The Mighty Wolf: He’s all around us – and contest update!

November 17, 2009 at 1:06 pm (General)

Yes, I’m late.  My apologies.  My day got started with a bang and hasn’t slowed down yet!

First let’s start off by announcing the winner of AJ Chase’s Cat and Mouse!  our winner is LISA N – Congratulations!  Lisa please email me at so you can claim your prize!

So, back to the Mighty Wolf.

One of the really wonderful things about writing shifters is you realize there’s so much more to them than you could ever put on the page.  Not that we don’t try, of course, but when it gets right down to it, how much about shifters can our imaginations pull together for one world?

In most cases, as an author progresses through a series, if one exists, the world becomes deeper, fuller, and more magical than it was in say, book one. The same is true, of course, of any world created by an author.  Fantasy, science fiction, or any other paranormal.  Ok, I’ll admit, the same can be true for contemporary and historical as well.  But when it comes to the shifter, the magic we look for is something which can be found all around us.

Take for instance the wolf shifter.  Most of us have dogs or have owned dogs in our past lives (you know, the one before we started hearing voices in our heads) or know of people who have dogs.  What alot of people forget is every dog has a small piece of wolf inside him.  Take my dog, Blackjack.  No, not literally. I’m kinda hooked on the old man.  In fact, here’s a little pic of him.  Isn’t he handsome?

But I bet you can’t guess what wolf trait good ol’ man Blackjack has.   I mean, he’s a Labrador retriever, with all the fun loving ways a Lab has.   Yet almost every single Lab holds the same “Wolf” habit.  It’s in the way they eat.  When wolves eat, they “wolf it down” as fast as they can.  This is because there are predators all around and they might not get to finish.  They eat as much as they can, because they might not get to eat for another three or four days.

Blackjack likes to “wolf it down” too.  I think ten seconds is his record for finishing a meal.  Between the time I pour his food till I scoop up the food for the other dog, Blackjack is finished.  The only problem is, he, of course, gets fed two times a day and so we must watch his diet for him, otherwise he’d be as big as a house.

So the next time you set down your shapeshifter book, take a look at Rufus the dog or Sam the cat sitting next to you and wonder.  How much of the behavior authors use in those books also apply to your best friend?  What lurks inside their hidden depths as they stare out with those sweet, lovable faces?

So tell us, what wild traits do YOUR pets have?  And yeah, birds count too.  After all, wouldn’t an Eagle shifter be awesome?



  1. Beth C. said,

    Growing up I had a Keeshond. She was scared of everyone but would bark like crazy. The ‘man in the brown uniform’ would run in terror from our house….yet he never saw her behind us cowering.

    One day we went to swimming at a lake. She hated the water and never went in willingly…until she thought I was drowning. No, I wasn’t. I just like to swim under water. This dog followed me in, swam out to me and then made sure I followed her back out of the water. It was so cute…even if I didn’t need the ‘help’.

    So protective in her own way.

  2. Natasha A. said,

    My little kitty Dot. She is 4. From the time we got her, she has *played* with a little tiny McDonald’s Beenie Baby Moose. It was so cute! She would drag (carry eventually) him all around the house. It was her Baby. We thought.

    Do you know, it wasn’t until, oh, 5 months ago, that we realized that it wasn’t her Baby. It was her Prey. LOL

    She was hunting, and bringing back her wins to feed the family.


    It’s still really cute though.

  3. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Beth, the instinct she was using is very similar to what red wolves use and in some respects, all wolves. They will make noise to frighten you off, but they will never start a fight they don’t think they can win! Red wolves here in NC are also very shy. They avoid anything which frightens them unless they have no other choice. Similar to the way a Keese and many other breeds behave when confronted with danger.

    And yeah, wolves protect and save one another too. 🙂

    Natasha, yeah, isn’t it funny how we think the cats are SO cute when they do something that in the wild would be deadly to others. The funny thing is, the house cat is the deadliest of all cat predators. Not because they eat people, of course, but because they are the one cat who will kill for fun!

    Other cats have bigger paws, or sharper teeth, but they kill for food and for protection (and sometimes because they are just plain pissed off). But they don’t kill for fun like house cats do! It’s probably a transition of the “kill for food” that sort of skewed itself when the cats didn’t have to hunt for food any longer.

  4. Miranda said,

    I live out in the woods and my two large house cats (15lbs each respectively) leave us offerings daily on the sidewalk. Yummm…

    And I’m not sure if it is wild animal behavior, but when I let them in for dinner – if I don’t feed them immediately, they fight each other… do you have any insight into that behavior?

  5. Colleen said,

    Congrats to Lisa! 😀
    As for animals… we have had many through the years. We had a cat that brought us rats that she caught. A doberman that tried to chew our metal fence when strangers came near her territory… she was funny, my father had a friend that would visit… he would come with a bone for her. She would gladly take it and then growl at him each time he moved. She was nice as pie accepting the treat, but made it clear she was watching him and guarding us!
    I had a blue crowned conure that someone gave me as a pet… Oscar and I were best friends… every day I would get kisses from him (who actually turned out to be a her), we would play games, but if any one came near my room, Oscar turned into an attack bird… that bird turned into this crazed creature, hissing and trying to bite…. but I would call to him and he would be his usual loveable self!

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