Halloween Treats!

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Days until Halloween = 18, Days until Halloween Treats = 0!

For those of you who can’t wait this is just a quick post to announce Familiar Magic – my shape shifting Halloween goody has just been released from Liquid Silver Books!!

What better way to get in the mood for Halloween than some paranormal treats!

It’s a Wonderful Fright – Veronica Wilde

Willow’s always been a good witch … until a bad witch hexes her sex life on Halloween.

Now she’s ready to throw her old life away for the thrill of working dark magic on every man she desires. To convince her otherwise, a pair of ghostly guides give her a taste of her life as a cruel and sexy hex mistress–a life of necromancy, debauchery, and some very submissive male slaves. But when Willow falls for the one man she can’t have in her powerful new world, she realizes that her old life was a wonderful fright indeed.

Familiar Magic – AJ Hampton

With only two days until the full moon Trenton Gregory realizes he’s got a lot more to worry about than being the area enforcer. Samantha Monroe, his destined mate, wants him to be her familiar. Fighting hormones, a pack of wolves who want him dead, the real challenge will be making it to Halloween in one piece.

Zombies Are People Too – Tiffany Aaron

Tarsala Jones, Private Investigator and journalist, has spent over a year searching out the origin of the Halloween zombie virus. Tarsala is sure there’s a sinister reason behind the outbreak. Before she can find the culprit, she has to deal with a libel suit against her.

Christopher LaRoi has the distasteful job of delivering the papers his sister-in-law filed against Tarsala Jones for libel. Chris prides himself on being in control at all times, but Tarsala blows him out of the water with her smart mouth and gorgeous body. He vows to stay as far away from her as he can.

Impossible when Tarsala appears everywhere Chris goes. Is she following him, or is she following the trail of the zombie virus?

Interested? You can read excerpts and find out more here.

AJ Hampton

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