Cougar Christmas Calamity

December 10, 2020 at 7:53 am (General) (, , , )

So I’m doing the final touches of Cougar Christmas Calamity, hope to have the ebook out by the 20th. I have little one today, and then they want me to take her overnight tomorrow, so not sure how much I’ll get done.

We did go out and do some weeding yesterday and she helped me sort through files. Then she raced around the yard. It’s supposed to be warmer this afternoon so we’ll do the weeding out back this time.

Right now I’m working on getting my 3 vampire books into print also. I need to create the print covers for each of them also and for Cougar Christmas Calamity. So I hope to get all of this done this weekend. I did get 500 words done on Bite of the Vampire, a YA. It’s at 22,000 words and I do have a cover for it. I would like to finish it up! My YAs are shorter, so I’m shooting for 50K+ and so I’m nearly halfway done on it.

I need to write the synopsis for Silence of the Wolf novella. I was thinking about it last night. I think Max, of an earlier novella in Green Valley will be the hero and the heroine will come bounding into the story as a wolf. Have no idea why, what, etc. lol

Okay, off to get ready! Have a super lovely day!


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Picking a story to write…

December 4, 2009 at 2:14 pm (General, Lori Devoti) (, , )

I have been in a weird place the last couple of weeks. First, I haven’t been on deadline. It has been MONTHS since I wasn’t on deadline. This, I’m afraid, left me in a kind of euphoric stupor…yay! no deadlines….plenty of time to do…nothing.

But then time keeps moving–darn it. And I do have things to do. I have a class I’ll be teaching in June for Write by the Lake, a manuscript to revise (not contracted, but two editors requested revisions), and a short story for my debut at Book View Cafe (I’m giving away a short story in January…assuming I get it written.), and I bought two new writing programs to play with…Snowflake and Liquid Story Binder.

I can not tell you how much time I have spent playing learning Liquid Story Binder. BUT it has been work…it HAS. Except, there’s a problem…I have plotted two stories and decided neither of them are right for the free story I need to write. The first turned out to be a novel and not even a romance novel. The second a Nocturne Bite. And because of contract considerations I can’t publish a story appropriate for a Bite without first submitting it to Nocturne. So, back to the drawing board again. I need something different…something fun, maybe almost experimental (for me) and not so complicated I turn the thing into a novel.

This just isn’t as easy as it sounds….but I think I have it…and hopefully, next week I WILL write it.

How about you? When thinking up stories which is the bigger issue…too many ideas or not enough?

Oh and check out my covers! Three, count ’em three….

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Does Paranormal Romance Rate its own sub-sub-genres?

July 23, 2009 at 12:51 pm (General, Lori Devoti) (, , )

Two or three years ago (or so) I remember going to RWA National and hearing everywhere…Paranormal is hot! Vampires are hot! BUT don’t write them…vampires that is…because publishers are overloaded. The speech would then go on to include the bit you hear a lot, that what you are seeing on shelves now was probably sold two years earlier and while vampires were dominating the shelves editors didn’t really want to see them anymore. Or, if they were still interested, they were being so selective the chances of your vampire making it to print were about the same as him surviving a bath in holy water in full noon day sun.

So, yeah, by now vampires should be dead, right?

But just like the heroes we love, dead or not, they are still going strong. (And not just in romance. Have you shopped for urban fantasy? There is a category that is seriously dominated by vampires–half-blood, full-blood, dhamphir, they are all there.)

Which is making me wonder….is paranormal romance becoming mature enough that it can support its own sub-sub-genres? Are there enough readers who search out vampires that they at least qualify as their own sub-category of paranormal romance? And most importantly, are they here to stay?

Historicals have Regencies, Scottish, Medievals, and Westerns. Contemporaries have Romantic Suspense, and Romantic Comedy. Can we now talk about paranormals the same way? If so, what would those sub-subs be? Vampires, werewolves…???

I say paranormal lovers should rise up and claim our place among the big two–contemp and historical. We deserve our sub-subs too! Who’s with me? And what should they be?

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