The Vampire…In My Dreams

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The Vampire…In My Dreams is now in print! If you’d like an autographed copy, just email me at Paypal/checks/postal money orders accepted.

The Vampire…In My Dreams


Love bites when a seventeen-year-old vampire and witch tangle.

Marissa Lakeland faces her worst nightmare one dark and misty night when she chases a gorgeous hunk of a guy to prove he’s a vampire. So why does the thought of tall, dark and vampiric appeal to Marissa, when there’s no way a vampire can compel a witch to do his bidding? At least that’s what she’s read in vampire lore. But lore can be mistaken.

Fledgling vampire Dominic Vorchowski knows Marissa’s the only one who can save him. Only why does she have to be a witch? Fate has thrown him together with the bewitching Marissa and if he gains her trust, he’ll have his life back again. Except for that whole eternal thirst for blood thing. And the fangs. Not to mention the aversion to intense sunlight. In any event, he’s set his sights on one girl who’s totally off the menu.

The centuries-old vamp Lynetta wants Dominic to replace the lover she lost, and no teenaged witch is going to take her guy away. Dominic and Marissa must stop the vampiress from winning the battle of the night…but time is running out.Isn’t he devilishly scrumptious??? The story behind the story was I was reading the excerpt from the opening of a book where two women sneaked into a guy’s mobile home to see if he was a vampire. And the opening spawned The Vampire…In My Dreams, only with it–I wanted the girls to be empowered somewhat–so they were witches. Now, in this world, witches and warlocks are real. But vampires are the stuff fantasies are made of. 🙂

Marissa’s best friend believes Dominic, who hangs around the teen burger hang out, is a vampire, and fame and fortune will be theirs if they prove it. I had fun writing the story in first person, but wanted to have both Dominic and Marissa’s point of view…so we get both. 🙂
So here is an excerpt from The Vampire…In My Dreams, Melissa’s point of view:

I couldn’t turn around to look. A whiff of subtle spice whirled around me like an invisible cloak. Was Kate still chasing after the unseen vampire, while he now stalked me instead? But they don’t exist, I hurriedly reminded myself.

Shoot. I hadn’t even wanted to find out whether he was a vampire or not. Well, maybe I was a little curious, but not enough to get bitten. Kate was the adventurer of the two of us, and bullheaded. Ever since she’d spied the guy at the corner all-night hamburger joint, she’d insisted he was a vampire. The black clothes he wore, the way he pulled his dark hair back into a ponytail. A Goth, I had explained. But she wasn’t buying it. A vampire—that’s what she insisted he was, and we were going to prove their existence, once and for all.

I itched to turn around and see if he stood behind me. I know, I know, curiosity killed the cat. But I had to look. I told myself nothing was there, but what my overwrought imagination told me stood there was a seriously magnificent guy, seventeen or eighteen years old in appearance, but hundreds of years old in reality, outfitted with a pair of razor-sharp, sabertooth tiger fangs. That’s what I envisioned.

I turned and my jaw dropped. He was there. All drop-dead gorgeous six feet of him. Darkly seductive, he wore ebony jeans, matching leather shoes and a cuffed, long-sleeved black shirt, the top buttons left undone to reveal a smidgeon of his broad, bare chest. I looked up at his face, hoping the fangs were still well-hidden and under control.

His deep brown eyes darkened to midnight and his lips curved up. I breathed a guarded sigh of relief to find no fangs extended. His sable hair secured in a ponytail showed off his square jaw and handsome angular features.

“Are you…are you…?” I wasn’t normally a stutterer, but the realization I was alone in the dark with a possible vampire sent a rack of shudders through me, at the same time wreaking havoc with my tongue.

2nd Excerpt is from Dominic’s point of view: 

I tried again to convince her of her folly. “Is that what you want? To prove to the others how you can take down a mighty Prince of Darkness?”

If nothing more, perhaps I could appeal to her sense of fairness.


She crossed her arms, her eyes still locked onto mine, but despite the revelation, she hid her feelings
well. “So you are one.”

I wasn’t sure she truly believed I was, not unless I admitted it. “If you say so.” I held out my hand to her, willing her to accept me for what I was, knowing my power to command her was futile. “Friends?”


Seemingly annoyed, she ignored my hand. “I don’t want to turn you in to be poked, prodded and put on display.”

I didn’t feel she was totally sincere, but it was a start. “But you want to prove I’m a Prince of Darkness. How else will you do it? Will anyone believe you
without proof?”

She tilted her head to the side, her face still hiding any emotion. “Any suggestions?”


Inwardly, I smiled. Biting her would prove it. But if I suggested such a thing, would she run off screaming? The beat of her heart had slowed considerably, but was still faster than normal. If I took a step toward her to close the gap between us, I was sure she’d bolt.

Yet I could think of no other way to give her proof. If I’d been an ancient vampire, I might have had more ideas in mind. But that was the point. I wasn’t and didn’t want to suffer
that fate. I wanted my life back, as much as it could return to normal. Marissa was the one to help me do it.

“Friends?” Again, I offered my hand, but she wouldn’t draw near enough to take it. Risking everything, I said, “All right. If I bite you, would that be enough proof?”


If you were him, what would you suggest??? 🙂


Deadly Liaisons, adult romantic suspense–did I say adult VAMPIRES??? Coming in November! Sow what do you think? Does she look like a borderline rogue huntress of vampires–while he’s the prince of the vampire clans? Hmm—though looks to be enjoying a subserviant role at the moment! 🙂


Terry Spear

The Vampire…In My Dreams, Deadly Liaisons (adult vampire RS coming in Nov)

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