September Update from Deborah Cooke

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There’s something about September. Maybe it’s the habit of getting ready to go back to school – even long after we’ve finished doing that! – or maybe it’s the fall snap in the air. Either way, there’s a new energy afoot in September. I find myself with lots to do each year, and lots of initiative to get things done. Septembers in publishing then start to perpetuate their energy, as most print books spend a year in the production cycle. This year, you’ll see the fruits of what I wrote last year – and what I write this year will be out next fall.

So, what’s coming up? First of all, I have a novella in the anthology THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE II – this is the one with the steampunk vampire chick on the cover. It’s my first vampire piece and I had fun with it – my contribution is called “Coven of Mercy.” The antho goes on sale September 22 but it looks as if Amazon has it in stock now.

Next up will be book #2 in my future-set fantasy romance series, featuring fallen angel heroes in a post-nuclear, pre-Apocalyptic world. GUARDIAN goes on sale September 30, and is the sequel to FALLEN. Tanzey at FreshFiction wrote a wonderful review which you can read HERE. You can read the cover copy and an excerpt – and check out the gorgeous cover! – right HERE.

Next up will be book #4 in my Dragonfire series from NAL Eclipse. WINTER KISS is Delaney’s story, and tells of his quest to eliminate the Dragon’s Blood Elixir. Of course, he isn’t planning on having his firestorm right in the middle of his mission, much less on the force of nature that is Ginger Sinclair. Tanzey was quick with reviews this summer – you can read the Fresh Fiction review of this book HERE. You can read the cover copy and an excerpt – and check out another gorgeous cover! – right HERE. WINTER KISS goes on sale November 3.

I will be the opening keynote speaker at the Emerald City Writers’ Conference in early October, plus I’ll be teaching a workshop. There’s a booksigning associated with the conference, as well, one that I believe is open to the public. I will be doing a couple of booksignings in Toronto at the beginning of November with both new titles – you can always check out my schedule on THIS PAGE of my blog.

And finally, I will be the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library in October and November of this year. There are several public events associated with the residency – these are free events, but you need to register with the library that you plan to attend. One will be an intro to me and the residency, and for the other, we’ll have a panel discussion with an editor and agent about the other side of the business. If you’re too far away to attend, there is also a blog associated with the residency, which will launch on October 5. We’ll talk about the romance genre, about writing and publishing, and will have some guest bloggers, too. This is the first time that the TPL has offered a residency focussed on the romance genre, so I’m honoured to have gotten the post – and I think it will be a lot of fun! More information about the residency is posted HERE.

Phew! I think that’s enough to keep me out of mischief, don’t you?

Deborah Cooke
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Winner of FALLEN

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KEIRA is the lucky winner of a signed copy of FALLEN. Keira, check your inbox for a message from me about claiming your prize.

Thanks everyone for sharing your favourite Halloween costumes!


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You Shapeshifter, You

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It’s that time of year again, the time when each and every one of us gets to shift into (or dress up as) someone or something else.

According to Celtic tradition, Samhain is the night when the veil between the worlds draws thin, when it’s easier to get in touch with the dead because they’re able to be in our midst again. Pumpkins carved into frightening faces and candles in the window are supposed to keep our demons and our dead at bay, and dressing up was a means of disguising yourself from any ghouls out to get you. Samhain became All Hallows Eve, the night before All Souls Day, when the Christian monks arrived in what is now the U.K.

And we still dress up, though whether it’s to deceive the living or the dead is anyone’s guess.

Which brings me to the question of shape shifting – what will you “be” this Halloween?

If you’re not dressing up, what was your favourite Halloween costume ever?

Tell me why and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of FALLEN, as a little spooky Halloween prize.

I’ll start – my favourite costume was one that we threw together when I was about ten. I was at my friend’s family cottage the weekend before Halloween and it turned out their local community centre was having an early Halloween party. I didn’t have a costume, because I hadn’t known to bring one, so we rummaged around the cottage. I became a gypsy fortune teller – the best part of it was that my “crystal ball” was an upside down goldfish bowl. Remember the round glass ones? My friend’s mom came up with that idea, and she tied a flowing scarf around the mouth of the bowl so it wasn’t obvious what it was. We ran around chanting “eenie meenie jelly beanie” for a while, probably long enough to drive the adults nuts. It was fun.

Your turn!

Deborah Cooke
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Are Fallen Angels Shape Shifters?

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I’m asking this, not just because FALLEN which comes out at the end of this month features a hero who is a fallen angel, but because I can’t decide. I hadn’t thought of this series as having anything to do with shape shifters, then my husband said “well, why not?”

You know how it is with those questions tossed across the dinner table. Sometimes they make you stop and think. If nothing else, they make you doubt your assumptions.

Why not?



First, let me tell you a bit about this new world of mine. It setting is the late 21st century, the world has survived a number of nuclear attacks, and spontaneous mutations are common among humans. Mutated humans, though, are called shades – because they have failed the criteria outlined in the Sub Human Atomic Deviancy Evaluation – and essentially enslaved to do manual labour. The shades are out of sight and essentially out of mind for many. There is a group of scientists called the Society of Nuclear Darwinists who do ongoing investigations of the effects of radiation upon humans – their shade hunters also “harvest” shades that they discover, and send them either to the Society’s research labs or surrender them to the federal government.

It’s not a nice world, but you probably picked that up already.

But it’s also a world on the cusp of the Apocalypse, and the angels are intervening to save humanity from ourselves. Angels, in this scenario, volunteer to take flesh. As angels, they are beings of light and energy, who can choose to reveal themselves to humans or not. They are above and beyond sensation and sensory detail. But those volunteers have their wings removed, sacrificing their angelic status to become human. They become mortal, and are indistinguishable from “norms” — except for the two diagonal scars on their backs (which would condemn them as shades, if revealed.) Each takes a mission, and once that mission is complete, regains his wings and his angelic status.

(It’s not a spoiler to tell you that so far, I’m two-for-two on fallen angel heroes who choose to stay on earth, for the love of the good woman they’ve found. These are romances, after all!)

But you see, there is a transformation, from a being of light to a mortal man. And I guess that could be considered shape shifting. I didn’t think of that before because for me, shape shifting is a more back-and-forth thing, changing at the full moon or at will, or on some more regular basis than, um, ONCE.

What do you think? Is this shape shifting? Or not?

Deborah Cooke
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