More vamps and wolves – and a Tweet

September 1, 2009 at 3:37 pm (General)

septNBafterhaufYep, I have another September release.  Actually, I have three this month, but the third is decidedly not paranormal (features a cat heist and downhome Southern feel-good stuff) and you can find info for that at my website.

Today, After The Kiss release in electronic form.  It is a short story followup to Moon Kissed.  It focuses exclusively on the hero and heroine after they found each other and fell in love and decided to get married.  So it’s a tale between a husband and wife—a werewolf husband and his vampire wife.  And really, can they make this marriage work?

Today only I’m holding a contest for anyone who retweets my posts on Twitter.  Sign up to Follow me @michelehauf and then retweet!  It’s been fun following the posts so far today.  Meeting lots of new people in the cyber-world.  And a great way to network.

So what about you?  Do you use Twitter?  What is the main reason you use it for?  To network?  To communicate with friends?  To keep an eye on the book world and new releases?


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