What Kind of Music Do Shapeshifters Listen To?

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On Facebook, Barbara Vey wrote:

Barbara Vey Anyone use music for inspiration while writing? Tell me what it is for a blog I’m writing for PW. Thanks!

I was actually asked this question about one of my vampire romantic suspenses. My vampires do not listen to Rock ‘n Roll when they have their gatherings. Too wild, too noisy, too unsettling. I mean, who wants to listen to it without moving to the beat? Try having that luscious vampire sink his teeth into your neck while you’re wiggling about to the music. It would hurt. Big time. So no fun when listening to hot dancing music.

Nice harp or piano music with a mysterious New Age sound works for me. 🙂 And for them. Romantic, sexy, in the mood kind of music. And what about wolf shapeshifters? Adventure music like theme music from The Bourne Identity, Paycheck, Alexander and others that have more of a tone of movement, action, mystery, adventure.  With my Highlander series, I love to listen to the old world themes in a lot of the movies that visited the past. Although I’ve mistakenly picked up a couple of cds for historical movies that had Rock ‘n Roll themes that ruin the whole mood. And I play lots and lots of Celtic music. I love a lot of New Age music that have no vocals. I end up listening to the words instead of the music if they have vocals.

So what should shapeshifters listen to? Whatever gets them in the mood!

Hope everyone is having a super holiday season. I’m sharing sexy Santas all month at:


Happy Holidays!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”


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Shapeshifters Do…What???

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100509 blog 2First, for the great news! Book 7 and 8 just sold to Sourcebooks. More wolf tails, uhm, tales to come!

Jake’s story is Book 7, Dreaming of the Wolf, Darien’s brother in Destiny of the Wolf. And Book 8 is about a werewolf romance writer who has writer’s block. Now just think, would a hunky Highlander help unblock you???

Or…would you forget your mission? 🙂

This is a picture of Jake, by the way, before he shapeshifts. He has to remove his tag first. Doesn’t he have wolfish eyes?

Just like people, werewolves like to have hobbies. Or at least some of them do. It makes them more…human. 🙂 But like any world you build, it has to make sense, fit in somewhat with the paranormal world. Of course, you can do the opposite of what readers would expect, and that’s fun, too.

The same with occupations. What if a werewolf was a ballerina? Doesn’t seem like it quite fits. The one more nature loving and agile, but in a wolfish way. The other, delicate, but sturdy, and…well, frilly to my way of thinking. Although ballet dancers can be very seductive, in more of fae like roles. I watched a bunch of different ballet dances like that…some very sexy and primitive, the costumes, silky and earthen tones–just the kind that would suit a werewolf dancer. So I guess, any occupation could work, as long as the job still seemed to suit the shapeshifting persona of the character.

What about hobbies? A respite from the normal way a wolf would behave? Sure. Although it might be hard to visual an alpha leader type knitting baby booties. 🙂

So the question is then, what does a Highland werewolf like to do as a hobby???

Hope everyone has a super Saturday! My computer crashed and so my son is here to the rescue. 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male–with a kilted hunk to boot!”


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Shirtless Men!!

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First, I want to say that I often get teased about my book covers and the shirtless men on them. BUT, guess who’s hot in the news? Who has tons of views on the World Wide Web??? Shirtless leaders!!!

So there. Shirtless men are hot. Period. This was in the news this morning which gave me the whole idea for the post…if anyone wonders how I come up with these ideas! 🙂

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rides a horse during his ...

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

And old news….if the Russian Prime Minister hadn’t followed suit, I would never have thought of writing a blog about this!

Obama is seen outside his vacation home in Hawaii.

New York Post: President Obama

And here are my shirtless men:

So what is wrong with shirtless men if our fearless leaders can go exposing their abs?

It’s a much different world that we live in, that’s for sure.

Better? Or worse?

As to romance heroes…that’s a different story. 🙂 And as for shapeshifters, well, they HAVE to expose their abs and everything else, just to shapeshift, right???

Have a super Friday!



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Which Comes First? The Wolf or the Man?

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Let’s say the man.  He’s easier to maintain. 🙂 And what about this man? I think of shaggy, a little stubble, some hair on the chest. After all, he IS part wolf.

So what do you think? Does he look like he could be a wolf masquerading part time as a man?

Now here’s the wolf.


Does he look like he could make a suitable mate when in his human skin?

But which comes first, the wolf or the man? Or does it really matter as long as you get both all in one?

To Tempt the Wolf is about a man just like this, who has wolfish interests in the woman who rescues him off a cold Oregon beach. She’s a professional wildlife photographer, although her interests are mostly in photographing wolves. Only she learns not all wolves are the same.

Terry Spear


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Are You a Seasonal Writer or Reader???

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Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf

by Terry Spear

He’s winter chilled; she’s a redhead and autumn delight~~

$6.99   paperback

Barnes & Noble

$6.99   paperback
Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books
$6.99   paperback
Powell's Books

More booksellers coming soon!

by Terry Spear

July 18, 2009, 5:02 am 

I never gave it much thought until my werewolf book, Heart of the Wolf, ended up as a series. In Heart of the Wolf it was set in the fall, and then in Destiny of the Wolf, also fall. To Tempt the Wolf and Legend of the White Wolf are winter stories.

Now we have spring and wolf pups and new beginnings with Seduction of the Wolf. The next story was supposed to have been a winter story instead, but my mother was tired of winter, so I promised a spring story for her. She died while I was still rewriting Legend of the White Wolf, but I’m sure she knows that Seduction of the Wolf is a story of spring and warmer weather, just for her. Actually, both Book 5 and Book 6 are spring stories.
But of course I can’t seem to coordinate these with the actual release times…oh, wait, no, that’s not true. Legend of the White Wolf will be out in Feb and for many places that’s still winter. 🙂 And Seduction of the Wolf will be out in April, the first spring story. 🙂 Maybe the next one will be summer, instead of another spring, although the release date will be in the fall.
What’s neat is that the seasons can help shape the story. Fall brings color and the end of hot summer. It brings cooler weather good for getting close and a change of clothes. Winter brings cold and snuggling, fires and cuddling, Christmas and hugging. 🙂 Spring brings flowers, rain, warmer weather, and babies. Summer is for weddings, beach trips, tossing the clothes!

But also, characters can be described in terms of seasons.

In Destiny of the Wolf, the heroine thinks of the hero as winter chilled. But she’s autumn, brightly colored leaves and baking pumpkin pies. In Legend of the White Wolf, the hero thinks of the heroine in terms of what she might look like in a bikini, rather than bundled up in winter clothes–to him, she’s a summer babe.So even characters can be thought of personality-wise as seasons.

Have you read books that seem to have a seasonal theme? Are you a seasonal writer? Do you prefer a certain season to read over another?

If you’re at RWA National, I hope you’re having a blast! If not, have a super Saturday wherever you may be!

Terry Spearwww.terryspear.com

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Do Your Shapeshifters Own Pets???

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Dreamstime© Djk Dreamstime© Djk.jpg

On another author blog I belong to one of the authors asked if anyone included pets in their romances or enjoyed reading romances that included pets. But she specifically excluded werewolves.

First, werewolves are not anyone’s pet. 🙂 But I do have a pet in a werewolf story coming out the fall 2010. dad%20with%20pups%20greg%20koch

In that story, the heroine had been changed, but she had owned a cat. So now what happens? Pets can add conflict, humor, an extra something special to a story.

But in a shapeshifter story, the dynamics are a little different. Not only do we have a human who owns a…well, cat for instance, but a wolf who does. 🙂 And what about the hunky werewolf hero? How will he react to having a cat in the household?

 Dogs can be allergic to grass. Can they be allergic to cats? Can wolves? 🙂

Writing about other worlds is fun because considering things that we just take for granted in our lives, for another species, the rules can be different.  To an extent, I try to make it as realistic as possible. On the other hand, some is just pure fantasy. Because I’m sure there are not too many wolf packs out there that have adopted a cat. 🙂 And certainly, it would be difficult to find a lot of werewolf packs who own pets. 🙂

So what do you think? Do your shapeshifters have pets? And what is the best kind of pet for the type of shifter you love if you had to go out and buy them one?

Terry Spear


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Shapeshifters Who Play Together, Stay Together

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Wildwitch honored my books on her website for the month of July if you want to check it out!

You can see how she discovered my wolf books on her comments on the site.  Which made me realize how important paranormal sites are to help spread the word of our love of the paranormal.
I love so many facets of the paranormal, not just shapeshifter stories.  Ghost stories, time travel, you name it, all are favorites of mine.  But I wanted to comment on a well-thought of phrase:
Families who play together, stay together.
In my version, Shapeshifters who play together, stay together. LOL 🙂
I’ve written about my werewolves in fall (Heart of the Wolf, Destiny of the Wolf),  in winter (To Tempt the Wolf, Legend of the White Wolf), and now I’m working on a story set in spring (Seduction of the Wolf, coming April 2010). But I haven’t written a summer story yet. What effect do the seasons have on shapeshifters?

Think, spring, wet wolf smell. LOL Since they’re in Oregon, really wet wolf smell.

Here it is the 4th of July weekend, what would a pack of werewolves be doing? Celebrating the holiday? Were they involved in the War of Independence? Some of the older ones might have been because of their longevity. What about fireworks? They have a strongly sensitive sense of smell, hearing is more sensitive, the smell of smoke isn’t something they’d like. So maybe fireworks wouldn’t be their deal. So what else could they do to celebrate the 4th?
These are questions that I constantly think of as I’m writing my stories. How does a season affect the wolf pack? How does the change in day to night affect them? The location? Micro-setting–the current location they’re in–house, woods, river? Macro-setting–the overall area they’re in, state of Oregon, North American continent?
What makes them so real?
Hope your 4th is full of fun!!! I’m off to mow! 🙂
If I were a werewolf, I’d leave things in their more natural state (just like it is now). But my neighbors probably wouldn’t like it. 🙂 And werewolves, to avoid being discovered, must be on their best behavior. So *sigh*, they’d probably be out mowing the yard too. 🙂
If I haven’t already mentioned it, I’m sharing free serialized stories in my newsletter, Goddess in Training the first one up. The next one will be a published vampire romantic suspense. Just go to the bottom of my website and sign up. If you try and the spammer won’t let you get in, just let me know and I can forward the story via your email address. Thanks!


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Deadly Liaisons Book Trailer!

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I’m working on Seduction of the Wolf  right now, and preparing a teen writing class to give tomorrow at our local library, but I had to take a moment and make a trailer for the already released vampire romantic suspense, Deadly Liaisons.

Dark huntress and rare telepath, Tezra Campbell treads a thin line between being a skilled criminal investigator for the Hunter Council and a renegade. She has an obsessive compulsion to find the vampire who murdered her parents, resulting in severe trauma to her younger sister who’d witnessed the crime a decade earlier. Prince of the American vampire clans, Daemon, sees Tezra as a danger to herself and to his people if the serial killer vampire terminates her next. He’s also concerned his own brother might be accused of the crime, takes her into custody, and intends to find the killer himself.

Only things don’t work out the way either planned, yet both aim to win the deadly game.

In Deadly Liaisons, you’ll note that my vampires shapeshift into wolves! 🙂 Hey, my favorite hunks all in one story!

Do you like the trailer??? I need to make Legend of the White Wolf next! 🙂 But first, I’ve gotta teach!!!


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What Inspires You???

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I’ve been listening to music that my daughter bought for me at the medieval fair. It’s lively, gypsy-like, with Middle East tones, really inspirational. But pictures also inspire. When I’m working on medieval stories, I love to look at pictures of castles. I have a calendar of them above my desk and for this month it’s a beautiful picture of Doonagore Castle, Doolin, Co, Clare, Ireland near the cliffs of Moher. I look at the tower, the arched doors in the six-eight foot walls surrounding the tower-house. Easy to go back in time and write about another era. 🙂

For a lot of romance writers, pictures of hunky guys inspire. 🙂 But since I write about wolf shifters, I have to include the wolf in the equation. So here are some pictures that inspire me. 🙂

f you’ve got the wolfish guy, the woman has to be just as wolfish!But I wouldn’t do the pack mentality justice if I didn’t feature a wolf pack showing off their teamwork and cooperation.

Whether it’s before the shift or afterwards, these guys are well worth checking out!No matter what, these wolfish characters take the proper gear with them wherever they go!Research definitely inspires.

Terry Spear


We made it through graduation! The only incident was the fire alarm went off during the ceremony! But we didn’t evacuate and they finally shut the alarm off. This evening I’ll be commissioning a friend of my son’s at the commissioning ceremony. All the students who were being commissioned after graduation received a big round of applause which was nice. 🙂 I’ll be commissioning my son later….

So what inspires you when you’re reading or writing?

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