Coming Soon to BOM: Myla by Moonlight, Inez Kelley

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Okay let’s try something new. I want to start announcing my next review. That way, when I post, readers just like you will have a better chance of reading it and letting us know your thoughts. Ideas to improve the club are always welcome, as is spreading the word that we’re here! 🙂

My next review is:

    Inez Kelley’s Myla by Moonlight.

visit her on her website, I did!
This new addition certainly doesn’t need my review, I was bowled over by all the rave reviews she has received so far on Myla by Moonlight. I am honored that I have been given the privilege of adding my words to such wonderful reviews.

Magic bites…  Created at Prince Taric’s birth, Myla is a spell, an enchantment designed to appear and protect him when he needs it most. She has always been content to do her duty…until one night of forbidden passion leaves her longing to experience life—and love—as a mortal woman. Yet the risk is too great. Even if her blood runs as red as his, she can never give him the one thing he needs…

Thank You Inez for leading me on my next adventure.
-Penelope Fitzgerald


  1. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Hey Penelope,

    You’re going to find this to be a great read. I certainly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone. It’s a totally different take on shifters, with a heavy fantasy feel to it. LOTS of emotion in this book!

  2. Sarah Simas said,

    Hi Penelope,

    Sounds like an awesome read! Thanks for highlighting it. 🙂

  3. Penelope Fitzgerald said,

    Thanks Sarah!
    Join in on the fun…if we can get enough people to actually participate (read the book, and post their comments) maybe I’ll be able to talk the authors into some fun prizes! Keep your fingers crossed that this time is a success!

    – Penelope

  4. Cathy said,

    Sounds like a great read. I’ll look for it around here.

  5. Penelope Fitzgerald said,

    Cathy, if you click on the book cover it’ll take you right to the sight that sells the ebook. If you don’t have a reader you can still read it on your computer monitor or even print it out to take it with you! That’s what I ended up doing with my last ebook, I had to take a trip and was at one of those “could not put it down” parts, so I printed out the number of pages plus 20 or so that I thought I would read while I was gone. Sure enough I hit it right on the mark and survived the torturous car ride! My absolutely most favorite thing about ebooks? You don’t have to dust them! 🙂

  6. Inez Kelley said,

    Did I miss this? The print version is available by pre-order now and will be released in July.

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