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Finally stopped back here for a visit – it’s been a crazy spring. Here’s a big wave to everyone!

My paranormal YA series, THE DRAGON DIARIES launched this month. This series is a spin-off of my Dragonfire series, featuring dragon shape shifters. FLYING BLIND is the first book in a trilogy, featuring the coming of age of Zoë. She’s the only dragon shapeshifter and so she should be the Wyvern and have special powers. The problem is that her powers are AWOL and she has no idea how to develop them. In book one, her first shift is triggered so she gets sent to dragon shifter boot camp with the other dragon shifters – where the young dragons discover that it’s up to them to save their kind from a new threat. Book #2, WINGING IT, will be out in December, followed by book #3, BLAZING THE TRAIL, next June.

You can read more about The Dragon Diaries on my website for it, right here. I’m also in the midst of a blog tour this month, so there are reviews, and guest posts and copies of the book to be won – read more here.

In Dragonfire, DARKFIRE KISS was released in May. That’s the story of Rafferty’s firestorm, and it had awesome reviews – you can read about the book right here. There are two more Dragonfire titles scheduled: FLASHFIRE in January 2012 and Dragonfire #8 in October 2012 (no title on that one yet.)

Lots of dragons in my office this year!

In other news, I’ve been republishing some of my Claire Delacroix backlist digitally this year. All of these books are available for Kindle for $2.99, and at Smashwords – they are perking their way to other distributors like Apple, Sony, KOBO and Barnes & Noble.

The Rogues of Ravensmuir is a medieval trilogy, each book featuring a hero with something to hide. These are a bit Gothic, and I’m glad to see them available again – especially with wonderful new covers. They are THE ROGUE, THE SCOUNDREL and THE WARRIOR. You can see the covers and read excerpts here, plus connect to buy links.

Three of my time travels are also available again. LOVE POTION #9, THE MOONSTONE and ONCE UPON A KISS were originally published under my pseudonym Claire Cross and have been unavailable for a long time. It’s exciting to have new covers on them, too. You can read about them right here.

And last but not least, the only wolf shifter book I’ve ever written was a medieval published by Harlequin Historicals called ENCHANTED. I’ve just learned that they’re going to re-release that book digitally in July. This book features a hero cursed to be a wolf half of the time, a fairy tale feel, and a heroine who just doesn’t take no for an answer – especially when her HEA is at stake. I love this book and am quite excited about this. There’s a bit more about it here on my site, but you’ll have to scroll way down.

Edited to add – Actually, Harlequin is going to republish that entire trilogy. Links and stuff on my blog, right here.

Phew! That’s all my news!

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Cover for First Dragonfire YA

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I’m so excited! I’ve got the cover for FLYING BLIND, the first in the trilogy of dragon YA titles coming from NAL next summer. These are linked to my Dragonfire series – the trilogy is called The Dragon Diaries.

The trilogy focuses on Zoë coming into her powers as the new Wyvern. FLYING BLIND is book #1 and will be released in June 2011. Tentative pub dates for #2 and #3 are December 2011 and June 2012.

Hop over to my blog and take a peek!

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New Dragonfire Cover

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Hi all –

The cover for WHISPER KISS, my fifth Dragonfire title, is done. I love it! This is Niall’s book, and will be released August 3, 2010. Have a peek:

Pop over to my blog to read the copy and see a much larger version. For some reason, it’s coming up small here.

Do you love it as much as I do?

Deborah Cooke

Alive & Knitting blog

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October Update from Deborah Cooke

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What a busy month! But I’m making progress on my To Do list, one item at a time.

First up this month was the opening reception at the Toronto Public Library. I’m the writer-in-residence there for this month and next month, the first time that TPL has offered a residency focussed on the romance genre. The opening reception went really well and I had fun meeting many other authors. Later this month, there will be an online chat hosted by the library as part of their Book Buzz program – that will be on October 28th. And throughout this month and next, I’m building a blog for the library, which is a resource for aspiring writers about writing and publishing in the romance genre. You can check out the blog HERE – I’ll add a link for the online chat closer to the date.

I also just got home from the Emerald City Writers’ Conference hosted by the Greater Seattle RWA chapter, where I taught two workshops and gave the opening keynote. It was a terrific conference, attended by 250 people, and I had a great time. The bookfair was wonderful, not just for the opportunity to meet attendees but because it was open to the public.

Another exciting event this month was a complete surprise. Eloisa James gave my second fallen angel book, GUARDIAN, a great review in her column on the Barnes and Noble site, and made it the feature book for October on the reader forum. I was the guest author on October 5 there, which was a lot of fun.

Back at the home office, Niall’s book has gone into Production. That’s Dragonfire #5 and it will be out next August. I’ll tell you more about it when Delaney’s book has had its moment in the sun.

Because, yes, WINTER KISS will be on sale in just a few short weeks! You can read the excerpt and back copy HERE, an out-take scene HERE, and reviews HERE and HERE. I love this book and hope that you all enjoy it as well.

What’s next on my desk? Rafferty’s book, of course. But no spoilers on that any time soon.

I hope your October is busy and happy, and will be back to talk to you on November 3, when Delaney makes his debut in the world.

Happy reading in the meantime!
Deborah Cooke
Alive & Knitting blog

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BOM: Winter Kiss, Deborah Cooke

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Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Release Date: Nov 3, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22843-7

The mysterious Dragon’s Blood Elixir gives immortality to Magnus, the Pyr’s greatest enemy, and his minions. The Pyr must destroy this source of power, and outcast Delaney vows to complete the quest himself. Delaney was exiled because of his dangerous impulses, and success in eliminating the Elixir will either redeem him or end his suffering.
But his plans don’t take into account his sudden firestorm—or fiery Ginger Sinclair. The firestorm revitalizes Delaney, restoring him to his old self. And when Ginger learns about Delaney’s mission, she realizes she cannot resist a strong man with a noble agenda.

Deborah Cooke continues on her epic journey of the life struggles of the Pyr, she takes a refreshing turn and delves into the possibility of the superior intelligence of infants. The Buddhists in Asia believe that their beloved Dali Lama is reincarnated over and over again throughout the eons, compiling his knowledge and wisdom. Deborah examines that theory with her own oracle in Winter Kiss. The theory that an infant can pass on knowledge given her from a higher source. Whether she understands what she is passing along isn’t quite as important as getting people to listen to her. As we humans struggle with our divine path, so does Delany, rebuking the signs bestowed upon him. Believing his way is the only resolution to the Pyr’s dilemma. In this, Delany struggles against the gift given to him, to carry out the destiny he believes to be true.

I certainly didn’t struggle against the gifts Deborah bestowed upon me in Winter Kiss. I blazed right through this novel, holding my breath most of the time. Panting a little, I admit, through some very hot romantic scenes. Exhaling as the characters started piecing together the signs to solve their latest enigma. Enjoying as I do, reading a novel that, even in the tiniest ways I can relate to my own life. (and no, I’m not referring back to the sexy parts, wink, wink.) Instead, I reflect on the main characters and their love of farming.  Thomas Jefferson once stated, “…cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens…” God’s little signs pointing the way down my own proper path, I suppose.
∞Penelope Fitzgerald

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September Update from Deborah Cooke

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There’s something about September. Maybe it’s the habit of getting ready to go back to school – even long after we’ve finished doing that! – or maybe it’s the fall snap in the air. Either way, there’s a new energy afoot in September. I find myself with lots to do each year, and lots of initiative to get things done. Septembers in publishing then start to perpetuate their energy, as most print books spend a year in the production cycle. This year, you’ll see the fruits of what I wrote last year – and what I write this year will be out next fall.

So, what’s coming up? First of all, I have a novella in the anthology THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE II – this is the one with the steampunk vampire chick on the cover. It’s my first vampire piece and I had fun with it – my contribution is called “Coven of Mercy.” The antho goes on sale September 22 but it looks as if Amazon has it in stock now.

Next up will be book #2 in my future-set fantasy romance series, featuring fallen angel heroes in a post-nuclear, pre-Apocalyptic world. GUARDIAN goes on sale September 30, and is the sequel to FALLEN. Tanzey at FreshFiction wrote a wonderful review which you can read HERE. You can read the cover copy and an excerpt – and check out the gorgeous cover! – right HERE.

Next up will be book #4 in my Dragonfire series from NAL Eclipse. WINTER KISS is Delaney’s story, and tells of his quest to eliminate the Dragon’s Blood Elixir. Of course, he isn’t planning on having his firestorm right in the middle of his mission, much less on the force of nature that is Ginger Sinclair. Tanzey was quick with reviews this summer – you can read the Fresh Fiction review of this book HERE. You can read the cover copy and an excerpt – and check out another gorgeous cover! – right HERE. WINTER KISS goes on sale November 3.

I will be the opening keynote speaker at the Emerald City Writers’ Conference in early October, plus I’ll be teaching a workshop. There’s a booksigning associated with the conference, as well, one that I believe is open to the public. I will be doing a couple of booksignings in Toronto at the beginning of November with both new titles – you can always check out my schedule on THIS PAGE of my blog.

And finally, I will be the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library in October and November of this year. There are several public events associated with the residency – these are free events, but you need to register with the library that you plan to attend. One will be an intro to me and the residency, and for the other, we’ll have a panel discussion with an editor and agent about the other side of the business. If you’re too far away to attend, there is also a blog associated with the residency, which will launch on October 5. We’ll talk about the romance genre, about writing and publishing, and will have some guest bloggers, too. This is the first time that the TPL has offered a residency focussed on the romance genre, so I’m honoured to have gotten the post – and I think it will be a lot of fun! More information about the residency is posted HERE.

Phew! I think that’s enough to keep me out of mischief, don’t you?

Deborah Cooke
blogging most weekdays at Alive & Knitting

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All in a Day’s Work

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eternalmoon-125I was meeting with my critique group last week, and I wanted some help with an incident in the plot of my next Berkley book. But first I needed to fill them in on the story.

I started off by explaining that my hero is a shape-shifting man/dragon. They more or less took that in stride. Then I told them his main food is blood.

“Let me get this straight,” one of my friends said. “He’s a shape-shifting vampire dragon?”


“Isn’t that a little much?”

“I don’t think so, and I already established his background in DRAGON MOON. So I can’t change it.”

I went on with the plot. “The heroine gets wounded. And his blood has healing powers. So he cuts himself and smears some of his blood on her cut.”

“Okay–so he’s a shape-shifting vampire dragon who is also a natural healer?” the same person asks.

“Um, I guess that’s right. I wasn’t thinking about it quite that way. I was just plotting the book and thought that cutting himself to heal her would make a nice scene. Then I thought–and hey, his blood also has aphrodisiac properties. So after he heals her, they are both really turned on, and they make love. That will also be a really good scene.”

By this time, questioner is taking notes. “So he’s a shape-shifting vampire dragon healer incubus?”

“No! He’s not an incubus. His blood just has aphrodisiac powers.”

“Anything else we should know about him?”

“Yeah, he’s not from earth. He’s a space alien.”

“Does he have to be a space alien?”

“Yes. I already explained, it’s established in DRAGON MOON.”

The original questioner asks, “Can I read DRAGON MOON?”

“No. I just turned it in to Berkley.”

“Okay, let me know as soon as it’s available.”

“I will.”

At that point, someone else says, “Rebecca, I’d like to be inside your mind for fifteen minutes.”

I’m not sure whether that’s a compliment or a complaint. Do my fantasies seem weird to you? Or am I just your normal paranormal romantic suspense author?


Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick)  **  http://www.rebeccayork.com
ETERNAL MOON, Berkley Sensation, 4/09
MORE THAN A MAN, Harlequin Intrigue, 8/09

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Holiday Extravaganza, Contest Question 2, Deborah Cooke

December 16, 2008 at 6:00 am (Contests, Deborah Cooke) (, , , , )

Hi everyone! Welcome back! Hope the holidays are treating you with kindness.

Today’s contest is for Deborah Cooke’s KISS OF FIRE!

Today’s question for the 16th of December: Have you ever purposely walked beneath the mistletoe, hoping for a kiss?

All prizes will be announced on 30 December.

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Dragon Brother & Panther Sister???

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In my werewolf stories, my characters are strictly werewolf shapeshifters, but in an earlier futuristic novel I wrote the brother is a dragon and the sister is a panther shapeshifter. I’d never read any shapeshifter stories at the time and the focus wasn’t so much on their shifting as the plight of their world and the fact the hero doesn’t know about her strange ability and she’s afraid he’ll cast her aside when he does learn of it. 🙂

But since then, I’ve tried to keep my werewolf series as realistic as possible and was wondering about the feasibility of a brother and sister who become different kinds of animals. I know that some authors write about creatures that are parts of different animals, or can change into a bunch of different creatures, but what about being from the same birth parents? Why would one be different from the other?

Any thoughts on the subject? 

  Terry Spear, www.terryspear.com Heart of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf, The Vampire…In My Dreams (coming Aug 26)

 I’m offering another 3-D Characterization Online Workshop– 3 lessons per week (4 weeks), mini-lessons in between, critiquing and comments on all lessons–$20.

Jul 14-Aug 8 2008

What a Character!!! Jump from Cookie Cutter to Great 3-Dimensional Characters in Your Writing!

How many times have you heard how important it is to have 3-dimensional characters?  That the publisher wants character-driven stories, not plot-driven?  To show, not tell?  But how easy is it to really write characters that come alive on the page?  Some writers have a natural ability to concoct terrific characters who are full of life.  Then there are the rest of us who need some help.  In this workshop, Terry Spear will show the difference between average characterizations and those that will get noticed! In this online class, which features lectures, discussion, practical exercises, and handouts, she’ll teach students how to captivate readers with engaging characters.

To Register for Workshop:




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