Werewolves in Minnesota…

August 27, 2009 at 9:17 am (General)

The second book in my Wicked Games trilogy is out in stores now! Moon Kissed is my first full-length werewolf story. It’s got werewolves, vampires, a brownie (of the faery persuasion not the chocolate kind), swimming-pool sex, nature sex, flamenco dancing, Elvira, wooden bullets (the vampire-maiming kind), silver stakes, unrequited love, fickle love, dangerous love, and most of all, true love.

Any of that interest you? You can read the first chapter at my website. And at my DUSTED blog I’ve currently got a list of ‘fun facts’ about the story, along with pictures of the hero and heroine.

So this is what I want to know: Have your book buying habits changed as the economy has taken a dive? Do you find yourself pinching pennies in the bookstores? Or are you buying more books now, in lieu of other more expensive entertainments such as movies or amusement parks or a fancy dinner out?



  1. Melissa said,

    Great Q, Michele~~and YES, my habits have changed. We used to eat out ALL the time, and I mean at sit down restaurants. Now we only eat out about once a month~~my book buying habits have become a little choosier. That was the hardest thing for me, because I’ve always just bought it if I thought I MIGHT like it. I’ve cut way back on my hardcover purchases, and think a little harder about any books I buy. We very seldom go to a movie, and if we do, we go for the matinee and bargain pricing, lol. And we always buy a season pass to Ky Kingdom….for the first time in years we didn’t this year. And I just don’t go to the mall if I can avoid it. I LOVE to shop, as does my daughter, so it’s been like relearning how to spend. Not fun, but we’re finally getting used to it.

  2. Werewolves in Minnesota… « Shapeshifter Romance | Partner Connection said,

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  3. Ilona said,

    As books were my only indulgence I am afraid the credit crunch has hit hard. Nowadays I can’t afford to buy them at all. At least I still have my local library to get my book fix 😀

  4. susan leech said,

    I had to face two major changes this year..the first was retirment which meant my full time job was over and social security checks were coming..as anyone know those checks aren’t like a full paycheck but at 62 I felt it had to be done. Than came the drop of the ecomomy and I had to face facts money was going to be tighter in two ways not just one way for me. I than was told my back was totally deterrated and my spine was a mess so that was not good news. I than knew I did the right thing by going part time at work. Just last month I was having mini strokes so still another change. I have made a tight budget and still allow myself some books as I like to have books of my own but I know the public library is handy if I need it. I did do one more thing after retirment..I made up a reader’s group of 6 and now it is 7 and we all help each other with books. Four members still work full time and they help the other ones out by passing books around. I seek yard sales too which I know don’t help the authors but it keeps us looking for new releases just the same to buy at the store. I am the only one with a computer so I have been entering contests and I read the books I win and than pass them around. susan L.

  5. michelehauf said,

    Oh yeah, me and the hubby have cut way back on eating out. After the kids leave and you’re left in an empty nest, it’s such a pain to cook for two, so we’d been going out two or three times a week. Not anymore.

    Books are still my entertainment though. They’re cheaper than a night at the movies!

    Susan, love your idea of the readers group sharing books!

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