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Hi everyone!

I’ve been a slacker in the blogosphere, but that’s because I’ve been writing. This week my new Dragonfire novel – WHISPER KISS by Deborah Cooke – went on sale! Woo HOOO! I’m really excited about this one, because I had so much fun writing Rox and Niall’s story.

Here’s the yummy yummy cover:

There have been lots of great review quotes already. Here’s the Romantic Times review – they gave it 4.5 stars!

“Cooke introduces her most unconventional and inspiring heroine to date with tattoo artist Rox.  Although the sparks are instantaneous between Rox and the Pyr Niall, each has baggage that makes their firestorm problematic. These highly likeable protagonists invest readers immediately in their hazardous journey.  Cooke aces another one!”

You can read an excerpt from WHISPER KISS on my site, right HERE. You can read more quotes on my blog, right HERE. You can visit me on Facebook, right HERE.

Right here and now, I think we should have a contest. (Don’t you?) So, tell me what you think is SEXY about dragon shape shifters – or even about one of my Pyr dragon dudes. I’ll pick a winner on Monday August 9 – the winner will get a signed copy of WHISPER KISS.


  1. Pamk said,

    Their big and strong and dang it I love the thought of riding on one of them as dragon but that’s not to say I wouldn’t want to do it when they are men too. They are sexy.
    rofl. and I am crossing my fingers and toes. Thsi would make a great birthday prezzie for me. the 8th is my birthday.

  2. sam said,

    Dragons in my head have always been protectors- thats why i have one on my shoulder blade- he watches my back!! They have a magical aura that makes you believe that in the presence of one you are safe. They are always gorgeous and fierce, and in male form- dude gorgeous and fierce rocks!!!!! That they are gorgeous, strong, protectful of their treasures, and mystical is sexy to me ;0) its the charisma i thinks!!!

  3. Denise said,

    I have seen & read several Dragon shifter books lately. I really want a copy of this book!
    They are protectors, big and strong! Usually ancient, and come with alot of attitude!
    My kind of dragon!!
    Congrats on your new release.

  4. Jolene Beverwyk said,

    I love the other 4 books in this series. I am so looking forward to reading this one. It is such a different take on the whole shapeshifter experience. Thank you.

  5. Tanya said,

    Your ability to write about the Pyr you have created is what makes this series what it is. When reading about dragon shape shifters the way you have described in such flawless detail, it brings the reader into a desirable imaginative world that keeps them wanting more.

    The Pyr with all their flaws, the passion they have for their mates and endless dedication are what really make them sexy.

  6. Raonaid Luckwell said,

    Dragons have always been an interest and weakness of mine. Perhaps it all stems from being born beneath the year of the dragon. They give off the aura of power (and in some in the bad-assness) but they care enough to protect.

  7. Deborah Cooke said,

    Wow. You’re all really good at this game! You’re ensuring that it’s going to be tough to choose a winner!

    Keep ’em coming –

  8. Julie Swaney said,

    I think dragons are beautiful!! And the ones in your books are so big and strong and very alpha. Dragons have so much protectiveness in them. Would love to meet one.

    I have loved this series and can’t wait to get this one. You make the dragons come to live in your books

  9. MarnieColette said,

    I love Dragon shifter — they rank right up there under Vamps for my fave PN character. I think that I love Dragon’s because they are either funny or grouchy in there dragon form and who wouldn’t love the ability to spew fire. I also think its because they are so big in dragon form that their human side is rather manly (tall and built). Plus they are super Magical creatures.

  10. CrystalGB said,

    I love dragon shifters. They are strong, gorgeous heroes who have a fierce, protective nature and intensely love their mate.

  11. Colleen said,

    I love dragon shifters… something about their strength and beauty stands out against other mystical shifters/creatures… even before getting into paranormal books I have loved dragons… maybe because the chinese zodiac says I am one too! 😉

  12. Donna S said,

    Big, strong, protective and they can fly, what could be better.

  13. Beth Caudill said,

    Dragons have their own internal heat engine (good for keeping my toes warm at night) and collect shiny objects (really he won’t miss me borrowing one or two).

    I can’t wait to read the new book. Good meeting you at conference.

  14. Viki S. said,

    I love how strong and protective they are but the sexiest thing about them is they are a rarity. I think they’re misunderstood as well.

  15. Chelsea B. said,

    They are sexy because they just ARE. Its just the way they roll 🙂

  16. debbie haupt said,

    Well Deborah, my question is what’s not sexy about them. Okay I’ll play along
    they’re strong, they’re honorable, they love with their whole hearts even to the extent that the love they feel causes a softspot in the armor of their scales.
    So what’s not to love

  17. Robin S. said,

    I just love your dragon series, I have all of them on my giant TBR mountain document that has 1857 books/ebooks that I want to buy and put on my physical to be read stack of print books in the living room and I have no idea how many ebooks are on my computer list of ebooks. Because the hubs and I are on a Social Security supplemental income the book buying budget is very small. I have been in love with dragons ever since I can remember when I read Anne MacAffret and now her son took over the helm and I just got the latest book in that series. I think the reasons are because in Anne’s novels I get to bond with a dragon, speak to him/her telepathically and being able to soar through the skies. Then I found a series that Bianca D’Arc wrote that were romances and still allowed me to get absorbed into the book as the heroine. I’m not sure when I discovered you and your series of dragons. So soon I hope to be able to find them staring with book 1 and going strong with the latest one. I keep saying someday I will have them but the hubs spoiled my hopes by saying that someday never comes according to country music star Alan Jackson. I’m still trying to keep that hope alive.

    Best wishes to you and may you have many sales.

  18. Cathy D said,

    I absolutely love this series. Dragons have always been my best friends. I have them with me in jewelery, clothing, figurines, prints and 3D wall art coming out of my walls! I’ve read about dragons for over 40 years and dragon shapeshifers have jumped to the top of my reading list.
    The best dragons are protective guardians and don’t let nightmares past them. They curl up next to you to keep you warm and safe. Their shinny hoard makes in impossible for shadows to sneak up on them and they rarely hide their emotions so be prepared for stormy times!
    Looking forward to this new book.

  19. Kate (Yzhabella) said,

    What is there not to love? Dragons are magical, mystical, so strong and courageous. And shape shifters in general…usually HOT HOT HOT! I mean, just look at those covers! Abs of steel baby! Can I wash my clothes on his belly!

    Lmao. Thanks!

    Kate aka YzhaBella

  20. Jesi O'Connell said,

    Why luv ’em? Cuz they’re HAWT! 🙂

  21. Deborah Cooke said,

    Okay, peeps, I’ve chosen a winner. Check out your email and your spam folder.

    Thanks to everyone for playing!


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