Contest and Interview Today!

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There’s a contest today and interview with me, over at Bitten By Books. The event starts at noon central time and the prizes are five copies of WHISPER KISS.

Here’s what’s already on their site.

Stop by and say hello!

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The Wolf and I

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Were you at RT this year?  As usual, it was a blast.  One of the highlights for me this year was getting to hear Piers Anthony, who was writing fantasy long before I ever thought of getting into the field.  They gave him a Pioneer of Genre Fiction Award, which he accepted at the Awards Ceremony.  And at one of the sessions,  he spoke about his early education.  Like me, he’s dyslexic.  I thought I had it bad in elementary school since I had a horrible time learning to read, but it turns out he had to repeat the first grade three times before they passed him.  His revenge was becoming a New York Times best-selling novelist.  Now he’s in his seventies and still writing at a fantastic pace.  If you’d like some insights into the publishing business, read one of his two autobiographies.

What do you think–does having a learning disability spur creativity because you have to invent alternate ways of doing things?  Or does the faulty wiring in the brain lead to creativity?  Maybe it’s a combination of both?

ruth-wolf-2If you’ve seen me at RT, either this year or in the past few years,  you’ve seen me walking around with my wolf hand puppet.  Here’s where he lives when he’s at home, dressed in a hand-woven jacket that I got at a street market in  Guatemala and a leather and fur hat that my son sent from Afghanistan.  Right now my wolf’s called Wolfie.  But I’d love some help with a new name for him.  Something exotic and romantic and perhaps a bit dangerous.  I know the hat makes him look a little bit “silly.”  But I use it to disguise his savage nature, since he sits in my living room, and I don’t want him to scare little children who visit.

Send me suggestions–through the contest on my Web site.  If I pick the name you selected, I have a fun prize.  You get to have YOUR name used in the next shapeshifter book I write.

To enter the contest, you have to sign up for my Newsletter.  All the rules are at .

I’ve got another contest running as well–with some book giveaways.  You’ll see it in the same place.


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Holiday Extravaganza, Contest Question 2, Deborah Cooke

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Hi everyone! Welcome back! Hope the holidays are treating you with kindness.

Today’s contest is for Deborah Cooke’s KISS OF FIRE!

Today’s question for the 16th of December: Have you ever purposely walked beneath the mistletoe, hoping for a kiss?

All prizes will be announced on 30 December.

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Excerpt and Contest

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I forgot all about this promo until this morning. Oops!

There’s an excerpt from KISS OF FATE (Dragonfire #3, coming in February 2009) posted at the Writers Vineyard – it actually went up yesterday – as part of their holiday/winter celebration. (I have winter, not holiday in this one. And dragons.) It’s a different excerpt than the one on my site, so pop by and have a read.

It’s HERE.

If you comment, you can win an advanced reading copy of KISS OF FATE. This is Erik’s book and I really like it…good luck!

Deborah Cooke

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You Shapeshifter, You

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It’s that time of year again, the time when each and every one of us gets to shift into (or dress up as) someone or something else.

According to Celtic tradition, Samhain is the night when the veil between the worlds draws thin, when it’s easier to get in touch with the dead because they’re able to be in our midst again. Pumpkins carved into frightening faces and candles in the window are supposed to keep our demons and our dead at bay, and dressing up was a means of disguising yourself from any ghouls out to get you. Samhain became All Hallows Eve, the night before All Souls Day, when the Christian monks arrived in what is now the U.K.

And we still dress up, though whether it’s to deceive the living or the dead is anyone’s guess.

Which brings me to the question of shape shifting – what will you “be” this Halloween?

If you’re not dressing up, what was your favourite Halloween costume ever?

Tell me why and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of FALLEN, as a little spooky Halloween prize.

I’ll start – my favourite costume was one that we threw together when I was about ten. I was at my friend’s family cottage the weekend before Halloween and it turned out their local community centre was having an early Halloween party. I didn’t have a costume, because I hadn’t known to bring one, so we rummaged around the cottage. I became a gypsy fortune teller – the best part of it was that my “crystal ball” was an upside down goldfish bowl. Remember the round glass ones? My friend’s mom came up with that idea, and she tied a flowing scarf around the mouth of the bowl so it wasn’t obvious what it was. We ran around chanting “eenie meenie jelly beanie” for a while, probably long enough to drive the adults nuts. It was fun.

Your turn!

Deborah Cooke
Alive & Knitting blog

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Are Shape Shifters Real? & A PRIZE!!!

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Read the blog and answer the question at the end of the posting for a chance to win a fairy teddy bear–yellow mohair, leather paws, $40 value!

Of course Shape Shifters are real or we wouldn’t write about them, right? But actually, I’m thinking more about how the world that we create sees shape shifters. Do they know they exist? Or are they a secret society?

The winner will be announced next Wednesday! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

In most of my vampire stories, vampires exist. Everyone knows about them. Some are hunters of rogue vampires. And they have their own society within the society. Except for in The Vampire…In My Dreams. In that one, vampires are only myth. Witches are real however. 🙂

Likewise in my werewolf shape shifter stories, they don’t exist except for in the creative writings of authors or the mythologies of countries all over the world.  In a way, creating a world where the two, shape shifters and humans have to comingle, but the humans don’t know that shape shifters are real, makes it difficult. Keeping the secret is tantamount. Wouldn’t it just be easier if everyone knew about them and got on with life?

But for me, I wanted them to be a secret society, who had to shape shift without humans catching sight of them, who had to live where real wolves exist in case they were spotted in their wolf coats, or keep a really low profile.

When Bella, in Heart of the Wolf, is captured in her wolf form and put in the zoo, zoo man Thompson’s concern was that she’d mate with coyotes in the wild and so he wanted her safe and mated with a nice red male wolf–a real male wolf.  Which is fine with the male, but not with Bella–and being the alpha she is–she lets him know in no uncertain terms she’s not going for it. But then she realizes she’s in for worst trouble than being stuck in a zoo with no way out, the phase of the new moon is nearly upon her and when that occurs, she’ll be a human again, naked, in the wolf’s pen. Yep, being a werewolf incognito in a world where they don’t exist can be a real problem sometimes. 🙂

And that’s what made the world so much fun to create. Currently, I’m working on the fourth book in the series, Allure of the Wolf, where the hero and heroine have tangled with a werewolf pack, unbeknownst to them, and so this will be the first book where both the hero and heroine are human in the beginning.

In my first two stories, Heart of the Wolf and Don’t Cry Wolf, both the hero and heroines are already werewolves, so they understand all the ramifications of being thus. It’s just dealing with other wolf packs, problems within their own packs, and keeping the secret from humans that cause the problems. In Betrayal of the Wolf, the hero is a gray, and the heroine is human, only with a twist.

Is it any easier for those who are already werewolves to fall in love with their own species than humans with shape shifters? Not really. Sure, they have some different issues, but they all have issues! 🙂 But for each, I wanted to create really different situations. In Don’t Cry Wolf, we have a town run by the werewolves, which isn’t the case in any of the other stories. And how they keep their shape shifting existence secret, and how they manage a town is totally different from Heart of the Wolf.

So if you were to create or already do create shape shifter stories, what is your favorite scenario? Shape shifters exist? Or only in fictional stories?  

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Contest Week at Shapeshifter Romance!

April 20, 2008 at 2:59 pm (General) ()

Stuffed Wolf Puppet
That’s right this week, Monday through Friday Shapeshifter Romance is going to give away a prize a day. (You actually have a full week to get your answer posted–Monday’s winner will be announced NEXT Monday, Tuesday’s NEXT Tuesday, etc.)

Entering is easy. Just stop by here each day and look for the contest question of the day. Post your answer, and you are done. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to wander around and check out the site too though, of course.

Guardian's Keep She WolfTempting Sin

Kiss of FuryNow for the prizes!

  • Monday: SheWolf by Teresa D’Amario (eBook)
  • Tuesday: Unbound or Guardian’s Keep by Lori Devoti (winners choice of which book, paperbacks)
  • Wednesday: ARC of Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke (paperback)
  • Thursday: Tempting Sin by AJ Hampton (eBook)
  • Friday: A Wolf Puppet (donated by Rebecca York)

Don’t miss out. Stop by and answer a new question every day!

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