To E or not to E

September 30, 2009 at 1:00 am (General)

As a writer who has both electronic books and print books available I have to say I’m very glad for both formats.  I think a lot of readers fall in one category or the other.  Most will only read print books.  Some will only read electronic books.  And maybe a few read in both styles.

Myself, I prefer the print book because I’m a cover freak.  I love to look at the pretty picture.  😉  I will often refer back to the cover, as I’m reading, if it features a person to get that image in my brain as I’m reading.  Plus I like the feel of the book in my hand.  Though I confess I am not a spine-breaker.  I will go to great lengths not to crack the spine, even if that means reading the book barely open.  With eBooks I don’t have to worry about that.

And yes, eBooks do have covers.  You can view them on the screen in black and white, which takes away the thrill of the ‘pretty picture’ for me.  But that doesn’t ruin my thrill for eBooks.  I do love to read on my Kindle, and find I use it more to check out new authors, and then if I like that author, I’ll start buying their books in print format.  I also like the novellas you can buy for a couple bucks.  It’s a great way to fill the time while waiting in the doctor’s office or for your tires to get rotated.  Short, quick, and satisfying.

So I’m just curious what everyone prefers.  E?  Print?  Both?  How do you read eBooks?  Does the lacking cover or B&W cover bug you?  Do you check out new authors, or do you have entire collections for various authors on your electronic reader?  Do you think you’ll ever go completely electronic?

After the Kiss - SEP 09.inddI have an electronic book released this month.  “After The Kiss”, a short story, is available at eHarlequin and Amazon and various other eRetailers.  If you’ve read MOON KISSED, and wonder what Severo and Bella are up to six months later, then check out the short story.

So?  Do you E?




  1. Michele said,

    Hi Michele 🙂

    I would place myself in the category of print and e-books. I tend to buy e-books of authors I have never read and really not sure if I’m going to like their style or not. My print books are of authors I just can’t live without like Cynthia Eden, Deborah Cooke, Lisa Kleypas… 🙂 And even though an e-book has the cover of the book, I am one of those that loves to look back to the cover and its harder to do that with e-books. I love both styles, but I have to say by buying e-books my bookshelf isn’t as messy as it use to be 🙂

  2. Jessica Kennedy said,

    I am an Eer. Although I do have some print books I haven’t read yet on my shelf and I also receive ARCs in print, so I do switch it up every now and again.

    I also try my hardest NOT to buy physical books anymore but if I have to wait too long for a book to become available on the Kindle I’ll cave if it’s not too expensive. It’s not hard to find something else to read while I wait but sometimes it gets enraging.

    Like right now. I want to read the newly released Dawnbreaker (Dark Days, Book 3) by Jocelynn Drake but the Kindle price is $9.99 and the Mass Market Pb is $7.99!

    WTF?! I’m waiting for the price to drop because that’s ridiculous! The pricing of Ebooks has got to improve folks. Although I have saved quite a bit of money purchasing Kindle rather than print. 🙂

  3. EMoore said,

    I would consider myself E all the way. If it doesn’t come out in ebook format I dont’ read it unless its a financial/educational book. I have my tbr wishlist that I’m waiting for to come out in ebook format. Its very frustrating when I’m the type of person who loves to buy a book the day it comes out but the publisher waits 2-6 weeks for it to come out in ebook format. Unfortunately if I see to many bad reviews I may not buy the book. The wonderful thing about ebooks is that it opens a world of new authors that you may never have found in just print. I do love to look at the covers but have been disappointed when the alpha male is described as a dark hair blue eyed devil, and the cover has a blonde brown eyed average guy. EBOOKS are the best

  4. michelehauf said,

    It is weird that they’ve haven’t figured out a good price for eBooks. Who is going to pay more for an electronic version when the paper version is cheaper?

    As well, the pub dates. Why do they wait to publish the Eversion later? I see they are holding off on publishing Sarah Palin’s book (the eBook version) until after Xmas (her book comes out Nov 17th) because they want more paper sales. That just doesn’t make sense. I read some industry report recently that stated eBooks make up for about 5% of book sales. It’s not like they take a big chunk away from paper sales, so why not offer them the same time as the paper release?

  5. Melissa said,

    It took me a long time, but a few years back I finally caught the electronic bug~~and discovered all the authors and books that are only available in eBook, so of course I had to get a reader, because printing those babies out was costing me a bundle, lol. But I read BOTH print and eBooks, and sometimes both on a daily basis. I tend to read my eBookwise late at night or early in the morning, and keep a print book w/ me at all other times.

    And I hate that some books take SO long to come out in eversion. I’m sure they’d sell ever so many more. It’s why I have a terrible, terrible case of Kindle envy~~they seem to come out quicker for that format than any, and are far less expensive when it comes to hard cover. But can I justify $300 bucks on a new ereader when the one I have works just fine? Just haven’t come to that conclusion yet~~but my lust is getting worse and worse, lol.

  6. Beth C. said,

    I prefer books. I like the feel of the pages. However, I do read some e-books. I buy PDFs and read on the computer. I’m too cheap to buy an e-reader. 😉

  7. Colleen said,

    I prefer good old fashion books… curl up in my fav spot and enjoy the story… I do have a nice file of e-books, but I do not have an e-reader, so I have to sit at my computer to read them. It is not as comfortable, but the stories still are enjoyable… I guess if I had a reader, I could lean the other way… 😀

  8. michelehauf said,

    I think a lot of writers do eBooks, but only because they could not endure reading a pdf file on the computer. We sit before the computer screen all day reading out own stuff; we need a break from it for pleasure reading.

    The price of the eReaders is a big drawback to sucking in more people to read eBooks. I think $150 sounds about right for an eReader, yes? I lucked out when I bought my Kindle because it was when Oprah had the coupon for $50 off the price. I told my husband ‘it was meant to be. Oprah even wants me to have a Kindle’. It worked. 😉

  9. Linda Henderson said,

    I prefer print books hands down. I can’t afford an e-reader right now or a newer faster computer so it’s easier for me to read a print book.

  10. Karin said,

    I read in both formats, though I do prefer print books. Ebooks are convenient, though since I’m running out of shelf space and I have a lot of space on my computer and on my external hard drive. And, since I don’t have an ereader yet, I do all of my e-reading on my laptop where I get full color covers. Even with all that, though, I doubt I’ll ever go fully electronic. I like the feel of having a print book in my hands, even though I read them like you to – sometimes barely opening them so as to prevent sprine cracking. I guess it goes hand in hand with my need to write out my critical analysis essays by hand instead of just typing them.

  11. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Over the last 6 months I’ve decided I prefer the ebooks. Like you, Michele, I do have my keepers, and I keep them in print. But not every book I read is a keeper. If it was, I wouldn’t have a place to sleep in this house! So I limit myself. Since I got my Kindle, I’ve read 4 paperbacks, all of which were “prizes/gifts”. I haven’t bought a single paperback in 6 months. Wow. Huh? I do have a couple I need to buy to add to my keeper shelves though. Books I plan to keep, but I read already in kindle.

    Like you, I do wish covers came in color on the kindle. That’s one of it’s weaknesses. That, and the inability to flip over to the back and read the blurb again, in case I missed something the first time. 🙂 But overall, the ebook works for me.

    I was surprised though. I actually told my husband three times I didn’t want one when he asked, then finally for our anniversary, he insisted I get an ebook reader – my choice which one. I haven’t looked back since.

    The big plus is if I go somewhere I don’t have to worry about how many books to pack, what to carry in my carryon bag, or changing my mind about what I’m in the mood to read. They are all there!

    Print books are always going to be there – they aren’t something I’m going to toss right this moment, but I do love the new wave of ebooks!

  12. Anida Adler said,

    I like to read romances in e-book format, and do so on my netbook. That way I can see the covers in full colour. It’s not as handy as an e-reader, and I’d still like to get one someday, but it’s small and I always have it with me for work, so it does the job for me. The battery is just a little pathetic – only two hours.

    Other books I confess I still prefer in paper. However, I think if I had an e-reader I’d start going that route for all my reading soon enough.

  13. Lisa Richards said,

    I have got to say that for now it is definitely print. I would really like a Kindle but no way am I going to pay more for an E book than a print book. Plus I like to pass on my books to others, can’t do that with an ebook. So far there are more pros than cons in owning a Kindle, so until it is all sorted out, it’s print for me.

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