The Incredible, Shape-Shifting Romance Author

April 26, 2009 at 3:53 pm (General, Meagan Hatfield)

Okay, I don’t know about you guys.  But while writing my shape-shifters, I’ve always wondered if changing form is a physically painful experience for them.  Well based on my own experiences, I’m going with a loud and resounding, YES!


I know as a mere human, changing from an out of shape author who spends most of the day in a desk chair, to a lean mean fighting machine, is…well, painful.  My calf muscles burn, it hurts to lift my arms higher than my shoulders and today I’m gimping around like I had one of my legs mauled by a dog.  But with the prospect of my first ever National conference looming mere months away and newly found singlehood, I couldn’t think of a better time to kick my bootie in gear, suck up the pain and let the incredible shape-shifting begin. 


As some of you know, and many of you don’t – I work 5am – noon M-F at a gym.  Now before I decided to shape-shift, the thought of coming back to the club to work out after spending the day there was just – Ugh!  But for the past few weeks, I’ve been taking three Tae-Bo classes a night, and I’ve just started a Pump Up weight training class on another.  And, yesterday I completed my first ever 8K run!  A group from our fitness center ran in the annual Crazy Legs Classic here in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.  It stormed the entire time, complete with thunder and lightening.  We were all drenched to the bone.  I’m not in this picture, (I did bring my camera phone, but it got water logged and broke) however it shows just how bad the rains were during the race. 



 My shoes made a squishing sound with each step and it felt like my clothes weighed 500 pounds.  (A friend actually weighed her shirt when she got home and it came in at 7 pounds!)  Now, I haven’t run since PE in high school, nor did I train for the event at all.  However, I finished!  Jogged into Camp Randall Stadium and crossed the 50 yard finish line with my hands in the air like Rocky.  Sure, walking sort of sucks today – I’m really stiff and my shoulders are tight.  But hey – that’s the price you pay to shape-shift, right?me-and-billy


I’m going to share a picture taken of Billy and I after an advanced video taping at NBC Studios in 2000.  Nine years, one move to the Midwest and one kid ago.  I have it framed on my wall, along with his motivation message “Keep Kicking” to help me get my butt out of the chair when I don’t feel like working out.


Now, I don’t expect to get back into a size 4, where I was in the picture.  Nor do I think I’ll be kicking ass and taking names by National’s in July.  But hopefully by the time I have my first book signings next year, I’ll be feeling strong, closer to where I used to be and able to beat my CrazyLegs time next year.  Sure, my muscles may hurt and I sometimes dread the next class, but I guess I should be lucky I’m only changing my body and not shifting bones and ligaments to shift into a were or a dragon.  *smiles*

So, authors and readers alike – let me know what you do to stay in shape!  Is anyone else out there on a “shape-shifting” mission? Do you have a favorite routine, class or goals you’re trying to achieve?  How about nutrition – any healthy recipes you’d care to share?   

Until next time ~  Meagan

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NEW Dragon Fire Contest Winner!

February 2, 2009 at 3:26 pm (Meagan Hatfield, Winners)

*Edited 2/3 to pick another winner*

First, I’d like to thank everyone for visiting and commenting yesterday! If you all love dragons as much as I do,  be sure to check out the authors to the left >>>>>>>>>>> There are some wonderful dragon-shifter books either already in the bookstores, or on their way!

And now…drum roll please….the NEW winner of thdragon-bracelet1is lovely dragon bangle bracelet is….

Tami C


Congrats, Tami!  Just e-mail me at meagan @ meaganhatfield. com (no spaces) with your mailing addy and I’ll pop it in the mail asap!

Thanks everyone for playing! 

ctr-board-header2Oh, and be sure to check all of us out over at Coffeetime Romance Boards for a month long Reader’s Retreat with some wonderful shapeshifter excerpts, chats with heroes and more prizes!

Until next time…


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New Dragon Author Saying “Hello” and a Contest!

February 1, 2009 at 12:01 pm (Contests, Meagan Hatfield)

blue-dragonHello everyone!  My name is Meagan Hatfield and today I’m going to be giving you all a teaser of my upcoming dark paranormal dragon story.  But first I’d like to thank the lovely and talented shapeshifter ladies for letting me join the fold.  I’m truly in awe and have serious fangirl moments everytime I check in here.  *smiles* 

Oh, and I have to mention that I saw Underworld – Rise of the Lycans last night…ohmigosh, it rocked the casbah!  I totally agree with Marcia – definitely a B+, maybe even an A from me, since I knew all the flaws going in and therefore failed to think they were that huge.  

It’s funny that I’m just a few posts behind Marcia’s wonderful review of Underworld 3.  Not only did I go yesterday, see and love it just as I knew I would, I actually used the phrase ‘it’s like Underworld with dragons instead of werewolves’ in my query letter to help pitch Book 1 in my dragon-shifter series, DRAGON FIRE.  lol!    

Now, I don’t know about other writers, but when I first starting writing toward publication, I was convinced I would never write anything but historical romance.  I just couldn’t see myself being able to branch out into a multi-genre writer.  Then I was asked to participate in an anthology with three other authors, and decided to try my hand at something maybe a little dark and a whole lot paranormal – my first shifter story.  I set what became my award-winning novella, “Claiming the Lamb” (now out of print) in a world of battling vampires and dragon-shifting heroes.  I absolutely adored writing it and I loved, Lachlan – the sexy alpha dragon.  There was something about him, about his story, his past that, no matter what project I happened to be working on, always kept talking to me.  So, I continued to write my historical romance novel, while tinkering with my idea of writing something similar and yet new and different from CTL on the side, adding plot ideas, character notes, etc. 

Then one day, the perfect reason came along for me to sit down and commit to said dragon story…I won a first chapter critique from an editor at Silhouette Nocturne – the perfect house for the characters and stories going through my mind.  So, I sat down, wrote the story that had been brewing for the better part of a year and sent it off to New York.  Never did I think winning that critique would lead to selling my book.  But boy am I glad it did!  I’m so excited to be writing these about these yummy dragon heroes and the women who can’t resist them!   

All right, teaser and CONTEST time!  This one is easy.  Just watch the book trailer for DRAGON FIRE


Then post a comment below with the dragon hero’s name, and you could win this beautiful dragon bangle bracelet! 


I’d also love to hear what everyone thinks of dragons as shifter heroes in general, so if you have an opinion, if you love them or if you like wolves or vampires better, just holler!  I’ll be popping in and selecting a winner tomorrow.

Good luck!   


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