The Wolfman – A review

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Hey folks!  So this weekend I did a movie marathon and one of those movies fits really well with the Shapeshifter theme, and that’s The Wolfman.  First, let me say I don’t typically “Do” horror movies, though  I’m not sure this one qualifies more as horror as opposed to paranormal though.  Yes, it’s gory, but it’s possible to ignore such blatant displays of blood and gore to search for the plot.  Notice I said search?

The Wolfman does justice in the arena of special affects.  It reminded me, at times, of the mini Movie Thriller, by Michael Jackson.  Watching the transformation was horrifically exciting.  I loved each and every transformation, though the movement of our dear Wolfman in his animalistic form was not so attractive, but then, this isn’t a romance.

But we were talking plot.  That’s right.  where was that thing anyway?  Nope, not here, under the bed.  Not hidden in the dark, almost colorless world of historic England.  Nope.  No plot.  Ok, there’s the Anthony Hopkins plot.  That was kewl. He stole the show, folks.  In every scene he was in.  Dark, family secrets, shown in small bits of perfect acting and good writing.  But what I didn’t understand was why the writing didn’t work for the hero of our story.  Nor for our heroine.  I never got a good Feel for what they were about.  Yes, the hero is dark and tortured, and has flashbacks of horrific events in his life, perpetrated against him by his father.  Yet still, I didn’t “Feel” anything.

Then came the oddest part.  There was a beautiful little bit of “Foreshadowing” in the opening scene.  Foreshadowing that never came to pass?  Scenes with the heroine, racing against the clock to save the man she loves.  Only she never does? None of that made ANY sense.  It’s hard not to give away the plot when I talk about this, (or lack thereof?) but it’s like reading  a story where the heroine knows how to save the hero and then lets him die anyway.  WHAT?

My husband laughed and said “he wasn’t her true love”.  Well, maybe?

All in all, I left the movie confused.  I didn’t understand what the beginning sequence had to do with the end of the movie.  Kind of reminds me of a prologue I once read in a romance novel.  I’d forgotten it was there till after I finished the book, then I realized it didn’t add anything at all to the story.  In fact, had I remembered it was there, it probably would have detracted as I tried to fit the puzzle pieces together, and then found one missing. 

That’s what The Wolfman felt like to me.

So, all in all i give it a C-.  Not because it was poorly done cinematically, but because of the missing “piece” of the puzzle.


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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

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Please.  Allow me to get this off my chest before I go into the actual review.  Thank you.

Viktor is a cold-hearted, old bastard who got off too easily in the first Underworld movie.  That bigoted, son of ***** should have been kept alive throughout the centuries, so someone could beat the entrails out of him just because. 😡

Okay.  I feel better now.  😀 Onto the review.

If you’ve been keeping up with the rest of the Underworld series, then you probably know how this movie ends since it’s the prequel.  I wouldn’t let that deter me from seeing it though.  It’s a bittersweet (sort of) ending, so I guess it fits the realm of love story instead of romance.  Nonetheless, if you’re expecting this movie to cling to some of the typical romantic elements, you might be mistaken there, too.  Hence, the reason why I can’t give it the A+ I really wanted to give it. 

As a fan of Underworld, we all know that Lucian, our alpha werewolf, and Sonja, our fearless vampire, get together.  It’s the ultimate shapeshifter romance. 

Here’s my gripe.  I would’ve like to have seen more of the romance blossom between these two and I think the writers of Underworld missed a HUGE opportunity to showcase that better.  Another ten or fifteen minutes wouldn’t have hurt anything.  One minute, we see Lucian at about sixteen years old and he’s staring up at Sonja (about age ten) who’s standing on a balcony with her father Viktor, the hateful piece of hemorrhoidal tissue.  Fifteen minutes and more than a decade later, when everyone is of legal age, Lucian sneaks off to be with Sonja and the two of them get it on.  That’s it.  Now enters the romance.

Do you feel your eyebrows crowding together in bewilderment?  Mine did.

No sexual tension.  No catching each other’s eye.  No slight curve of the lips in a flirtatious gesture.  We got nothing.  If they wanted to keep their romance a secret, they did a damn good job at it because I completely bought into them hating each other.  That’s why it fell off the A+ bandwagon for me.  Judging from the other Underworld movies, Lucian and Sonja had an incredible love affair going on.  One that turned Lucian so vengeful that he harnessed hundreds of years of passion to see Viktor (piece of horse s***) dead.  Nope.  Didn’t see it.

Once we got through the lovemaking scene, the more I got a feel for these two characters and their love for each other.  I can honestly say it was genuine.  Not too many women will take a sword to their father’s throats with an intent to kill for the man they love.  However, Sonja’s death would’ve made huge impact on me had I seen the emotion or sexual tension develop more in the very beginning.  It wasn’t there.  Don’t get me wrong. Everything leading up to her death had left such an impression on me that I had to get my loathing for Viktor off my chest.  So, the emotional impact was dead on.  It wasn’t enough the old fool condemned his courageous daughter to die, but he chained Lucian to the floor to watch it.  Oh, how I hate that motherf–!  😡

Overall, I’d give this latest installment an extremely high B+, tickling the edge of an A-.  What  can I say?  I’m torn.  🙂 There are still a few questions left in mind, like was Lucian being the first werewolf who could change back to human due to Mommy werewolf being pregnant with him when she was bitten or was it due to a genetic fluke?  And when/where does Kraven and his deal with Lucian enter the picture? 

Nevertheless, Lucian captured me from the first Underworld movie and he continued to do so in this one.  The way I look at it, if we can have twenty Friday the 13th movies, there’s no reason why we can’t have another Underworld.  I know I’d certainly put my money down to go see it. 

So, if you’ve had a chance to see it, what do you think?  And if you haven’t, are you going to knowing this much?

~Marcia Colette

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