Schedule for Upcoming Releases and Savage Hunger Blog Tour

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Here is the schedule for the upcoming releases! Some are pretty set as far as titles and release dates. The ones later on will probably have different titles and release dates can change.
Savage Hunger, October 2012
Savage Hunger

Savage Hunger

A Howl for a Highlander, February 2013
A Highland Wolf Wedding, May 2013


Jaguar Fever, 2013 

A SEAL Wolf Christmas, October 2013
Hero of a Highland Wolf, February 2014
Jaguar Book #3, August 2014
Titles and dates subject to change!
 I asked about Tom’s story since it’s started and I know everyone’s waiting on it!!! *sigh* Hopefully it can come out in 2014 also. 🙂  These are just the titles for the Spring 2014.
This means you all get more books and I’ve got to get back to writing!
Okay, so far, I have written 4,600 words yesterday on Jaguar Fever, and I’m hoping to get another 5,000 done today. 🙂  Then I’ll ALMOST be at the halfway point again!
Tomorrow I’ll post my blog schedule for the upcoming tour end of Sept and all of October. I have a few slots open still to fill up. 🙂
Have a super wonderful Thursday!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!”

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Reviewer Top Pick!–NOR–SAVAGE HUNGER!

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Having a new cover is so exciting! Finishing the manuscript! Writing a new one! Editing the manuscript! The final, final read through! But the best is when readers can get their hands on the book. Then the real worry begins! Will readers like it??? Love it????

This is a preview of a review coming in Sept. It’s my first for SAVAGE HUNGER, and I was thrilled!


Night Owl Romance, first review preview!!! Coming Sept 24, 2012 

by Terry Spear

Reviewer: Debra Taylor

Score: 5.00 / 5 – Reviewer Top Pick

This is an awesome new series from Terry Spear and a sizzling page turner. Terry Spear is wickedly talented when it comes to characterization. Her characters seem to take on a life of their own…. seeming to step right off the page. Or rather, to jump right out of my Kindle! LOL!!!
As with the wolves in her awesome “Heart of the Wolf” series, the Jaguar shifters take on the actual characteristics of the predators in the wild. Her vivid descriptions of the Amazon jungle pulled me right into the scene along with the characters. The chemistry between Connor & Kat was explosive and you get very sensual love scenes. I was hooked from the opening paragraph. The story kept me riveted throughout the entire book. This book is fast paced with nonstop action. Plus you get snappy & realistic dialogue between the three muskateers (Connor,Kat & Maya).

I am looking forward to reading about the extremely spunky Mayas’ search for her very own Jaguar mate. I recommend this book to any fan of the shifter genre. I enjoyed every minute of this story.

I hope you all love it, too! Right now, I’m off to work on Maya and the twins because she deserves to have fun also!!

Hope your Saturday is great! I overdid it in the heat yesterday and it wasn’t with any of these jaguar hunks either!

It’s amazing how he really blends into the ground, except for the eyes!

 Time for some kitty cat loving!

And this is what one female jaguar shifters wears under their clothes!

 Have a super wonderful Saturday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!”

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I’ve been thinking this past weekend about how (as well as when and why) shapeshifters change shape, as well as the whole beastly qualities thing. This is partly because I was wrestling with the graphics in Cathy Clamp’s guest blog, which you’ll have to wait until Thursday to read.

But it seems to me that there can be three different reasons for a shapeshifter to change. Depending on the author’s worldbuilding, the shifter will change because of one of them, or maybe more than one of them. And it also seems to me that there’s a progression over the three types of changes from most animal-like to most human. I don’t have a favourite amongst them – in fact, I’ve written all three kinds.

• The first trigger that comes to mind is an external stimulus. So, when the moon is full, the man becomes a wolf. This is similar to the vampire’s inability to be touched by daylight. It’s a force the shifter has to acknowledge because of its power over him/her and a force that he/she can’t control. Because of that, this kind of trigger seems most animal to me, maybe because it’s more of a force of nature (or driven by an element of nature.)

This kind of character is less human to me and less controlled, less civilized as a result. He/she may enjoy being a beast or indulging in those beastly qualities. I think it’s because of the lack of moral choice in the shift and its repercussions. Angela Carter writes shifters like this – there is no moral judgement in their becoming jaguars and killing as jaguars do, for example. They are what they are and they do what they do, maybe to survive, maybe because it’s inconceivable that they should do anything else.

I’m going to include shifters who are compelled to shift because of a spell or miscellaneous magic in this category, because that curse is also an external force. They have more angst for me, though, because they seldom choose the shifter half of their existence – it’s something they have to endure and possibly overcome. By defeating the curse, they banish the shifter bit and become fully human again – they are healed by their choices. I wrote this kind of hero in my Harlequin Historical ENCHANTED – the hero was cursed to become a wolf for half of each day. It seriously interfered with his ability to win the heroine’s heart, but did give him the power to defend her!

• The second type of trigger is that of an internal stimulus. The Incredible Hulk makes his transformation when he gets angry – similarly, shifters that change shape due to passion or anger are of this kind. With these kinds of shifters, “controlling the beast within” is often the internal conflict, because the human side of the shifter not only wants to control the animal side but believes it’s possible to do so. It’s just a matter of controlling emotions to remain in command of the body.

I wrote this type of hero in my Harlequin Historical THE MAGICIAN’S QUEST. Yusuf changed to a panther when he was enraged or impassioned – the heroine, who was both irritating and sexy, had a predictable effect upon him. Together they learned that his shifting was part of a powerful gift – not a curse – and he was healed by accepting his own truth. (And by falling in love with a good woman too!)

• The third trigger is voluntary. The first is entirely involuntary and the second was somewhat susceptible to control, but the third type is entirely under the control of the shifter. This is like Clark Kent deciding to become Superman (where is a phone booth when you need one?) or Batman leaping for the Bat Cave to fight on the side of justice. These kinds of shifters choose to change into their alter egos, often to defend someone or fight for the good guys. There’s always a moral element to the choice – they don’t just shift to annoy someone, or if they do, it’s a lesson learned. (Remember Spiderman’s big lesson: “With great power comes great responsibility.”)

My Dragonfire shapeshifter dudes choose to shift. Their dragon form is a fighting pose, but they know that seeing them shift is dangerous for humans. They keep their beastly side restrained, but begin to shimmer when they’re angry or impassioned. Some of them can change slowly, managing the actual transformation, but there becomes a point when it’s unstoppable. Because the decision is theirs – and because they fight for justice etc. – this makes the Pyr seem noble and heroic to me. I fall in love with each and every one of them, and I suspect it might be because of that.

So, how about you? Can you think of other triggers that make shifters shift? Did I miss anything? And what kind of shifters do you like best – the ones who are in control or the ones who can’t keep their bodies from doing what they do?

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