Guest Author – Beth Caudill of Healer’s Fate

October 13, 2009 at 6:00 am (General)

Corliss Rumdone hides behind her status as Healer to avoid the normal wolf pack hierarchal challenges. A forced mating changes the course of her life. Instead of Raymond, the beta wolf selected for her, she mates with Liam—her best friend and heir to the Alpha pair.

Liam whisks them away to a shifter retreat so they can allow the mating bond to settle in private. But interference from those seeking power and two terminal children arouse past hurts and challenge their new relationship. Even their home is not the haven it should be as Liam must watch Corliss fight for the right to stay his mate. For one healer, death becomes a weapon to balance life.


Hi Everyone!  And join me in welcoming back Beth Caudill, author of Healer’s Fate and Dragon’s Mate, as well as several other short stories.  Welcome Beth!

Beth Caudill resides in North Carolina with her husband and two children. Her home is lined with bookcases and filled with books. Although she does not claim the computer manuals, those belong to her husband. In her life prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom, she worked as a technical support analyst and quality assurance software tester. Now she plays chauffeur and cook for her family and fits in writing when she can.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, her local chapter Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, and the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal online chapter. You can find out more about Beth and her stories at

Thanks so much, and it’s great to be back here!

Today we’re going to ask a little bit about your past, so I hope you’re ready!  Tell us who helped develop your love of books?

I would have to say my Great-Aunt Martha. She was the quintessential eccentric gray-haired little old lady. She taught English and bookcases filled with books, records and knickknacks littered every room of her small house.  The only clear spot was the dining room table set for us to eat dinner. I felt very grown up when I became taller than her. Every Christmas and birthday she would give me two Nancy Drew books.  I loved getting them. When I became a teenager, I got books on Shakespeare’s plays and the complete poems and short stories of Edgar Allen Poe.  I still cherish that Poe book.

I know I still remember my Nancy Drew Books.  They were great for instilling a strong woman at a time when women were thought of as week. Those were great books to start with.  I know in schools, literature is assigned rather than chosen. Sometimes the books were hard to get through and sometimes they were the best of the best.  So how did you get through School with your love of books still intact?

I made the system work for me. When we had to pick classical stories, I read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and The Three Musketeers.  While my teachers tried to talk me into shorter stories, I only wanted to read these (Thanks to my dad, I’d seen some of the old movies and knew I’d probably like the stories). And I managed to finish my hundreds of paged books before kids that had those shorter paged books.  In high school and college, I used examples from Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Anne McCaffrey to write papers.

There were assignments I didn’t like.  I never understood James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  I read it, didn’t like but that never stopped me from reading the stuff I did like. And maybe I was lucky because I enjoyed the Shakespearean Tragedies and Comedies and those were the plays we studied the most.

LOL I’m not far behind you there.  I remember reading certain shall remain classics which bored me to tears, so like you, I delved into Romance or Science Fiction to write reports.  Paranormal didn’t exist outside of horror at the time.

So what drove you to become an author?  Everyone loves a good story, it’s true, but it takes a special talent and bravery to step up to the plate and let people see what you write.

Becoming a stay-at-home-mom.   After a year or so of interacting with my son, I needed some ‘adult’ time.  I was ahead of the curve in my circle of friends. Most of them had their first child within a year of the birth of my second.  So there weren’t any play dates with son #1.  And my husband would come home from work and play with my son and then fall asleep.  I didn’t have a lot of interactions with someone who wasn’t three.

I’d always dreamed of stories…placing myself on Pern or Valdemar…distance places that was not real life.  So when I started looking into a business I could run from the house….it was something to try out.

Now for the all encompassing, every author gets asked it question, where do you get your ideas?

My mother-in-law recently asked me this, with the qualifier and don’t say everywhere. And I tried to explain that everywhere and everything is the answer. Writer’s watch the world and only the tiniest detail can spark a scene or story. A song on the radio, a famous line from a poem or the teenager texting on her mobile phone while standing in line popping chewing gum. Even dreams can lead a writer to put words on the page.

Some people can string notes together and make a song, others can slap paint on canvas and create something beautiful. Writer’s take the things around them and create imaginary people and places. I don’t know how else to explain how a song like “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas would give me the scene of a gargoyle atop a church, a swirl of wind taking the crumbling stone away as the creature awakens to the night.

Now that leads right into my next question:  Why paranormal?  Though I think I already see the way your mind works.

I can’t really say it was a conscious choice.  Growing up, I read Fantasy, Sci-fi, and a bit of Horror and Mystery.  I always made up worlds…very rarely did a story take place on Earth. Even when I started reading Romance I stuck to the Regency Historicals or Fantasy, Sci-fi and Paranormal stories.  I think I ‘choose’ Paranormal because it didn’t require a lot of thought on my part. While there is some research involved…the stories flow for me.  Writing a Regency historical seems hard because Fashion is not something I worry about in RL.  I have plenty of research books just in case I want to write one…but I have so many paranormal or fantasy ideas lined up, it could be years before I branch out.

With the holidays coming up, I’ll probably be seeing you at our christmas party!  So I have to ask, What’s your favorite dessert?

Aside from chocolate (who doesn’t like it – besides my husband), I love pecan (pronounced pee-kahn) pie. I’ve learned to tolerate cheesecake because my husband doesn’t like sweets.  I love baked goods but my waistline doesn’t need all the calories.  So in order to satisfy my cravings and make something he will help eat, I make cheesecakes.

And now, Tell us the important part – all about your new release.

My novella Healer’s Fate just released this month from Whispers Publishing.  I brought on a little excerpt to tease everyone with.  You can read it below.

That sounds amazing, Beth.  I’ll be buying my copy later today.  And for those who are also interested, You can buy yours too!

Now one last thing before we head down to the excerpt.  One person who comments on Beth’s awesome story will win a prize.  And a special prize it is too!  Beth is giving away one Red Jasper pendant (I love red jasper).   Why you ask?  Because Red Jasper plays a role in Healer’s Fate!

Excerpt from Healer’s Fate:

“Enough of this,” Corliss thought. The bastard was thirty minutes late and she grew tired of waiting on him. He could explain to the Alphas why the ceremony hadn’t taken place. Time to move on. Something she should have done a few years ago.

She’d stayed, hoping for a miracle that wasn’t going to come. There were other packs. Maybe she’d find one where she would be appreciated and happy.

As she turned to take the first step back to the forest’s edge, a howl reverberated across the open field. “Damn, too late,” she mumbled under her breath. The series of howls signaled the arrival of the groom. A ritualistic send-off of the male to his mate. She watched as the phalanx of males proceeded across the clearing.

A gasp escaped her as she glimpsed Liam in the honorary middle position. For a moment, she let herself imagine he would become her mate.

Quiet descended as those remaining pack members realized a change had been made. For once, she was thankful for Mollie’s attitude and that the woman left after five minutes of waiting.

With Liam’s and Raymond’s parents called away, no one could stop whatever happened next.

Liam’s black, short-trimmed hair blended into the shadowed forest backdrop. He never let it growlong like the other males in the pack. He’d once told her it kept the females from petting him every time he walked through the village. Shadows hid his eyes but she knew they were green. A deep, piercing shade she loved to look into.

She smiled at the picture he presented wearing the forest green bowtie, no shirt, and an overly tight tuxedo coat. He appeared very masculine in the ill-fitting attire. The tightness of the coat outlined his well-defined muscles and moonlight glittered off the strip of fur on his chest—the proclamation of his status as an Alpha. A reminder of how close to the surface his wolf resided.

She’d dreamed of running her fingers through the fur, wondering if it was soft or coarse. Of discovering how far down his body the fur grew. But she never dared take the chance, afraid of stepping too far above her rank and angering his parents. Of losing his friendship, the only thing that made staying in the pack tolerable.

He took her hand, and warmth traveled up her arm and into her body from the contact. A shiver traveled along her spine as his eyes met hers.

Something primal moved within their depths. For the first time, she wished shifters possessed telepathic abilities. She wanted to know what his thoughts were and, almost as important, why he was here?

So leave your comment, tell us what you think of Beth’s previous books, what you think about this one, or what you can’t wait for in Beth’s future work!



  1. Sonja Foust said,

    Great excerpt! It really hooked me and made me want to read the rest, which I will do as soon as I buy it. 🙂

  2. Beth C. said,

    Thanks Sonja. You should go now and clickety-click to buy it. 😉

  3. Sonja Foust said,

    Done and done. 😉 It’s on my handy dandy iPhone and will save me from the boredom of long check-out lines in the not too distant future.

  4. Teresa D'Amario said,

    I’m including this one on my list of books to take on vacation. 😀 Don’t know how much I’ll get to read, but I plan to try!

  5. Pamk said,

    wow sounds like a great read. I went to your site and signed up for your email so I can remember to buy this book when time and money permits lol.

  6. Colleen said,

    Beth you are a new name for me… I have to say I really like the excerpt…definitely want to know more! 😀

  7. Beth C. said,

    Sonja – Thanks.

    Teresa – Great. Let me know what you think. It’s short…it will go quick.

    Pamk – Great, I don’t send out items too often. But I do give books away when I can.

    Colleen – Wow. Thanks for checking me out and I hope you like what you read.

  8. Nancy Lee Badger said,

    You are too young to truly appreciate the stories of Nancy Drew! But, I do agree the Three Musketeers held me in awe when first read. I have read you book and love the story. Romance mingled with a strikingly beautiful paranormal world pops within your telling.

  9. Beth C. said,

    Nancy – I can’t be too young even if I have the yellow 1970s covers. I have one Dana Girls mystery book with the original green covers. I think all the Hardy Boys books were late 60s or 70s as well. Those came via my husband. I always read Hardy Boys from the library. They were boys and therefore did not make my personal collection as a young girl.

    Thanks for the review. I’m glad you liked it.

  10. Linda Henderson said,

    I love the excerpt, I will definitely have to pick this one up. I also very much enjoyed your inverview. Pecan pie is one of my favorites too.

  11. Beth C. said,

    Linda – I hope you enjoy Healer’s Fate. Yeah, I need to make a pie. It’s October and the perfect time. Of course, I want pumpkin pie too. So hard to decide. I can’t make both…then I’d eat it all and I need to pace myself before the holidays come. 😉

  12. RachieG said,

    I love your story about your great Aunt. I had a neighbor who always bought me books for Christmas and my birthday. I still have the entire Laura Ingalls Wilder set she gave me for my birthday years ago. It means the world to me. Congratulations on your new book, it looks great!

  13. Stephanie Draven said,

    Bonus points for appropriate use of the word phalanx!

  14. cmtorrens said,

    Great Excerpt. I know what you mean about adult time. Congrats on your new book. Looks like you made that “adult time” work well for you. 🙂

  15. AJ said,

    great share. Sounds like a compelling read. I’ll have to see if I can get a hold of that for the next eternal wait in the obstetrician’s waiting room.

  16. Zora Stout said,

    Writer’s watch the world and only the tiniest detail can spark a scene or story. A song on the radio, a famous line from a poem or the teenager texting on her mobile phone while standing in line popping chewing gum. Even dreams can lead a writer to put words on the page.
    It’s amazing, isn’t it? I love (well, not all the time) finding a plot for a whole new story randomly. 🙂 And the Nancy Drew books were amazing!

  17. Sophia Parkwood said,

    Great excerpt! I have to say I love pecan pie too. 🙂 Good luck with your new release.

  18. Cathy said,

    I guess I’m the “not so little” gray haired lady who buys books for the grandchildren. My granddaughter asked for B&N gift cards for her birthday when asked what she wanted! She’s just turned 12.
    Your story sounds exciting, can’t wait to read it.

  19. Beth C. said,

    Wow, obviously I was the only one watching NCIS and NCIS:LA. What can I say, I’m addicted.

    RachieG – At least as long as you have those books, you’ll always remember your neighbor.

    Stephanie Draven – I think I used up my vocabulary quota on that one. But, I’ll always take bonus points. Can I trade them in for virtual chocolate?

    cmtorrens – Thanks, so far. But I still need to focus a bit more…but then I think everyone has that problem at some point.

    AJ – Yeah, I always wanted to have the early morning appointments. Doctors were less likely to be late. Although there were a few times where they were still at the hospital from the night before. Good Luck and hope you like Healer’s Fate when you get to read it.

    Zora Stout – Yeah, my problem isn’t the new ideas. It’s the completing one idea. Usually I’m really focused on the steps and doing things in order. With wriitng, I have a hard time sticking to one project. It’s so out of character for me. I look at it as the challenge of writing – controlling all the little voices in my head is good practice for my own kids. Eventually they will all listen and fall in line. Probably about the time they go to college.

    Sophia Parkwood – I must make a pie this weekend. I’m really craving one now.

    Cathy – I wish my family would have given me gift certificates when I was growing up. I finally got my parents to do that (and my inlaws) after college. It’s all I wanted…now I use the gift certificates half the year to feed my addition. 🙂

  20. Lyoness2009 said,

    I really enjoy paranormals. I’m incredibly glad they are popular now…so many fun new authors to check out and stories to read. LOVED the excerpt, woo!

  21. Chelsea B. said,

    I’ve not read a book by this author (yes, shame on me:) but I will deffinitely be adding her to my TBR list! I love finding new to me authors that have great sounding books like this one!

  22. Beth C. said,

    Lyoness2009 – So am I. Paranormals are the happy medium between horror and fantasy. At least to me. But I do have a lot of authors to read and I’m so glad we’re starting to see characters outside of the vampires and werewolves.

    Chelsea B. – I’m still new ( and I write short instead of novels) so don’t worry about not knowing me. A few months ago, I found Amanda Quick/Jayne Ann Krentz. Don’t know how I missed the Arcane Society books… It’s always good to find a new author.

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