The SEAL in Wolf

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The Oregon beach in the story…

One of the most exciting things about having a new book that’s coming out–this one in the spring of 2012, is that well, it’s done, for one thing, but the COVER is coming!!!

I send the cover information to the marketing department, but I never know what clever ideas they’ll come up with. No matter what, I always love them though!!!

So my title looks to have changed from The Wolf and the SEAL to The SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing.

And one of these days I’ll be happily displaying the award-winning cover!!

Set on the Oregon Coast, Finn Emerson and Meara Greymere have their work…and ahem, pleasure cut out for them as assassins take on the former US Navy SEAL and his team members, making Meara the primary target.

Have a delightful Tuesday! I survived Monday! What about you?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”


  1. Colleen said,

    I like the title… can not wait to see what the cover looks like! 😀

  2. terryspear said,

    Thanks, Colleen! I can’t wait either! 🙂

  3. Cathy D said,

    Haven’t been up the Oregon coast for a few years, but that shot looks real familiar. I probably have it in album some where….
    Title sounds like good marketing….like to see how they put that on a cover!

  4. terryspear said,

    I loved visiting the Oregon Coast when we lived in Tigard! 🙂 Yeah, I can’t wait to see how the cover turns out either, Cathy!

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