Werewolf Olympics?

February 21, 2010 at 9:12 am (Teresa D'Amario) (, )

By Teresa D’Amario

Hey everyone.  Yes, as you can see, my brain is totally on the Olympics.  During this time every 2 years (In the summer of course for the summer olympics) my eyes are glued to the television. I so love to watch the competitions, and root for my favorite competitors.  I love to watch the medal counts and pray for the Americans to stomp the competition.  Hey, it’s just me, what can I say?  But tonight while I was watching the olympics, I wondered what the shapeshifters would compete in.  Would they have special sports, or would they compete in what’s already there?

In the summer, I can so see the cheetah shifters beating the pants off all the sprinters, and the dolphin shifters leaving everyone in their wake in the pool.  (Hmm, Maybe that’s why Michael Phelps is so good?)

But what about the winter olympics?  We know some of our wolves are awesome on the snow, able to skate right over the frozen lakes in the north, so would they be good at speed skating?  Short track? Long Track? Or would we have to create a new sport? 

Will the cougar take the broad jump?  Or do we need to create a new sport for our cogar, showing them leaping from mountain to mountain?

What do you think?  Take your favorite shapeshifter and tell me what sport he would be the absolute best at.   I have a special prize for one person who responds.  (yes, the prize is a secret). 

Yes, I really wanna know!



  1. RachieG said,

    Long Jump! 🙂

  2. RachieG said,

    Eep, sorry! Hit enter too fast….

    I love cat shifters in my paranormals…and I think their best sport would be long jump! 🙂

  3. Colleen said,

    Can you imagine a bear shifter on a luge or skeleton… that would be a sight to see! 😀

  4. Colleen said,

    Thinking about it some more… have a competition between bears, penguins, and seals for the luge and skeleton! 😀 ? are there any penguin shifters?

  5. INCiDeNT said,

    I would take the Cheetah and say “sprinting!” but that’d be the easy way out. 😉 My favourite shapeshifter is the leopard – I’m taking bets on them being ultra good at acrobatics since they are agile, flexible and can climb. These leopard acrobatics could then be employed in their hunt of prey too.

    Great question!

  6. Lyoness2009 said,

    I’m a fan of wolves myself, and probably, I know this sounds silly, but the cross country ski would be best because their fast and would know the terrain!

  7. Chelsea B. said,

    Wolves are my favorite and they would probably be best at….track, maybe? Snowboarding? 😉 Haha! I don’t know!

  8. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Hey Ladies, thanks for stopping by. LOL Funny, I thought Cross Country Skiing for the wolves too. hadn’t thought of snowboarding, but yeah, that would fit – they are agile, quick, and love to play! Why not?

    Penguin shifters…. LOL now that’s funny. I’d write one except they are supposed to be dumber than the turkey, so can’t bring myself to go for that. LOL But Seals? Oh yeah, that would be funny – a seal in luge. Did you see that special on discovery where the female seal kept trying to help the swimmer/researcher survive by feeding him? LOL it’s great! She adopted him, I guess, and thought he was really stupid. First she brought him live penguins, and by the end was bringing him dead ones. LOL

    Cougars would win the long jump though. They are HUGE jumpers.

  9. Robin K said,

    Hmmmmm… shifters and Olympics. While, a nice game of shifter hockey would be grand. Adding in some witches and their familiars would be fun too. We all know what vampire baseball is like. But what about shifter baseball!? I can not help but envisioning a man transforming into a wolf and lunging for the ball, just a shifter hawk swoops in and grabs it with his talons. There is baseball in the Olympics, right? I have a hard time imagining animals on 4 skies though. Think it would be very clumsy.

    New events would probably be in order. The fastest shift or shifting during flight. Yum, wrestling 😉

  10. Teresa D'Amario said,

    LOL Robin, so cute. Yep, I can picture that man/wolf leaping for the ball and the hawk swooping in. How funny. And yep, Baseball is in the summer olympics. 🙂 But you know, they don’t have to be in animal form to compete, so I can see the wolves on ski’s. LOL. Watching the Slalom now, trying to figure out who would be able to pull that off. Maybe the cats. Very flexible and well balanced.

  11. Cathy said,

    Polar bears on ice would diffidently be a winner, whether in ice skating or hockey no one beats the polar bear in strength or grace on ice.

  12. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Polar bears are kewl. I can see them as hockey. 🙂 AWESOME.

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