Werewolf Artistry

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I loved this rendition of werewolves in their wolf coats. They don’t look as realistic as wolves, but almost so. Now the question is–is the one on its back the female or the male? And if it was MY story, which would be which, do you think?

In this picture, the one towering over the other appears to be bigger, so to me, it looks like the male. But if it was Leidolf in Seduced by the Wolf, he’d be on his back, enticing Cassie to draw near. 🙂 And then, she’d be in trouble in a fun sort of way! 🙂

The library and the move is a mess. That’s ALL I’ve got to say about it.

I was getting ready to go to work yesterday morning, and look what I found! No, not a wolf, or a werewolf, but the full moon!

I had to stop the car, run into the house, grab my camera, and take a picture. I’m sure my neighbor was watching and thought I was nuts. LOL

Anyway, isn’t it cool???

Okay, one of the problems with using my laptop for doing my blogs (my main computer is still not working), is the screen for my pictures is so small, I can’t figure out what I”m seeing until I upload them to the blog. And since I’m constantly short on time, I don’t have time to reload pictures. So I couldn’t tell if I’ve given him to you all or not. Now, he suits the full moon picture, don’t you think? Werewolf or vampire? 🙂 Definitely, devilish! And even if you’ve seen him before, do you mind seeing him again?

I may have a great deal in the works concerning my Medieval Highland stories, not the werewolf ones, so just a heads up. Hope to hear something in the near future. Is that an oxymoron, or what???

Off to write before it’s time to go to work! Have a super Friday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”


  1. Cathy D said,

    This guy has to much hair and scruff not be a werewolf. He is cute, but got to be younger than my kids!!

    I love the Scotland, the Highlands and historical, so all 3 together is fine by me. When I saw the full moon yesterday at 7am it was a beautiful white swirl with a pale blue backdrop and not a cloud in the sky. That rose color looks cool, but isn’t the something bad about a blood moon?

  2. terryspear said,

    LOL, Cathy! He is cute! Sounds good to me on the three together! 🙂 I took a picture of the white moon this morning in front of the house, and the red sun out back as it was rising. Red sky in the morning is a sailor’s warning. Red moon–the blood moon, is also known as Hunter’s moon since, but it really just is the first full moon after the harvest moon. 🙂 So it’s really not a red moon. Kind of like the blue moon isn’t blue. 🙂

    One day though, I had a huge blood red moon, but I couldn’t figure out how to take a picture at the time that showed it closer up. Hopefully, we’ll get it again and I’ll be able to photograph it this time! 🙂 It is cool!

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