Wolf Shifter Eye Candy–WOLF FEVER is in the stores!!!

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Catch the WOLF FEVER!!! It’s now in stores everywhere!
Werewolves are downright hunky. They HAVE to be in wonderful shape, running great distances, covering their territory, claiming it. So I wanted to share some wolfish pictures of wolves in their prime. 🙂

First, wolves love to swim. This wolf is swimming happily, but when he shapeshifts, he’s enjoying the warm water without a care in the world.

Hmm, yes, think he might need a spot of oil rubbed onto his back, or … elsewhere?

I have to mention wolves nap a lot during the day. Although if you join them in bed for a nice little nap, you might not get one.

To me, he looks like he’s faking sleep, just waiting for you to join him!

Wolves love the outdoors and these wolves are no exception!

Anyone to enjoy the outdoors with him?

An invitation like this is just too much to refuse, don’t you think?

Hmm, yes!

Speaking of wolves, I’ve started my month-long blog tour so if you have the chance, feel free to drop by and say hi!

Blog Tour for WOLF FEVER
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12/3 Sizzling Hot Books
12/6 My Overstuffed Bookcase
12/7 Paranormal Haven
12/7 Tor.com
12/8 Anna’s Book Blog
12/9 A Moment with Mystee
12/10 RomFan Reviews
12/12 Australian Romance Readers
12/13 Romance Fiction on Suite 101
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12/15 Fresh Fiction
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12/17 Guns and Castles
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Love Romance Passion Review of WOLF FEVER…5 Stars!
by Susan S., guest reviewer

A would-not-could-not stop…read! Full of nail-biting suspense, sexy scenes, and plenty of hot alphas to get you through the coldest of winters.

Summary: Carol was bitten during a fight between the reds and the gray lupus garous. Since that fateful day, she’s having trouble coinciding her halves. The human half, a nurse with precognitive powers, and her werewolf half, as a newly turned red. Darien Silver’s grays have been kind, patient, and protective of Carol Wood (heroine). But, as the saying goes, you can lead a wolf into the forest, but you can’t make it howl. She’ll accept their ways, when she’s ready. And not a minute sooner! In the interim, she refuses to shift.

When Ms. Wood realizes she’s in danger in more ways than one, she hires a bodyguard. She’s not only endangering her human patients by refusing to shift, but someone’s determined to kidnap her. Chester Ryan McKinley, hero, is a gray alpha and an uber sexy P.I. She’ll need Ryan 24/7. Oh, he’s qualified all right. He can protect her as a man, or as an alpha wolf. But, who’ll protect her from his “growing” desires? Perhaps, no protection is needed. There’s a bioengineered virus spreading among the packs. When Carol develops a low grade fever, is it too late for loving Ryan?

Review: As a reader who’s been following Spear’s werewolf series, I’m declaring Wolf Fever the best novel…thus far. I held my breath quite a bit with book six. When Carol’s grasping at straws searching for a cure, I felt the desperation. When she’s kidnapped, I felt the horror. Terry Spear knows exactly how to extract emotions from her readers, draw them into the story, and how to keep them riveted until the last word’s printed on the last page. Suffice to say, I’ve added it to my re-read list.

Favorite Scenes: Coincidentally, my favorite scenes involve windows. The first scene is when Carol peers into the forest, and spots a wolf watching her. Time stood still when I read it. Then, there’s the scene where Ms. Wood is in a sunroom, its dark out, she looks out the window and gazes at the moon. Then she loses her tightly reigned in control. Love it! Oh, it bears repeating…love it!

Recommendations: I’m recommending Wolf Fever to anyone who enjoys reading romances. It was a delight to read; I’m sure you’ll agree.

What’s Next? Heart of the Highland Hero (book seven) is set to release in June 2011. Who’s the hero? One sexy laird named Ian McNeill.
Hope you’ve enjoyed a little wolfish eye candy! And if you want to catch WOLF FEVER, stop by and say hi!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”


  1. Colleen said,

    Oh my Oh my!!! Love the eye candy very much… thank you so much for sharing!!! 😉

  2. terryspear said,

    LOL, Colleen, I figured you’d like it!! 🙂

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