Shapeshifters Do…What???

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100509 blog 2First, for the great news! Book 7 and 8 just sold to Sourcebooks. More wolf tails, uhm, tales to come!

Jake’s story is Book 7, Dreaming of the Wolf, Darien’s brother in Destiny of the Wolf. And Book 8 is about a werewolf romance writer who has writer’s block. Now just think, would a hunky Highlander help unblock you???

Or…would you forget your mission? 🙂

This is a picture of Jake, by the way, before he shapeshifts. He has to remove his tag first. Doesn’t he have wolfish eyes?

Just like people, werewolves like to have hobbies. Or at least some of them do. It makes them more…human. 🙂 But like any world you build, it has to make sense, fit in somewhat with the paranormal world. Of course, you can do the opposite of what readers would expect, and that’s fun, too.

The same with occupations. What if a werewolf was a ballerina? Doesn’t seem like it quite fits. The one more nature loving and agile, but in a wolfish way. The other, delicate, but sturdy, and…well, frilly to my way of thinking. Although ballet dancers can be very seductive, in more of fae like roles. I watched a bunch of different ballet dances like that…some very sexy and primitive, the costumes, silky and earthen tones–just the kind that would suit a werewolf dancer. So I guess, any occupation could work, as long as the job still seemed to suit the shapeshifting persona of the character.

What about hobbies? A respite from the normal way a wolf would behave? Sure. Although it might be hard to visual an alpha leader type knitting baby booties. 🙂

So the question is then, what does a Highland werewolf like to do as a hobby???

Hope everyone has a super Saturday! My computer crashed and so my son is here to the rescue. 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male–with a kilted hunk to boot!”


  1. Cathy said,

    Highlanders of old were very artistic people. Blacksmiths not only produced household items but well decorated objects of beauty. Stone craft and woodwork is still also time honored artisans. Many wonderful musical instruments and musicians come from the Highlands. Being snowbound for months gives one time to perfect a hobby or craft.
    My favorite blacksmith at the Celtic Faire is one of the best storytellers I’ve ever met. I also saw the most gorgeous book binding and calligraphy from a couple who live near Skye. He was built like a brick wall and joined games, but had the most delicate touch to those lovely books.

  2. terryspear said,

    Oh, what wonderful ideas, Cathy!!! I love them. Thanks!!! I’ll be sure to incorporate some of them in the upcoming stories. 🙂

  3. Beth C. said,

    I was thinking painting.

  4. terryspear said,

    In To Tempt the Wolf, the heroine’s brother is a painter, she’s a photographer. But those are their occupations. A hobby though, could be great. Thanks, Beth. I’ll add that to the list. It’s fun to add hobbies for characters. It really does make them seem more lifelike, gives them more character. 🙂

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