass, compliments of a hair straightening iron, when her sister’s and hers was naturally curly.

She couldn’t hide the shape of her face or eyes or mouth. All of them mirrored her sister’s looks. Then again, he didn’t seem to recognize her, his look puzzled. The hat and glasses appeared to confuse him. Maybe the fact she wore faux pierced earrings that looked like the real thing, too.

She broke eye contact first, her skin sweaty, her hands trembling. God, he was more wolf than she was used to dealing with—broader shouldered, taller, his eyes locked onto hers with sinful determination, no backing down, no compromise. No wonder her sister had fallen for the attention-grabbing gray. Lelandi couldn’t help wondering what a romp with a virile wolf like him would feel. But damn, if it hadn’t gotten her sister killed.

© by Terry Spear, 2008, All rights reserved

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