What Kind of Music Do Shapeshifters Listen To?

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On Facebook, Barbara Vey wrote:

Barbara Vey Anyone use music for inspiration while writing? Tell me what it is for a blog I’m writing for PW. Thanks!

I was actually asked this question about one of my vampire romantic suspenses. My vampires do not listen to Rock ‘n Roll when they have their gatherings. Too wild, too noisy, too unsettling. I mean, who wants to listen to it without moving to the beat? Try having that luscious vampire sink his teeth into your neck while you’re wiggling about to the music. It would hurt. Big time. So no fun when listening to hot dancing music.

Nice harp or piano music with a mysterious New Age sound works for me. 🙂 And for them. Romantic, sexy, in the mood kind of music. And what about wolf shapeshifters? Adventure music like theme music from The Bourne Identity, Paycheck, Alexander and others that have more of a tone of movement, action, mystery, adventure.  With my Highlander series, I love to listen to the old world themes in a lot of the movies that visited the past. Although I’ve mistakenly picked up a couple of cds for historical movies that had Rock ‘n Roll themes that ruin the whole mood. And I play lots and lots of Celtic music. I love a lot of New Age music that have no vocals. I end up listening to the words instead of the music if they have vocals.

So what should shapeshifters listen to? Whatever gets them in the mood!

Hope everyone is having a super holiday season. I’m sharing sexy Santas all month at:


Happy Holidays!


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  1. Chris said,

    LOL! I actually put together a playlist called “Werewolf Moon” that shapeshifters might enjoy.

  2. terryspear said,

    That’s funny, Chris! 🙂

  3. Colleen said,

    I enjoy different music for whatever my mood is, so I am sure that shapeshifters would be the same way… 😀

  4. Terry Spear said,

    I agree, Colleen! Now my werewolves tend to like the slow dancing too. Slow, close, and very personal. 🙂

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