BOM: Bride of the Wolf, Jennifer St Giles

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Release Date: April 28th, 2009
Bride of the Wolf (ISBN 1416563415)
Injured Blood Hunter Navarre is kidnapped along with oil heiress Marissa Vasquez. Their bid for freedom, puts them into a deadly race for their lives as they become the hunted prey of two Vladarian Vampires and the evil Dr. Cinatas. Together Marissa and Navarre’s spirits form a powerful link matched only by their passion. But can a mortal woman attain true love with a man who is half wolf? Or will their enemies steal their one chance at happiness?

Jennifer St Giles let me say first your Shadowmen Series is da BOMB!

I’ll admit it took me longer to absorb the story lines that were taking shape in Bride of the Wolf.  At first I kept blaming my busy schedule for my extended reading time. However, then I realized about halfway through Bride of the Wolf that the real reason was that the story was so jam packed full of details that I was slowing my reading down in order to let it all soak in.

Absorb I did, the vibrant descriptions of the locations in which Bride of the Wolf took place had me reminiscing warmer climates as I suffer through my first turbulent spring in Michigan.  The tumultuous experiences of the characters often brought perspective to life’s little nuances. I found myself pausing throughout my reading to send heartfelt thanks to my GOD for the little joys he brings to me in life.  To re-experience the innocence of First Love is a wonderful gift that Jennifer St. Giles has bestowed upon us all in Bride of the Wolf.  Thank You Jen! If first love doesn’t entice you, Jennifer’s attention to detail will. Jennifer pulls out all the stops in Bride of the Wolf with non stop action, paranormal adventure, and even food!  It’s wrapped up neatly in a yummy tamale just for you!  (Note to self: must look up the delectable recipes from this book) (Note to Jennifer: Do you have said recipes? Maybe we can post them in this Book of the Months post discussion for Bride of the Wolf.

So all you avid paranormal junkies grab your fork and dig in to this one!

From this reviewers perspective it was a savory morsel!  When is dessert?

Penelope Fitzgerald

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