Where There’s a Wolf, There’s a Way!

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Last Friday was the start of a 5-week whirlwind blog tour for the new release of Legend of the White Wolf, and fans have been writing to say it’s at B&N already!!!

What with working full time, editing 3 books in the final stages of production, doing lessons for Conflict! Conflict! Conflict! and getting ready for the next class starting on Monday, and getting the stomach flu (which was not on my tightly programmed schedule–what was the bug thinking???!!!), it’s been a rush!

But if you’d like to drop by and comment on these various blogs/interviews, you’ll have a chance to win a book, or in some cases there are 2 being given away!

Here, I’m talking about cads or dads with Mason at Thoughts in Progress, but remember, you can have both…if you want to take a chance on the wild side!

And here with Greta at I Don’t Want to Wait, I Want the Book Now, where the discussion is about Werewolves, Bigfoot, and Hunters, Oh My! I talk about one of the scenes in the book–first meeting of the hero and heroine when she’s given his room key by accident and how this came to me from my own experiences, minus the hunky guy, unfortunately!

Susan at Love Romance Passion interviewed me and asked me all kinds of thought-provoking questions, which meant she asked me a lot of hard questions! 🙂 And I loved it, so stop by and see what she had to say.


At Literary Escapism, I talked about–literary escapism! Hey, after trying to come up with so many different and unusual blog post ideas, my brain grasps whatever is out there! 🙂

And this was fun, a different kind of blog–a tarot reading for Cameron MacPherson from Legend of the White Wolf. When Arwen told me that Cameron faltered between being an assassin and a priest, that had me worried. Would he still be considered heroic? Very interesting way to do an in depth other kind of study of character!

All these contests are ongoing through next week, for at least a few days! Next Saturday, I’ll post this week’s upcoming links. Although I try to give a daily heads up here:

I’m also at Fuzzy Pink Slippers Writers, and have had a blast with the ladies there, talking about how crazy it gets when trying to do too many things at once. Do you ever forget your characters’ names or how they’re spelled? Or which book they’re in??? Nicole is nodding vigorously here, but not about her own writing—about mine as she’s critiquing it!!! Thanks, Nicole, for keeping me straight on names!


I’m off to work on a hundred things this weekend, but if you have a moment and want to check out the blogs, say hi, have a chance at winning a book, and many of these blogs are all too happy to host author’s interviews or guest blogs, so check them out!

Have a super Saturday!!!

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Legend of the White Wolf Being Shipped!

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Fans are already receiving notices that pre-orders of Legend of the White Wolf are on their way! 🙂

update!!! I’m here at Vampires from a Different Perspective talking about werewolves and vampires and gargoyles, oh my!


Yep, you’ll find snowmobiles and snow, and shifting wolves in this winter wonderland in Legend of the White Wolf!

And now–Legend of the White Wolf is in stock at Amazon!!!


The 4th book in Terry Spear’s Werewolf series can easily be a stand alone read. In Legend of the White Wolf she takes us on a suspense filled journey to the frozen forest of Maine. Spear’s attention to vivid detail and emotions makes it impossible not to feel as if you are right there with the characters, feeling the cold bite of an arctic wind, or enjoying the warmth as your fingers run through a wolf’s fur. The characters come off the pages and grab your attention quickly. Legend of the White Wolf will have you wondering who the good guys really are, and turning pages all night long!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cameron MacPherson has come to Maine, determined to find his two Seattle PI business partners who are late returning from their hunting trip. Faith O’Malley is there to track down her ex-boyfriend who stole her father’s secret research. When the hotel mistakenly gives Faith the key to Cameron’s room they are both surprised at the sudden attraction between them. Business, not pleasure is foremost on their minds. They soon find that their investigations are heading in the same direction, and they are suddenly involved with murders, mystical wolves, and a group of fanatics determined to prove the existence of werewolves.

Everything changes in the frozen backcountry as the passion between them can no longer be denied and heats up as they work as a team. However, when a wolf attacks and Cameron is bitten they soon realize that there is more to the legends of mystical wolves than just a story. Now they must work with the lupus garou pack to solve the murders, save the pack, and the future of the entire lupus garou world. But when the alpha male sets his sights on Faith can a newly changed Cameron survive the challenge and claim Faith for himself?

Have you read Legend of the White Wolf? If so, please feel free to leave a comment letting others know what you think.~~Rhonda V, Vampire Romance Books

Arctic Wolf discussion here…See wolf on left, he’s more beta, ears back, head down lower. The other two are having a discussion. 🙂

What do you think they’re talking about? Legend of the White Wolf, of course. That’s only natural because these guys are in Maine, talking about the mess they got into with some human types….It was winter then. You can see it’s later in the year now, and they’re STILL talking about the mess they’d gotten into. 🙂
Also, here’s a chance to win a copy of Deadly Liaisons, or another book of your choice:


And here is the proposed cover for Wolf Fever–isn’t he gorgeous? I mean, Leidolf??? 🙂

I just sent off Wolf Fever!
Next, time to do final line edits for Seduced by the Wolf and The Accidental Highland Hero…

Have a super Sunday!


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Arctic Wolves Have the Advantage!

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We might not have the white stuff, but we definitely have the cold weather today while we try to stay warm during the deep freeze that hit the US.

Sixteen degrees and 35 mph winds is way too cold for those of us in Texas where our blood is thin and barely anyone owns any wool.

Now, if you were this Arctic wolf, he’d wonder what all the fuss was about! Note how the snow hasn’t even melted on his face? With a double coat of fur, the snow doesn’t reach his skin where the heat would melt it. He must have bitten at the snow, don’t you think? to have it on his chinny-chin-chin, and nose, too?

He’s really fascinated with something. Maybe a little white rabbit that burrowed into his hole. The wolf’s ears are perked, listening to every sound he can hear.

I hear the wind howling, the air around me, despite the electric heater being on emergency heat, cold and drafty. Hopefully they’ve sanded the twin bridges over the lake that I have to cross to get to work. If I were a wolf, I’d just spread my paws because they have great traction on ice. And if they’re running through deep snow, they also have the advantage of weighing less, broadening their feet, making a wolf tracker believe the wolf is much, much bigger than the true size of his prey. In this case, the wolf was tracking his prey–a moose. 🙂

Yep, if I were one of these Arctic wolves, I definitely wouldn’t be worried about the cold! Note his narrowed eyes, his ears perked, his fur fluffed to the max? It makes him look bigger, more of a threat, and the narrowed eyes makes him appear wary.

I’m off to a blustery, bitter cold day, but I’ll think of being a wolf, warm and toasty in its splendorous coat of fur!

And if you’d like to read more about them, check out Legend of the White Wolf where legend becomes reality, and Arctic wolves are not what they seem, due out Feb 1. 🙂

Sooo, how is your weather where you are today??? And wouldn’t you like to have a wolf coat for a day? Or better yet, visit with one of those sexy werewolf hunks and let him warm you up instead???

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Need a Hunk of a Vampire?

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Or a werewolf? Some say that choosing between a werewolf or a vampire is a difficult choice. Others know just what they want. In Deadly Liaisons, the vampires shift into wolves when need be,  so you don’t have to give up one for the other!

Deadly Liaisons is out now! And 32% off the cover price at Amazon.

book cover here

This review just came in last night!

5 Angel Review from Fallen Angels:

With its non-stop action and interwoven network of twists and turns, Terry Spear has written a tremendously gripping story in Deadly Liaisons. I was pulled instantly in on page one and held spellbound to the very end. Ms. Spear’s writing is tight and compelling. The plot is fully fleshed out, and the characters, including numerous supporting characters, are strong and engaging.

There are some pretty hot love scenes between Tezra and Daemon, but their emotionally-charged love story, woven as it is throughout the suspense-filled action, is the best part of this book. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good suspense-filled mystery spiked with enough action and romance to get your blood pumping. Well done, Ms. Spear! I’m looking forward to your sequel for Katie and Atreides, Daemon’s twin? If I don’t miss my guess, you hinted at one.

Reviewed by: Merrylee

On my blog at Fresh Fiction about Realistic Urban Fantasies, I’m giving away a copy of Deadly Liaisons to one commenter by Wednesday to ring in the New Year!


And back to werewolves!

Destiny of the Wolf is up for Best Cover! Okay, so begging for votes, if you haven’t already and are so inclined, the wolf hunk and I would love your vote!

“My” wolves are howling the news. Looks like they rolled in the snow and their fur is all wet! 🙂 I love this picture, showing how all three are howling in a different direction, just trying to get the word out!


And some more on the wolfier side: Mason Canyon reviewed To Tempt the Wolf at Thoughts in Progress!

“To Tempt the Wolf” will have you on the edge of your seat waiting and wondering what happens next.

Author Terry Spear weaves a tale of human and wolf so intriguing that you will believe in werewolves. You will be mesmerized by the story and captivated by the bond between Tessa and Hunter. When the murderer is finally revealed, you’ll be caught off guard.

This is the third installment in the wolf series by Ms. Spear. The other books include: “Heart of the Wolf” and “Destiny of the Wolf.” “Legend of the White Wolf” is scheduled for release in early 2010. For more on Ms. Spear’s books, as well as the award-winning teddy bears she creates, visit her Website at http://www.terryspear.com

This paranormal romance will have you howling for more and searching for your own “alpha lupus garous.”


I also just received a wonderful review from Romance Reader at Seriously Reviewed for Heart of the Wolf:
Review: Passionate, thrilling, dangerous, and unforgettable. Ms. Spear has penned a scintillating tale of wolves. Not your typical werewolf story, but a deeper more meaningful perspective.

I loved that this story didn’t always go where I expected it to. I hated that Bella’s solution was to run away from her problems, yet to stay would have meant the death of the wolf she loves. Alpha males aren’t supposed to be sweet and agreeable and in the case of Volan, he isn’t. But Devlyn is hardly a beta hero. He’s strong, determined and sexy as hell. Fight scenes that will have your heart pounding and love scenes to leave you breathless. This story has everything to make a wonderful read.

Seriously Reviewed


Now, back to vampires!

Drooling is out for vampires…no blood dripping down cheeks! It’s totally not cool.

Bright red lips, ice white teeth, beautiful fangs, and a cherry wedged between the teeth–totally cool. 🙂

Vampires have nice smooth faces because they’re more…cultured. But vampires with beards remind me of werewolves, not vampires. Totally cool for werewolves, uncool for vampires.

Black shadows around eyes to denote scariness or something–totally uncool. I have dark shadows when I don’t get enough sleep. It’s not sexy. Vampires are sexy. Even when they’re evil. That’s what makes them scary. They’re just too compelling, and you wouldn’t think there’s anything wrong until they reveal nice ice white fangs and then…it’s probably too late. So black shadows uncool. No shadows, totally cool.

I’m off to work on Wolf Fever today, 6th book in the wolf series, deadline in a week or so, and wanted to wish everyone the best of New Years!

May all your urban fantasy dreams come true!


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Merry Christmas to Urban Fantasy Lovers Everywhere!

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To Tempt the Wolf was nominated for The Romance Studio’s Cupid and Psyche Awards (CAPA) and I was furthered nominated as favorite author, which was exciting, to say the least! 🙂


I was thrilled to receive the notice from a fan or otherwise I might not have ever known!

Today my son is doing the proverbial male Christmas shopping trip on Christmas eve. I’m writing on Wolf Fever--1,100 words to go to make word count.

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Or do you have to get one last thing today?

So what is everyone having for Christmas Eve dinner? I was going to fix a roast, but there were none to be had. I’m fixing corned beef and cabbage, potatoes and carrots instead. And my son’s girlfriend brought chocolate chip cookies…we’re all set.We’re playing chicken foot dominoes in a little while.

Now we have 40 mph winds of blowing snow and gusts up to 50 mph. Hope Santa doesn’t get blown out of our path! 🙂

So what are you having tonight?

Happy Christmas Eve! And may your world be filled with urban fantasy fun!


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Wishing You a Wolfishly Festive Holiday!

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I used to be known as the bear lady (and still make the award-winning bears). This is my santa bear.

Well now with my wolf series out, I’ve taken on the tag of wolf lady! 🙂

So here’s Penny bear, who is hoarding copies of Destiny of the Wolf and To Tempt the Wolf.  She already gave away her copies of Heart of the Wolf, and is looking forward to the new year and two new books, Deadly Liaisons and Legend of the White Wolf!

So soon, I’ll be having contests–but if you can’t wait, Deadly Liaisons is 33% off the cover price on Amazon right now for preorders.

In the meantime, I wanted to wish everyone, wolf, vampire, and other kinds of shapeshifter lovers a very Merry Christmas and best of the holiday season. 🙂

And if you have the time, hug a shapeshifter! You’ll be glad you did. 🙂


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What Kind of Music Do Shapeshifters Listen To?

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On Facebook, Barbara Vey wrote:

Barbara Vey Anyone use music for inspiration while writing? Tell me what it is for a blog I’m writing for PW. Thanks!

I was actually asked this question about one of my vampire romantic suspenses. My vampires do not listen to Rock ‘n Roll when they have their gatherings. Too wild, too noisy, too unsettling. I mean, who wants to listen to it without moving to the beat? Try having that luscious vampire sink his teeth into your neck while you’re wiggling about to the music. It would hurt. Big time. So no fun when listening to hot dancing music.

Nice harp or piano music with a mysterious New Age sound works for me. 🙂 And for them. Romantic, sexy, in the mood kind of music. And what about wolf shapeshifters? Adventure music like theme music from The Bourne Identity, Paycheck, Alexander and others that have more of a tone of movement, action, mystery, adventure.  With my Highlander series, I love to listen to the old world themes in a lot of the movies that visited the past. Although I’ve mistakenly picked up a couple of cds for historical movies that had Rock ‘n Roll themes that ruin the whole mood. And I play lots and lots of Celtic music. I love a lot of New Age music that have no vocals. I end up listening to the words instead of the music if they have vocals.

So what should shapeshifters listen to? Whatever gets them in the mood!

Hope everyone is having a super holiday season. I’m sharing sexy Santas all month at:


Happy Holidays!


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Thanksgiving for Werewolves!

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It’s actually springtime in my current work in progress which was Plight of the Wolf and is now officially: Wolf Fever!!! Which means the cover artists will be working on a cover now. This release is for the fall of 2010.
In Destiny of the Wolf, book 2, I actually have a Thanksgiving scene, where the werewolf pack gives thanks, but after a deadly matter has to be decided, wolf style.  The story shows how a werewolf pack has Thanksgiving!
Now, here’s a picture of a wolf on the hunt, which is perfect for a Thanksgiving/fall theme…he’s off to get his turkey! 🙂

My next book would have been set at Christmas, but my books were changed around and so the next had to be a springtime theme, Seduced by the Wolf.
I like to write for the different seasons. It helps to give a different perspective to all the trouble they can get into.  Unless of course they lived in Florida, and then the seasons nearly blend in with each other. Yes, in Central Florida we wore coats. But….no fall, barely any winter to speak of, and mostly just hot, muggy heat. 🙂 So seasons didn’t have the impact they do elsewhere.
I’m getting ready to write some on Wolf Fever before I start the turkey. Yep, two celebrations. Two days to make Thanksgiving special. 🙂
So I have a couple of questions this time:
What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
What do you think of the new title for Plight of the Wolf: Wolf Fever?
I love it! And can’t wait to see what they come up with for a cover.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate, and if you don’t, I’ll wolf down an extra wing just for you!!! 🙂
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Do Shapeshifters Celebrate Halloween?

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First, I wanted to say that these wolves were actually celebrating their first Halloween at Wolf Howl Animal Preserve and this was their first pumpkin. These are sisters and the one is showing the other how to tackle the big orange thing. 🙂

But what if they are really werewolves in disguise? Sure, why not celebrate Halloween? Or any other holiday that they’d like too! Here’s a hunky wolfish guy having a little Halloween fun when not in his wolf coat.

And here’s what I’d like to be able to carve if I only had the talent!

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween! My daughter and her friends are coming over for scary movies and dinner–everyone’s bringing something so it should be lots of fun!

Doing anything special for Halloween???

PS–Did I mention Book 7 & 8 of the werewolf series sold??? Dreaming of the Wolf and Taming the Highland Wolf will be out in 2011. 🙂 I’m working currently on Plight of the Wolf, Book 6. 🙂



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Shapeshifters Do…What???

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100509 blog 2First, for the great news! Book 7 and 8 just sold to Sourcebooks. More wolf tails, uhm, tales to come!

Jake’s story is Book 7, Dreaming of the Wolf, Darien’s brother in Destiny of the Wolf. And Book 8 is about a werewolf romance writer who has writer’s block. Now just think, would a hunky Highlander help unblock you???

Or…would you forget your mission? 🙂

This is a picture of Jake, by the way, before he shapeshifts. He has to remove his tag first. Doesn’t he have wolfish eyes?

Just like people, werewolves like to have hobbies. Or at least some of them do. It makes them more…human. 🙂 But like any world you build, it has to make sense, fit in somewhat with the paranormal world. Of course, you can do the opposite of what readers would expect, and that’s fun, too.

The same with occupations. What if a werewolf was a ballerina? Doesn’t seem like it quite fits. The one more nature loving and agile, but in a wolfish way. The other, delicate, but sturdy, and…well, frilly to my way of thinking. Although ballet dancers can be very seductive, in more of fae like roles. I watched a bunch of different ballet dances like that…some very sexy and primitive, the costumes, silky and earthen tones–just the kind that would suit a werewolf dancer. So I guess, any occupation could work, as long as the job still seemed to suit the shapeshifting persona of the character.

What about hobbies? A respite from the normal way a wolf would behave? Sure. Although it might be hard to visual an alpha leader type knitting baby booties. 🙂

So the question is then, what does a Highland werewolf like to do as a hobby???

Hope everyone has a super Saturday! My computer crashed and so my son is here to the rescue. 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male–with a kilted hunk to boot!”


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