A SEAL Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

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Video book trailer for A SEAL Wolf Christmas:

A SEAL Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear.

A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Oct 2013 release

They start out in the Amazon on a mission with hot SEAL Bjornolf ghosting the mission. When they return, Hunter’s got another for them–all to do with Christmas–something Anna’s not keen on celebrating.

A holiday paranormal romance with the hot combination of a sexy Navy SEAL hero with werewolves, from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear. SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson and undercover operative Anna Johnson get off to a rocky start when they’re tasked to play newlyweds preparing for the holidays while investigating a SEAL’s murder at a Christmas tree farm. Anna and Bjornolf are both dreading the season, and are happy to work instead of celebrate.



On The Run…

After werewolves Elaine Hawthorn and Cearnach MacNeill almost have a head-on collision on a foggy Highland road, they’re pretty well stuck with each other. It’ll be hours before anyone can get there to pull his car out of the ditch and they both have better places to be.

And Nowhere to Hide From Each Other…

The sexy little American brings out all of Cearnach’s big bag protective instincts. If she thought she was in trouble before, Elaine has no idea what kind of complications a hot Scot can cause…



And an earlier book:

Destiny of the Wolf, first of the Silver brother’s stories


All she wants is the truth…. Lelandi Wildhaven is determined to discover the truth about her beloved sister’s mysterious death.But everyone thinks she’s out to make a bid for her sister’s widowed mate…. He’s a pack leader tormented by memories… Darien Silver blames himself for his mate’s death. When her twin arrives in his town, he finds himself bewitched, and when someone attempts to silence her, he realizes that protecting the beautiful stranger might be the only way to protect his pack…and himself….


Have a super great Saturday! Off to have lunch with a fan! Which we could have a pizza party!!!

Have a super great Saturday! Off to have lunch with a fan to celebrate the newest release for A Highland Werewolf Wedding! Wish we could have a pizza party!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!”

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Heart of the Highland Wolf Ebook Club Choice!!!

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SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing
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Heart of the Highland Wolf

By: Terry Spear
Time left to get this selection: 27 days and 16 hours and 52 mins
Price: $7.99
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Praise for Seduced by the Wolf:
“With just enough wolf detail and werewolf lore, this action-packed story crackles with mystery, adventure, violence, and passion.” —Library Journal

It’s a matter of pride…

Modern day werewolf laird Ian MacNeill reluctantly allows a film production company to use his castle, but he knows his secretive clan has a big problem when a beautiful red werewolf female who insists she’s working on the film keeps showing up in the wrong places… and a matter of pleasure…

Julia Wildthorn is not who she says she is—she’s sneaking into Argent Castle to steal an ancient relic for her grandfather and to do research for her next werewolf romance novel. When she catches a glimpse of Ian, she realizes he’s the perfect hero…

Praise for Legend of the White Wolf:

“A thrilling, engaging, wonderful ride.” —Seriously Reviewed

“Romance, adventure, and a paranormal twist…If you like your werewolf stories with a bit of a bite, then pick this series up now.” —Night Owl Romance (Reviewer Top Pick)

About the Author

Terry Spear

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear is also a retired lieutenant colonel in the US Army Reserves. She received her MBA from Monmouth College. An eclectic writer, she dabbles in the paranormal as well as writing historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. Spear lives in Crawford, Texas.

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Chapter 1
The ghostly fog made Julia feel as though she had slipped into the primordial past. She couldn’t believe she’d made it to the Highlands of Scotland where a castle beckoned, filled with secrets, intrigue, and hunky Scots—with any luck. Hopefully, none of them would learn why she was really here and put a stop to it.
Nothing would dampen her enthusiasm as she and her friend Maria Baquero headed for Baird Cottage, within hiking distance of Argent Castle—and the end of her writer’s block.
At least, that was the plan.
After flight delays and missed luggage, they’d had trouble getting their rental car at Inverness Airport—following a mix-up when a Scotsman declared their car was his. Another man had creeped Julia out when she realized he was watching them, and she’d felt apprehensive at the way his thin lips hadn’t hinted at a bit of friendliness. But then she dismissed him as she and Maria finally
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“An interesting story that easily captured my attention.” – Bitten By Books

“a twist on a great Highlander novel… Absolutely wonderful… ” – Whispered Thoughts

“Ms. Spears showed it does not matter what makes-up your family–big or small, conventional or non-conventional- you love and honor the people who care about you.” – Over the Edge Book Reviews

“It is a great addition to the series. There is action, adventure, mystery and romance…from start to finish the book kept me so involved I couldn’t put the book down. ” – Froggarita’s Bookcase

“The dynamics of the the wolf pack is so well written that you can actually believe in its existence. This is a wonderful romance with mystery, action, violence along with a passion that just won’t quit.” – Eva’s Sanctuary… 

And I had to share this from Donna! Now, she says that the wolf’s mate washed his kilt and shrunk it. But I’m not sure. It may be that he’s just teasing her. 
Note: He did not go commando! 🙂 But you never know when he will change his mind…
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where the alpha hero wears the world’s smallest kilt.”

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Guest Author – Lisa Hendrix of the Immortal Brotherhood Series

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I hope you’ll all join with me in welcoming Lisa Hendrix, author of the Immortal Brothershood series.  I first met Lisa on Facebook.  We chatted about book covers and very kewl music videos, and so I put her on my “to read” list.  I am so glad we met! What an awesome book.  If you love romance with a historical twist, if you love the doomed, tortured shapeshifters, and if you love a heroine who can take both of those and tie their hero’s into knots, then this is the series for you.

So without further ado, (hanging head in shame for stealing her guest’s thunder) I  introduce Lisa Hendrix and The Immortal Brotherhood!

Well, foo.

I was going to write about brainstorming/where we author-types get our ideas, but Teresa beat me to it. Bad hostess. Bad. No cookie. 😉

So…hmm. ‘Scuse me while I //ahem// brainstorm a moment.

Ah. I know. I can talk about the other place some of us get ideas. The Idea Store. You know, the one where you go in, browse the section on— immwarlarge-186x3001What’s that? You don’t know the place? Well, it’s on the corner of Third and— Huh? What do you mean you don’t believe me. I am highly offended. Taking umbrage, even [Aside: Doesn’t taking umbrage sound like something you do at the cloak rack in dark restaurant? “I got confused and took his umbrage instead of my own.”] I’ll have you know, I’ve spent good coin at the Idea Store and…

Still not fooling you, eh.

Okay, I admit it. There is no idea store. But that is an answer I’ve used when a particular annoying sort of “wanna-be-but-doesn’t-want-to-be-bothered-with-the-work” writer starts pestering me. You know, the one who has “this great idea” and wants you to write it so s/he can collect half the royalties.

Usually, I kindly redirect them. If I’m slightly grumpy, I tell them to sit down and write it all out in detail and then we’ll talk—knowing, of course, that they never will, because it they wanted to write it they wouldn’t be soliciting strangers to do it for them.

If I’m utterly out of patience, however, I’ve been known to say something like, “No, I’m sorry. I have an exclusive subscription with the Idea Store, and I’m not allowed to accept ideas from anywhere else.” Then I step back and wait for the wheels to start turning. You can see them: “Idea Store? Maybe I can just sell the idea to them and they’ll find someone who wants to write about Great Aunt Ethel’s encounter with the ghost of Charles Dickens’ bear012secretary and I’ll still make a million dollars.” Then reality hits. “Oh.” And then I’m like, “Excuse me, I have to go pick up my dog at the groomer,” and I’m out of there. (A secret: I don’t have a dog.)

But that’s only when I’m utterly out of patience. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Getting a little more serious, most of my ideas get worked out in exactly the sort of brainstorming Teresa was talking about. You have a kernel of something—a news clipping, a song title that you think could be turned into a good story, a specter of a scene stuck to the inside of your skull like the scum in an old coffee cup—and you start trying to turn it into something bigger and more useful.

But that’s still begging the question, because what people really want to know when they ask where you get your ideas, is: where does that first kernel come from?

The answer: Anywhere. Everywhere. People who don’t write, especially those who don’t write fiction, think there’s something magic about the idea gathering process. Nope. In reality, they have the ideas, too. They just don’t recognize them as such. They hear that same song title, and may even imagine two lovers dancing to the music. But then they drop it, a passing thought lost forever.

A writer’s mind, however, grabs onto those dancing lovers and twiddles with them. How did they end up dancing? Did she ask him or did he ask her? Who are they? Rewind tape. Ah, I see: she’s older and a bit plain, and she’s surprised that such a young, hunky fox would even talk to her, much less dance with her. How did he learn to dance so well, anyway? Something fishy about that, for sure. And why is that other man watching them so intently. Is he her husband? Her ex? A government agent who thinks she’s about to be assassinated by the dancing hunk? What happens next? And then? And then? A writer scribbles it on paper or mumbles it into a digital voice recorder or texts themselves with the thought, and then keeps churning it over.


Literally, we can’t leave the kernel alone, sometimes playing the idea out in our heads over and over until it has to come out on paper. (I’ve asked other writers about this and found almost unanimous recognition of the problem/gift.) Undoubtedly, if a shrink ever got hold of us not knowing we were writers, we’d be labelled obsessive. A note in our files would say “Subject suffers from uncontrolled fantasy life, hears voices, and imagines she’s going to make a living from them.”

The idea for The Immortal Brotherhood series landed in my mind as a dream. Now, I’ve long been one to lay in bed half-awake, thinking things through, but this was a case of waking up from a sound sleep with a crystal clear image in my head: a huge, blond man in formal evening wear. I knew only two things about him: he was a bear during daylight hours. And he was a thousand years old. (Those of you who’ve read IMMORTAL WARRIOR will recognize Brand, except for the clothing.) Naturally, my brain couldn’t turn loose of something that juicy, so over the next days and weeks, my imagination ran with questions: How had he gotten turned into a bear? (cursed by a witch) Why was he immortal? (same, part of the curse, so the torture would go on and on) Was he alone? (No. He had this raven on his shoulder, who had once been his best friend) Were there others besides those two?

The answer to that last was a resounding YES, and thus the brotherhood was born. Then I had to work out who all these guys were (Vikings), how many there were (nine—a number goldeneaglesignificant to the Norse gods), and what animals they were (ever try coming up with nine animals that Vikings would have known about in 850 AD that are sexy enough to be romance heroes? I mean, really, a were-boar? Eew.) I had to figure out who’d cursed them and why, and how the curse would play out, and something to make each story different, and an over-arching story that would carry through all nine books, and…

Somewhere in the middle of this, I realized that to get to the guy in evening clothes, the full story would have to cover the thousand-plus years he’d been under the curse. That the other men’s stories would each play out in a different century. That the captain of the crew (my dream guy) would be the last of the warriors to break the curse, and that his friend would stick with him the whole time, even if they never saw each other in human form all those thousands years.

Well, thank goodness for critique partners, the internet, a husband who’s willing to listen to me ramble through scenes aloud even when he has no clue what I’m talking about and who’s also pretty good at asking the kind of question that makes me come up with answers.

And that’s why we (mostly) don’t end up in front of that shrink, because we take that obsessive and uncontrolled fantasy life to a critique partner and talk about it and realizes there’s a whole story, not in the hero and villain, but in the hero’s horndog sidekick and the woman who sets out to seduce him.

Just like Teresa said. (Good hostess. You can have your cookie now.)

Every time I hear this song now, I think Of Lisa’s books ~ Teresa, who is happily eating her cookie now!


Lisa Hendrix is the author of IMMORTAL WARRIOR and the upcoming IMMORTAL OUTLAW (June ’09, Available for Preorder at Amazon and other online sellers), the wife of a patient man, the mother of two impatient children, and a long-time patron of the Idea Store. You can find out more about were-bears, were-ravens, were-eagles, and the other beasts of the Immortal Brotherhood at her website, where her January Jumpstart contest is also live right now.

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November Shape-shifter Novels…

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by Lori Devoti

Wondering what to put on preorder for reading over Thanksgiving? Here are a few titles I’ve seen that look interesting…

  • Immortal Warrior by Lisa Hendrix. This is a historical shifter novel set in medieval England. And there are Vikings! I do love Vikings!! Oh, and the cover!!
  • The Dragon Master by Allyson James. James is the alter ego of Jennifer Ashley. I’ve never read her paranormals, but her historicals are fab. And dragons!
  • Destiny Kills by Keri Arthur. This is the first book in a new series–so if you are an Arthur lover you will definitely want to check it out. AND more dragons. It sounds like Arthur puts a new twist on dragons with sea and air dragons mentioned in the review I read.
  • The Mane Attraction by Shelly Laurenston. My source, RT, doesn’t say what kind of shifters these characters are but there is fire and alphas. That has to be good, no?
  • Enemy Lover by Bonnie Vanak. A Silhouette Nocturne!! Means this one is available right now at eHarlequin.com
    –no need to wait. And it’s wolves. Time to get furry!
  • Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong. Okay, this one tops my list. It’s not a romance, but this is one of my favorite series. This time we see half-demon Hope’s side of things. And the shifter, you ask? Her werewolf boyfriend–Karl. You all remember Karl? 🙂

So, there’s my list that I blatantly pillaged from RT. Any other shifter books releasing in November we should know about? What books shifter or otherwise are you looking forward to in November?

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ShapeShifter Romance Welcomes Lauren Dane

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Every time I turn around someone asks me “have you read Lauren Dane? she writes great shapeshifting books”. Then there are the ones who read my books then say “have you read Lauren Dane? You remind me of her.” Well dang, I can’t fight words like that, now can I? So, when it came time to find myself a great guestblogger for today, who did I visit? Lauren Dane, of course.

By way of introduction, I’m Lauren Dane and I’ve been writing professionally since 2004. I write for Samhain, Berkley, Harlequin Spice and Black Lace. My first book, Triad, came out from Ellora’s Cave in May of 2005 and I’ve been happily writing away ever since. I write across several genres and heat levels from my contemporary small town romance series the Chase Brothers to futuristic erotic romance such as Undercover and Relentless.

One of my favorite tropes/storylines to write about are werewolves. Mmmm. My most recent release with Samhain, Cascadia Wolves: Fated, continues the story of the Warden family, the wolves who run the Cascadia Pack and the National Pack.

With this series I’ve been able to combine two of my greatest loves – stories involving large, loving families and paranormal worldbuilding.

Luckily, this has turned out to be one of my most popular series and I often get asked how I came to write this Pack.

Gosh, what seems like forever ago but was really only 2005, I’d just started writing with Ellora’s Cave and they put out a call for an anthology. I can’t even remember the title but the theme was men with dangerous jobs.

So I noodled around and came up with an idea for a werewolf cop of sorts, an Enforcer. I wrote the proposal and subbed it but they didn’t choose it. My editor wrote me and said she really loved the idea and she thought I should write it as a full length novel.

So it sat a while, because I had a dozen other things to do and by the time I’d gotten back to it, Lex had softened a bit and the original heroine had changed into Nina Reyes and some key elements had shifted. Pretty much, without my editor’s urging, I’m not sure I would have written it at all!

But I did and Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer was my first book in the Cascadia Wolves series. In the beginning, I’d really only considered it to be a standalone book but when I started Tri Mates, the story got really big and Warren Pellini was back so at that point I sketched out the idea for the werewolf mafia story arc to be told over a few more books.

I think for me, this series taught me a lot about letting the story have its way with you. Sometimes you have to rein yourself in as an author, keep your cast down to a manageable number, keep the story within the lines or it’s just too big and confusing. But other times, if you let yourself go a bit, you find things you hadn’t imagined at first.

Earlier this year the four book story arc with Pellini and the werewolf mafia ended with Standoff. I saved him for last for a few reasons, firstly the story arc needed to end with him risking his life to save his people and I felt like it would be more meaningful if he did it with his mate at his side. Also, he’s the patriarch of the series so there was an important element of saving the best for last.

So the story arc was over but there were other characters poking at me, werewolves can do that you know. And I got letters about them all the time so I decided to tell Megan’s story with Fated. It was fun to pick up a year and a half later and to start a new story without all the baggage of large multi-book storyline.

What I wanted to do was take the idea of the fated mate and turn it upside down. What if your mate was a werewolf who was raised outside a Pack? What if he hated what he was, feared it even? What if you’re happy living as a human and your mate is one of the highest ranking werewolves there is? How do you reconcile that? Because love and chemistry isn’t enough.

The book was a challenge but I’m thrilled with how it turned out and I hope readers are as well!

Thanks for having me today! If you’d like to read an excerpt or two from my books, you can head on over to my website (www.laurendane.com) to check them out.

Not sure what WordPress did to my post but it appears to have posted an older, temporary save of this post – so now adding back all the wonderful covers Lauren has, as well as letting you guys know, Lauren will be giving away one ebook – winner’s choice of Ascension or Enforcer. Just leave a comment- winner will be selected next Thursday!

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Let’s talk video.

May 26, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Teresa D'Amario) (, , , )

In today’s world the internet has opened up so much. We can chat with our readers, we can email back and forth and we can do our own advertising, giving the author a chance to reach the people who would find their work interesting and fascinating. 🙂

One of the new mediums that have opened to authors and readers alike are “book trailers”. I think the first one I ever saw was by Christine Feehan, and that opened the door for me to watch. Our own Rebecca York uses them with the expertise of a true artist, even including herself and her husband in one. 🙂 As a new author, I have been excited by this new medium, but find for shifters it offers an unusual challenge.

How does one show the magick of the book in a trailer when part of that magick is the shift?

A true graphic artist can perhaps merge the shifter with the human, but then, I’m not so great at that. 🙂 How important are these videos to you, the reader? Once they have led me to purchase a book I was later disappointed in. Often I find they tell less about the book and more about the person creating them. There are exceptions to the rule. Rebecca’s always seem to tell exactly what you need to enjoy her books. You get what you expect when you crack open the fresh pages and start that read.

So my question to the reader, do book trailers help you? Do you find the ones for shifters are more disappointing than helpful?

I was going to imbed this next video, but apparently for licensing reasons, it cannot be done so, but here’s my favorite “shift” video.


And since today is memorial day, just a little reminder.
Some gave None, Some Gave Some, and some, the Bravest of the Brave, gave all. Thank you. While having your cookout, don’t forget to remember those brave in your thoughts and prayer, for without them, the US would not be the great country we are today.

Girly Comments & Graphics

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The Bite – by Teresa D’Amario

May 7, 2008 at 8:00 am (General, Teresa D'Amario) (, , )

In most shapeshifter romances, we read about the hero who must mark his mate, how he must bite her, leaving his mark upon her forever more. The drawing of blood is usually symbolic, offering the gift of life to merge the couple together. In most books it’s only the male who marks, while in others it’s both. The bite is sensuous and romantic, the ultimate dominance by the male, the ultimate submission by the female. Yet remarkably she feels no pain, or maybe only a little.

I gotta tell you folks, getting bit is not fun. No seriously! I got bit by a dog last week. It wasn’t the dog’s fault, and it wasn’t mine, yet still I bear the bruise and fang marks to prove it. I’ve worked with dogs one on one for more than 25 years. I’ve trained German Shepherds and Labs, Corgi’s and Collies. I even once came eye to eye with a very angry canary dog. (I still have nightmares over that one) Yet in all that time I’d never been bitten by anything over the size of 5 lbs. This little lady who’s teeth marks I bear is about 45 pounds. The bruise is bigger than the palm of my hand and the four fang marks mostly are different shades of bruise, with one breaking the skin. And it hurt. Ok, I wasn’t screaming in pain, but I’m sure you get the picture. Now when I was bitten, there was no gushing of blood. In fact, the one mark that went deep enough to matter left the oddest mark ever. It didn’t bleed at all, though it was definitely an open cut. (Hmm, maybe she was werewolf after all?) The bite happened in the blink of an eye, and thanks to my own freeze response (not pulling away when it happened) there was no ripping of flesh.

Now I tell you this, not so you’ll feel sorry for me, but so you’ll understand what is being described in a shifter world “bite”. In some books, the saliva from the male is also a pain reliever of sorts, and instead of feeling pain, she feels sheer pleasure. In some, the pain comes first, then the pleasure. In all bites, there is blood drawn.

This leads me to evaluate how the bite is given during the shifter’s mark of their mate. The fangs must be extra sharp, the power tremendous, and the courage of the female, remarkable. The actual feeling of teeth piercing flesh is a sharp stabbing feeling that quickly dulls to a throb.

After having been bitten (Hmm, I don’t think I’ll be changing into a werewolf/dog any time soon though) I have to say that I may be more clear in the future of how bites feel for the mate receiving said wound.

So my question to you is – do you like or dislike the “marking” that occurs so frequently in shifter books? And if you like it, how do you like to see it accomplished? Open pain, where the heroine gives of her heart for the hero? Pain then seduction, where his saliva is like an aphrodisiac, throwing her into massive levels of excitement? Or a mixture of both?

And just how BIG is this mark anyway? For real! If this little dog could bruise me for up to four inches, surely a shifter’s bite is much larger. Or, is it that the shifter is more careful, ensuring the bite does not bruise by placing it at the exact location? Rather than pinch flesh, he pierces. Rather than bite and release, he olds on, extracting the sensuous and delicious blood. The result would be a smaller injury, where there is little free bleeding, and less bruising. His saliva heals the wound quickly, leaving perhaps the scars? A bruise? What?

And for the record, the dear soul who bit me is doing just fine. We are now the best of buds, and thank heaven her rabies shots are up to date.

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Creating a Shifter World – By Kate Douglas

May 1, 2008 at 7:38 am (Guest Bloggers) (, , , , )

Hi everyone! Join with me in welcoming today’s guest blogger, Kate Douglas ! There’s not a shifter fan out there who hasn’t heard of Kate’s groundbreaking work. Join Kate’s MySpace, and don’t forget to keep up on Wolf Tales news with her yahoo group.

So without Further Ado – Miss Kate Douglas:

Wolf Tales VII just started work on Wolf Tales VIII, which is, I think the fifteenth story in my series if you count all the novellas. After writing so many stories about the same characters, it’s easy to lose track of the overall number. J What’s surprises me, though, is how easy it’s been to come up with fresh ideas for each new story—and this is in a series where I continually recycle the same characters in book after book. What makes it work? I think it’s the world I’m writing—the world of shapeshifters.

Writing paranormal gives an author such amazing freedom. We choose to write about creatures that don’t (or do they?) really exist. That frees us to create our own rules in a world of our own design. Even when we set our paranormal characters in a contemporary and realistic setting, the rules are up to us. What makes it work, though, is sticking to rules that are believable.

Since I know my Chanku so well, I’ll use them as an example. They are based on a real species of wolf, Canis lupus laniger, that exists in areas of southern Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and the Himalayan steppes. The local Tibetan name for the wolves is Chanku. Once I found this information in my research on wolves, I knew I had my shapeshifters. I had to give them a logical method for shifting, and a reason they might have lost that ability, so I chose the nutrients in grasses that grow only in the Himalayan area. Once the ancient Chanku moved out of the area and away from the grasses they needed, they lost the ability to shift, though not the genetics that allowed shifting to happen. Add the proper nutrients, and voila! Humans with the right DNA can suddenly become wolves.

To add to the reality of my shapeshifters, I decided that the genes for shapeshifting are a feminineSexy Beast trait—the woman always passes the genes on to her offspring, so that both her sons and daughters, with the right nutrients, can shift. However, only her daughter, whether or not she ever becomes a shapeshifter, can continue to pass on the genes. Since I write erotic paranormal, I added another layer of rules to my world—my Chanku are governed by a powerful libido. The need for sex is intensified after a shift, but even if they never become shapeshifters, they are still driven by a more powerful than normal sex drive. That explains why many of my women were once prostitutes (the perfect occupation!) and so many of the men—before they discover their true nature as Chanku—end up in jail or in jobs where testosterone rules.

And, since it’s my world and my rules, my Chanku are impervious to most human illnesses. They don’t get HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. The females have total control of their reproductive cycle—they choose when to release an egg for pregnancy. The downside is, once a woman becomes Chanku, she can only breed while in wolf form, and only with her bonded mate. Which takes me to bonding—during the mating bond, the mental link is so complete that the mate can literally learn things in the other’s past he might not even recall. It requires total trust and unshakable love to open yourself up to such close scrutiny, to literally have no secrets. The telepathy, or mindtalking, isn’t nearly as deep, but it does allow sexual partners to share each others feelings during sex.

And there are the little things—the fact that the nutrients cause changes before the actual shift. Changes in perception, really itchy skin as if the bones are trying to break free and there’s the fact that even the Chanku don’t know what happens when they shift. It happens so quickly they can’t film it. They don’t know their beginnings—did they evolve on that chilly steppe or were they left here by alien visitors long ago? These are the kinds of details that make a shapeshifter come to life. The consistency of the details, the fact that they can all be explained in a forthright, logical manner.

Going into this fifteenth story in the series, bringing in characters and their stories that go back to the very first book, I feel I’ve reached a point where my readers accept my Chanku for what they are—a powerful, honorable and loving group with a very special ability that is consistent within the world they inhabit. Over time they’ve become real to me—their world is one I revisit with a sense of wonder and expectation, curious about what my fantasy friends are up to next.

Or are they fantasy? Sometimes they feel so real to me, and I think my readers are beginning to believe. It might explain the letters I get, asking me how Anton’s and Stefan’s babies are doing….

Below are Kate’s Series, in order. I hope you enjoy them!

Wolf Tales

Sexy Beast—Chanku Rising
Wolf Tales II
Wild Nights—Camille’s Dawn
Wolf Tales III
Sexy Beast II—Chanku Fallen
Wolf Tales IV
Sexy Beast III—Chanku Journey
Wolf Tales V
Sexy Beast IV—Chanku Destiny
coming soon:
Wolf Tales VI—July 08
Sexy Beast V—Chanku Wild September 08

Kate has graciously added to give one person who replies to this post a prize!  The winner will receive  WolfTales V, and one Stuffed wolf! So tell us what book of Kate’s is YOUR favorite!

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